Holiday Travel Looks

3 Days 3 Ways: Holiday Travel Looks

Headed out of town for the holidays? Have you packed? (We're gonna go with no.) Well, Heidi is here with a sleigh full of awesome travel looks that take you from getting-there-comfy to destination-dolled up. Put watching this on your itinerary and have a festively fashionable trip!
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0:00okay here we go 3 days three ways I know0:02what's going on in your life it is over0:04the river through the woods we are0:07traveling for the0:13holidays I've got three easy looks super0:16fun to mix and match that you can pop on0:19whether you're driving training planning0:22whatever it takes we're going to get you0:24there starting with this amazing easy0:28travel look if I'm traveling I want to0:30be comfortable I know there are people0:32out there who are going to say in a0:33million years I would never wear jeans0:36to travel uh this Jean is going to0:39change your mind it is all about relax0:41when I walked out in this look I was0:43like easy breezy relaxed what I love0:46about it is that everything is a soft B0:51comfy c not too tight this is from a0:55Goldie this is the kai why do we love0:57this Jean well it is definitely l number1:00one a midrise so super comfy no matter1:02how long you're sitting number two more1:05of a straight and it's got some awesome1:08awesome stretch in it so if you're going1:10to wear denim for travel it better have1:13stretch and it better be relaxed when1:15was the last time you wore mid-rise gang1:17so here's the deal with it I have not1:18popped on a pair of true midrise jeans1:20in a long time and the first thing I did1:23I sized up I wanted to wear something a1:27little bit more comfortable so typically1:29in a goldm at 26 in these I went 27 and1:33I'm really really glad I did I love the1:36kind of ease of this Jean now what am I1:39wearing for layers well this fabulous1:41fabulous Z Supply kind of oversized1:43hoodie this is cozy it is going to be a1:47little bit longer I actually went down a1:49size in this one and you can see how1:50roomy it still is which is so fun but1:52what I love about this is it is the1:54perfect layer so pop this on over a1:56button down long sleeve tea if you're1:59going somewhere with the weather is like2:00a little bit milder let's talk about2:02kind of these over pieces the Spanx2:04Sherpa coat now here is the deal it's a2:07twofer looks like suede on this side it2:10is sherpa on this side fully reversible2:14so becomes two different coats which I2:16am a huge fan of when it comes to travel2:19Goa sneakers for the win everybody needs2:22a white sneak get yours now this is a2:24fabulous little Court sneak and you're2:25going to want it going into January when2:28all we want to do is2:30comfy cozy but look put together and2:32then can we talk about this amazing2:34think raand travel bag oh yeah why do we2:36love this one well number one it comes2:38with all the straps like you know and2:40love this guy can act like a crossbody2:44because I don't know about you but when2:45I am traveling I want my hands free so2:49lightweight so you can pack it full look2:51at that pop of orange on the inside so2:53fun fantastic bag exactly what you need2:57to hold all the things travel look3:00complete now we're going to have a3:01little I don't know Saturday runaround3:04fun day look coming up here's the deal3:07it is visiting time you're running3:10around all day Saturday you want to look3:11put together so here's the deal we're3:13going to take that fabulous jacket we're3:14going to make it kind of the pop piece3:16of this look so I took that great Spanx3:19jacket and turned it inside out so now3:21we've got Sherpa on the outside how fun3:24is that paired it back to this fabulous3:26utility pant from Paige now you know3:29page it's going to have stretch it's3:31going to be comfortable and it's going3:32to be flattering this is the Drew with3:34that great little cargo pocket and it's3:37khaki Hallelujah for something that is3:39not green when it comes to a bottom I'm3:41all about it and I find it so much more3:44versatile when I have another color in3:47my closet cuz green on green might look3:48a little too Grinchy and we don't want3:50to feel Grinchy this close to the3:51holidays so I've got that great cell3:53Chelsea Budan absolutely love this shoe3:56now it comes in two colors I went with3:58the deeper conac cuz I wanted of that4:00contrast in this look but it also comes4:02in a really lovely light brown which4:04would also be delightful with this4:07outfit okay let's talk about the extra4:09pieces Clare V midac bag woven gives you4:13again a little more texture so when4:15you're wearing all neutrals gang let's4:17mix it up and give it a little bit of4:19scratch this does it the sherpa does it4:22the great kind of contrast and the gore4:24of that shoe does it and oh yeah if you4:27have to take that jacket off because4:28goodness knows sometimes when you're4:30clumping around it gets hot hot hot so4:33this is from good am why we love this4:36ribbed detail little bit more fun on the4:39sleeve it's more than just a turtleneck4:41it's a Chic turtleneck it's a fun4:43turtleneck not too long so I just did a4:45little half tuck here to give myself4:46some shape and I'm good to go no matter4:49where the day takes me side note on this4:51jacket gang when you buy it cuz you're4:53going to buy it just clip that little4:55tag off makes it fully reversible and no4:58one needs to see who who it's by okay5:01one more look coming up cuz I know if5:03you're traveling you've got a really fun5:05night out as part of that whole deal5:08look number three it's time for night5:10out maybe you were going to a concert or5:13just a special dinner or a party at a5:16friends whatever the night is bringing5:18you let's get dressed for it and it's5:21going to be easy and yes the theme5:23continues it is going to be comfortable5:26so this is the pr dress from everie why5:28do we love it5:30side rouching Soul flattering mesh tons5:33of stretch and yes for those of you who5:36are like me who are always always always5:41cold it has5:43sleeves it's the best thing ever when it5:45comes to getting dressed for the5:46holidays and you actually want something5:48that covers you up a little bit so this5:50guy does the trick it's all the magic of5:52that side rushing and those dresses from5:54Summer that we loved loved loved done in5:56a really fun kind of winter6:00mood now how we are kind of adding a6:02little vaav Voom to this well aside from6:04the fact that the dress itself is pretty6:06Va Voom and you're going to look smoking6:07hot in it it's about the accessories so6:10fun little booty here I love the tiny6:14tiny heel on this so Chic and shows a6:17little bit of skin which I actually6:18think is really really nice you could6:20also easily do a tall boot with this but6:23I don't know a little skin never hurt6:25anybody so let's show it off and then6:27for the topper I've grabbed my Marin6:29Moto my trusty Marin Moto do you have6:33your Marin Moto if you don't happy6:36holidays to you get it in your closet it6:39is the most worn jacket you will ever6:41have I promise you it adds Edge to any6:44look gives you a polished finish and yes6:48it's just lightweight enough that it6:49doesn't feel like an outward jacket but6:51if you're still cold cold cold looking6:54at you my girlfriend Corey this is a6:56fabulous piece to wear done I've got one6:59bonus look coming up cuzz you know7:00whenever we do a travel capsule we've7:01got to do a bonus real quick you can see7:04how I can mix and match some of these7:05peaches for kind of an alternate night7:07out that isn't too dressy but isn't too7:09casual and then we'll wrap it up okay7:12here's the deal bonus look we're taking7:14that fabulous good American sweater7:16we're going to give it a little bit of7:18edge you know this is that sweater you7:20were wearing when you were out running7:21around with the fam doing all the things7:23on the travels but maybe now you're7:25sneaking away with your significant7:27other for a quick like holiday cocktail7:29while the in-laws watch the kids or7:31maybe you're meeting out some7:32girlfriends from your hometown cuz7:34that's where you're visiting or maybe7:36you're just going to go sit in like a7:38lovely quiet coffee shop by yourself and7:42just Revel in the quiet for I don't know7:45like a good half an hour and you want to7:46look you doing it no judgment you do you7:49but you're going to look good in it so7:50here's the deal sweater Moto those7:53amazing jeans they were comfy but yeah7:56they can get dressed up too gang it's7:58all about that relaxed silhouette and so8:00loving loving loving pairing this back8:02to the Sleek jacket fabulous rib8:04turtleneck and then I popped on that8:06same black boot because do not pack a8:08pair of shoes for a trip you can't wear8:10more than once this guy we're going to8:12make him work for you so easy so fun8:16you're traveling get it together a fun8:19little capsule to mix and match a8:21million ways we will see you soon take8:24care everybody safe travels and happy8:28holidays8:29oh

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