How to: The Ecru Denim Skirt

Quick Hits: How to: The Ecru Denim Skirt

The ecru denim skirt is the silhouette of the season: trending, versatile and super-chic. See how Ash, our Director of Styling, dresses it up, down, and for hitting the town. It's a wardrobe game-changer—just try it
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0:00the hottest item you need for spring the0:02denim skirt one way you can do this0:04skirt is for work we have it paired back0:06to our little Cuts t-shirt a great0:08little slip-on slide and then the key0:11topper piece that totally makes it0:12appropriate for work the Blazer and0:15sometimes when you have a little bit0:16longer skirt and a blazer that's a0:18little bit more oversized you want to0:19show just a little bit more skin where0:21you can so pushing up that sleeve is0:23just going to create a really nice0:24balance look all right look two so we0:26are taking the skirt for play super0:28simple but tossing on that sneaker that0:29can take you all the places cuffed in a0:32and voila you're set to go for running0:34around doing all the errands you have0:36love it all right last look we are0:38dressing this skirt up we are going full0:40monochromatic creating waste this time0:42with this ever suede belt paired it back0:44to an ug wedge and we're ready to take0:46the skirt out on the town

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