How To: The Long Denim Short with Ash, Director of Styling

Quick Hits: How To: The Long Denim Short with Ash, Director of Styling

This season’s new take on the favorite closet staple is a longer, relaxed cut. An extension of the dramatic denim trend, the long denim short is versatile and lends a fresh, cool nod to everything you style it with. We're loving it both elevated and with a little edge—Ash shows you how!
Show Transcript
0:00what's new in shorts we are going long0:02we're taking your favorite Summer0:03Classic cut off and we're adding length0:06option number one this can feel really0:08scary so let's keep it basic and classic0:10you're just going to toss in a little0:12half tuck the jeans should fit a little0:15bit more relaxed this is going to0:16elongate the leg you throw your favorite0:18slide favorite sandal and you're totally0:20set to go look number two coming up all0:23right look number two it's all about0:25dressing up your short you're going to0:26take your favorite Blazer your favorite0:28button down or you could really amp it0:30up with this great little ladylike0:32cardigan and you're giving your whole0:34short a new Vibe we're going to give her0:36a little rouh in the sleeves keep it un0:38buttoned super relaxed and you're0:40totally set to go all right crew we0:42can't wait to see you rocking your new0:43long short

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