Holiday Hangover

Live Style: Holiday Hangover

Does anyone know what day it is? Good. We don't either. But we do know what we're wearing! "In-between-week" is different for everyone, so whether you're heading out for a fun lunch with friends or staying in and silencing notifications, Heidi and Ash have looks you'll love. Check it out...and enjoy your chill time!
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0:05are you ready I am not ready I am not ready either okay here we go we're live live I0:12mean and who knows what day it is do you I don't actually know what day it is I know today is Thursday I know that if0:19you give me an approximate number to the Thursday I don't it's a couple days after the0:26holiday and yeah it's close to New Year yeah and I will tell you this I'm at a place where today I did not set my alarm0:32but luckily my husband's been working every day this week so he was like hey don't you have to work today don't you need to wake up and I was like yes and I0:38do have to wash my hair so it's time a better up it's time to Mo motivate here we go no motivation but here we are yay0:45put on makeup the first time since Christmas and I actually washed my hair since the first time thank you thank you0:50I me got I had enough spray to cover the gray so I'm feeling like a wind today so as per usual we lamented this morning0:57about how successful are our holiday was with our significant others who we love1:02and adore love but that we're guessing that's a very shared emotion amongst our1:08audience and so let's talk about how to get what you really want right cuz there's some good1:14stuff honestly there's some good stuff and I feel like you know after all month you're just like buying and buying and buying and gifting to other people1:19you're like I'm over it but I will say stepping into the store is like yeah I need that I deserve that I want that you1:25earned that I earned you earned that and you earned it too you did you're 2:30 a.m. um1:31gift yes moving the elf then actually chucking kids ears chucking the elf into1:37some random closet and be like don't forget that I need to know where that is next year next year on November 30th1:43when you're digging through all the bins that was Us 2 o'clock in the morning when I sat straight up in bed and was1:48like booty I will say this that our elf showed up on the 13th of December1:54because we could not find Mason the elf until the 13th I think the 13th feels like the it feel great it felt great it2:00felt easy 12 Days of Christmas it okay can we just before we get into this amazing rack you guys how cute does she2:06look how cute does heidy look I want to look like this I don't know seven days after the holidays what are you wearing2:11I'm wearing this amazing pistola denim dress so here's the dealio it's all2:16about denim yeah this year this is we've been talking about denim all fall season all holiday but spring is Insider track2:25all about denim all the ways all the things including a great denim dress2:31absolutely love this because it kind of feels like a denim shirt and a denim skirt had a baby made into a dress it's2:38like relaxed on top which I'm here for that gives you some shape at the waist and the spit makes it so easy to walk in2:45yes it's great you look so pulled together but literally it's just like that true one piece dressing like upgrading that jumpuit into a mirage we2:52all need the Mirage right now we do right right we all need the and then can we talk about the boots yes cuz2:58everybody needs a great pair of boots because another Insider tip denim skirts are a huge thing this upcoming spring3:06season but we're not going to have like super warm weather for quite a few months totally totally so tall boot is3:11the way to go and if you're going to get one get it on sale yeah PS having a little clearance sale right now so Heidi3:17boots major major price drop like major maybe under a 100 we're thinking yes yes3:24and we will confirm for you if we do the math right we do no little dicey but they're corkies3:31and they're so so comfy gang and I absolutely adore them like a like a touch of Western but not over the top so3:37it doesn't feel costumey which I think can be like a little bit of a fine line sometimes with a western boot so I love3:42that this has like that burnish like toe great little detailing on the seaming3:48but it's got a zip so easy easy easy to get on even over those strong calves3:53same here I want to make one like call out from a styling perspective I feel like3:59whenever you get into these longer skirts longer dresses everybody's like what shoe am I wearing and I will say a tall boot crew is always the most leg4:06lengthening I think what everybody wants to do instinctually is like you want to do a booty right here and sometimes4:12which is totally okay I think it depends on like how wide or fitted that booty is sometimes it can cut you off but a tall4:18boot just keeps the eye moving all the way up so I love that this one's in that tan can be worn with so many different4:23ways but with that denim skirt this season that tall boot is going to be your best friend until you're ready to transition into a sneaker into a sink C4:30yes like something a little more open and a little bit of skin try not to be blinded by the white orb that is my legs4:36that are peeking out of here God dang December should have done a little self tanner before we hop on you don't need4:42another thing on your list you look great it's like a little cold too so like veiny blue just trying to rub some4:47circulation in there but the cheeks if you're not going to pop out a dress but to me this feels like the easiest like I4:53need to get dressed get myself put together kind of outfit if I'm not doing that I'm doing exactly what you're4:59wearing can we talk about these amazing pants okay you guys this is from Paige these are the Carly cargos and I'm going to tell you if we're going to put on a5:05real pant a real pant that means a pant with a button and a zipper that's what I say to my boys all the time real pant5:12day we're putting on a pant that has a zipper and a button I know you're not familiar with that you haven't put on anything with a button in many many5:18years but that's what we're wearing today y did anybody have that struggle during the holiday season like real pants real pants well I'm wearing real5:25pants but they feel Absol if you're going to wear real pants wear these because oh my gosh I on the stretch is5:30so incred crew and we've had this silhouette before yes and and we actually I think have a denim version coming in in January too but I think5:37Super flattering great little cargo that cargo here still feels swimming so it's a little bit um more fitted through the5:43leg I'm wearing a 10 in these a size 30 and they feel so good have it paired back to this little ever I love this5:49just like a fun little upgraded basic this is the Audrey te under 70 I and the sneaker these little fun new Ragan bone5:56sneakers it just feels like an easy uniform also feels like it must have right so like yes sneaker great utility6:04easy tea I love this little tea something denim y tall boot check check check check check done you're already on6:10Jan it for January question on tall boots how else are we styling them how6:15are we not styling them good question well truth be told I am a skirt fan I6:21love a good skirt um and I especially love what's happening with skirts right now cuz so many of them have slits so for those of us that are vertically6:27challenged very nice to show a little bit of skin so any skirt out there for sure I also think it's a really nice way6:33to C make a dress a little bit more casual correct I will also say don't6:38shoot the messenger okay I'm just going to go for it I never got rid I have a couple pair of skinny jeans and Slimmer6:46straight jeans that I really really love still that are like gummy and stretchy and yummy that tucked into my tall boot6:53with a really relaxed was oversized sweater or hoodie I feel like it's the6:59right way to do it right so good okay so what a great segue great segue so hoodie7:06want to gra that one yes cuz how cute would this be with my outfit right now sorry just going back to myself would't that be cute this little hoodie also7:12really cozy sorry but you could totally wear this with a great pair of jeans and a tall boot that' be super cute I think7:18what like the formula here and how it's changed from the last time that we wore tall boots with our jeans tucked in is7:24that the top needs to have that relaxed sensibility to it right so so an7:29oversized yummy Fair aleis sweater a great gy gy like spongy sweatshirt7:37something that has ease to it so that you don't feel like tight tight tight right yep I think it's that silhouette7:43on the top is what's making this feel fresh again making this move forward and not so body skimming so I also just love7:50the idea of layer layer layer so even taking like this great hoodie and popping a little jacket on over it with7:56your jeans and your boots would be a really fun way to do it sorry already jumping the gun no you got to do this is8:01such a great little combination crew This was um one of our bestselling jackets from this fall by ever it was in a green cam our green little utility8:09color but it came in this fresh I bought it I love it but in this fresh that's a8:14win when that happens and it happens every time we go to California yeah we travel together it's like what are you8:19wearing tomorrow I was like okay we'll not wear that cuz I'll we back that too but you guys great little tall boot that8:26relaxed but fitted skinny jean the hoodie over the top and then kind of right now we're having this most random8:3250° weather in Minnesota so you just need that easy little layer throw that over the top and that would just be a8:37fun little look paired back to a tall black and I don't want anyone to freak out about skinny jeans right like what8:43I'm telling you is go to your closet find the one that you have or I'm also finding just now that legs are really8:49like leg openings are opening up so much that those slim straight denim that I8:54bought like when I first like started moving away from Skinny's or that you are just now embracing cuz you're like9:01okay I'm ready I'm finally ready like that is such an easy Jee cuz they all have stretch it's such an easy Jee to9:06tuck into a boot so I do that too yep so don't worry you don't have to rush out and get a new pair of9:11skinnies it's all about all the versions but it's a really easy way to make use9:17of that great tall yeah okay just want okay so we just talk about this one more time how cute would this be together9:23like these pants you guys these utilities this to me is January uniform this is January uniform a great sneaker9:30and before we keep moving down the rack and welcome to live with Heidi and Ash where we're sporadic and we're telling all the things um check out these brand9:36new goas like how cute would that color combo like that says step into a new year yeah how adorable would that be so9:42cute okay okay so you could also here would be this would be fun so we're talking about these great utility pants9:48tons and tons of stretch right you want something to be easy I'm also a fan of just a great Jean with lots and lots of9:54stretch right so here is kind of a fun utility version of a denim this is from10:00AG crazy crazy stretch in this one and so soft and drapey so I'm going to take10:07those great Goa sneakers that Ash just showed my fun relaxed Denim and pair it back to this oops backwards there we go10:14this adorable little camo sweatshirt from ziply so cute great price on this10:19one super easy again another spin on the uniform and if you want snag this little10:25guy again pop it on over how cute would that be so cute um I want Finishing10:30Touch so cute and you know if you want a little bit of height I know we were last week we had Heidi trying on some cargo10:37utility bottoms that were just a little bit longer and so I think if sneakers may feel like I want a little bit of lift check out these brand new Dolce10:44vaita little Mees crew such a great price point such a great color but you slip those on with the caros same idea10:51of the look but it's giving you a little bit more lift and just a little bit more elevated Beyond a sneaker so so I love10:56this with a full length Jean especially again for those of us that are petite it's a really nice easy keep it by the11:03door slip on shoe and with that lug sole practical for this time of year cuz you're not dredging through all the guns11:09yes right really really good one okay all right what should we talking about next let's talk about like let's stay11:15let's stay on the Cozy train perfect okay good cuz that's cuz we all know what heid are going to do when we get11:21out of work today is where I'm slipping have you guys seen that whole like meme happening on Instagram it's like your girlfriend out of the house she's like11:27you're your wife and then she walks in house and all of a sudden she goes straight to her posies and they keep like pushing them in and out of the door11:33it's like wow what does this happen this is what you're wearing as soon as you walk through the door it's true it's true and or you could be like me11:39yesterday who went and ran 17 errands and realized when I got home that I had not brushed my hair had not like looked11:46in the mirror since I had woken up and like brushed my teeth and I was like oh wow you just went out and about like11:51this like all day long running your errands minding your own business chatting it off with the people when11:56you're doing your returns and and like 17 hairs like everywhere yeah but12:01typically I have like a pimple patch somewhere and I don't even realize it so that's you're winning there the pimple12:07patch is like the equivalent of like red lipstick oh my God so true so true 2023 okay quick question oh sorry yeah no12:13you're so good is there any give stretch with the every jacket the white one no there's not so no stretch in this guy12:20and my suggestion on this one is to wear it relaxed so I I went up a size in this12:26actually you did too right I did too yeah so cuz I want to be able to layer it and knowing that that is absolutely12:32what this jacket is all about it is like the finishing touch and you want that flexibility to be able wear it over12:38sweaters over hoodies clean little crew neck sweatshirts I would go opici size in this one I just I think also I just12:44think like the nature of that like we've been talking about that balance of proportions is really important great12:50question that is a great question okay so comfy cozy great pieces yes pop a12:56color love that one that's my significant other who I love dearly and13:01I really do like my gift but if they would have gotten me he would have gotten me a gift card I think I would13:06have gotten this I know it's really good I know the colors are so fun this feels13:11like take me on a ski trip but like even if a ski trip means just like sleding in the backyard with the kids like I can13:18picture it like I can make myself a hot totty when I come in with them like that totally works I'm looking the part13:24doesn't mean I'm doing it I'm just looking it that's right that's right just looking the part is like 90% of the effort yes okay and then this guy13:31opposite end of the spectrum but equally okay barley crew it has been a hot hot13:36brand for us all through December and it's still going to be a really important brand going to um January what I love about this is that true cozy13:43we're going to slip and slip on the cozies and watch all the amazing movies before the new year begins but then on13:49your Saturday or you need to get out of the house run all the errands this just makes people look pulled together and I love this I don't know if you guys have13:55seen this or invested in anything with barley but this like ribbed material I think the quality of that just lasts14:01forever great structure and shape so comfy okay this is a small but this would also just be a great little layer14:07for any of you who are in a little bit more of a warmer climate like I think this runs generous I I do too yeah it's14:13I don't mind it like how cute would that be as this look too just running around so cute so comfy so comfy and I love to14:19zip them up all the way too cuz they have these high neck lines neck lines and then if you wanted to add a little spice to it so cute graphic te two ways14:28to go so cute oh cute number one let's get a jump on vday you know you're going14:33to volunteer in your kids classroom so you might as well look the part so here it is cute little foil Hearts absolutely love this kind of reminds me of that one14:40we had earlier in fall right it was g a hot second so cute little foil and then14:45if you want to go a little cont rock and roll this great with Little Willie Nelson tea absolutely love this this is14:50from Daydreamer soft soft soft so cute and crew if you invest in a graphic right now this is they're not dying14:58anytime soon and I feel like band Graphics are Absolut a thing as well as like fun print graphics like this all15:04over graphic I think yeah kind of two ways to do it and if any of you I know that it's Hearts but I think with this metallic foil if you have New Year's Eve15:11plans that don't look that much like going out but you still want to be festive this just feels like a fun cute15:16little tea to be festive for the new year festive festive festive okay so15:22cute all right so now if I was going to take either one of these though and wanted to mix up my look on15:27bottom love these pants actually this would be really cute I know this would be really cute wa I can say many things15:33about these pants you own these right I do I do too I love this pant so cute camo again I call camo neutral because I15:39think it can go with anything this is a newer silhouette we've introduced it this fall this is called the barrel leg15:45so what I love about it is it kind of takes the place of a boyfriend Jean if you're a boyfriend Jean lover a little bit more relaxed so if you have a strong15:52thighs a little bit of a booty I think it's flattering and really comfortable and you don't feel restricted in like a15:57real pant oh bless you bless you tried to look at the light didn't help there16:03it was it was coming what I bless you thank you you're welcome thank you I16:08don't even know if I said that how rude I'm like let's talk about cam pants forget about your sees um so sorry going16:14to rather rep play that one watch me just sne try to get the arm up there I don't know I okay so this is called a Marcel y from Citizens of Humanity it16:21runs generous correct it's meant to be relaxed but not so relaxed that it's falling off of you right right so I did16:27go down a size in this one I bought true to size just because I feel like right now I'm still transitioning16:33transitioning I'm going to be transitioning for four years post my 2-year-olds on birthday um but the16:38fabrication is so soft crew and I think with citizens sometimes your first wear they feel fitted but as you wear it16:44starts to relax so I would also say true the siid are down yes so my tricky spot16:49is that I have a small waist strong hips thighs but so I needed to go down a size16:56for me because of the waist in the otherwise it was like falling off my waist but so fun so fun and I think it17:01just upgrades like a little bit more of a casual look cuz that would be really cute combo together yeah just like don't17:07you think the other thing to know about camo in general is just that it's coming back yes like we showed you that really17:12cute Z Supply sweatshirt camo in a bottom is definitely a thing this is your new neutral for spring a really fun17:18way to kind of refresh your utility okay speaking of relax denim okay let's talk17:24about it okay let's talk about it now that was a very introductory Barrel leg17:30from Citizens of Humanity for all of you who are ready to like take a dare check out these fun new what is the name of17:36this even called These are the Horseshoe Jean from Citizens of Humanity this is like the17:44true barle horseshoe relaxed of all relaxed bottoms definitely Trend forward moving but a really fun upgrade to any17:50of those basics in your Bo so I'm gonna tell you right now as a five foot those pants just do my in here as 5 foot4 with17:57short legs this Jean swallows me up I can't wear it I love it I can't wear it18:02which is why I went with that great Marcel in the camo it's a more modified version it really help feels like I'm18:09getting that Trend and I'm kind of nodding towards it but not getting swallowed up you are taller than me you can totally pull this off and I do carry18:16a little bit more I just have a strong leg I have a butt so I feel like I can pull it off just because it's filling out in in areas where it's not just like18:23hanging off to the top of me and with that higher rise too I'm still going with the elongation and I have a little18:28bit of that ankle room just to make my legs look a little bit longer so petite gals here is the deal this is going to18:33be one of those trends that we're going to try out and we're going to need to try multiple versions of it to find the18:39one that is chef's kiss right for us yep that's always true I think don't you think anytime a new kind of trend Cycles18:45is that different body types need to kind of play with it a little bit and this one is just one where for petites18:50need to try some versions and maybe it's different brands different iterations where that Marcel is a really great18:56introduction okay a trendy don't need to test out and I would just say you need to buy it's not even a trend it's just19:02an item you need to buy everybody needs it you need it everybody needs it okay theara it's back remember this amazing19:09amazing top that we sold out in like 1.6 seconds this fall it's back in three19:15colors she's so good so speaking of New Year need a cute like easy top for New19:20Year paired back to like a coated Jean or so fun right fitted but not too19:25fitted it's a Goldilocks of tops right like shaped but not skin tight yes19:31flattering but not oversized that's right it's all the things gives you a little bit of shoulder coverage yes19:37sorry I just totally cut you off no you didn't I just kept talking the one thing I was thinking about this is like I don't know what your New Year's plans19:43are or even if you're just like that getting back into that routine post holiday this top can be sexy it can be19:48casual it can be a little bit more elevated or it could be totally relaxed I think like the fabrication makes it a little bit more casual but the the19:55silhouette makes it a little bit more sexy than what you're pairing it with it is like a chameleon of the tops in your wardrobe 100 and you can layer it under20:01Blazers if you have to go back and it's in that magic ribbed fabrication for Michael Stars yeah so we know it's still20:07flattering I am like totally drawn to this color because right now I feel like in the we're not even in the dead of winter it's still 50° out um I feel like20:15oh we could use some sunshine and some colors so that you know that color makes you feel a little bit more fresh and Alive okay one last key look that I'm20:23kind of digging right now and and again this falls in the category of I need to look put together but I don't want to20:28try too hard to give me put together because I just don't have the energy or effort in my body right now for it right20:34it is taking a fabulous white tea this one by Cuts so good we're going to talk about it a great button-20:42down and a killer pair of jeans easy with stretch okay so starting with the20:48tea let's talk about this basic tea that every I should call Basic it's it looks basic but it's not basic if we say it is20:55your staple it's a staple that's a really great okay so we just started caring Cuts really fun new brand that we21:01just started to kick off with we have it in three colors I think right now there's a gray white and black this is21:07an easy crew neck the fabric crew is what is so amazing about it it just feels like sturdy but thin enough that21:13you can layer it in this great little bright white um you're going to run true to size within it and what I love about21:19it it's the perfect length you don't need to tuck it in you can let it sit out if you want to do a little half tuck you can totally do it but truly the21:25length on this is flattering it's not too tight is just such a winner that great sleeve this is always my pet peeve21:32with t-shirts when they have like a wingy sleeve that's true really really great shape on the sleeve which is not21:37easy to do I'm going to tell you I have a lot of t-shirts in my closet and Ash is right it's a great length because21:42it's not too too long but it's just long enough that you need to do just a little Tu you Kat so here is how we're styling21:48it we're taking a fabulous blouse yep button down relaxed in nature relaxed in21:56silhouette and we're popping on this great t-shirt underneath and we're22:01opening up the buttons a little bit so it doesn't need to be buttoned all the way up we're going to let that t-shirt kind of show and we're going to tuck all22:09that business right in to a great pair of jeans so this is from good americ the22:14reason we grabbed this is number one crazy crazy stretch number two super flattering seaming so love this twist22:22front scene which is leg lengthening leg slimming this like kind of Destruction22:27gives it a little bit attitude a little bit of personality and takes an otherwise pretty basic outfit and brings22:33it to a whole new level so key here again you're going to keep hearing us talk about this relax relax relax22:41proportion proportion proportion relax silhouettes on top great shape in the22:46bottom we could do the opposite right with a more relaxed bottom more shaped top but it's all about getting that22:52right and having some fun with it so darn cute right and then of course back to your sneaker such a good sneaker and22:58I think what I love about Goa sorry side note they're typically such an amazing price point so if you just want something fresh I think it's like around23:04100 or under 100 such a great little sneaker so two little gray blouses is black and white pinstripe as well as23:10this beautiful kind of Plum with denimi blue from pistola really really nice and23:16meant to be drapey right so both of these really nice drap what's the name of the black button down again this23:22one's by pistola as well and this one's called the Irene effortless shirt because that's what it should be I know23:28I own this absolutely love it I love that it's relaxed it is relax gang so just a heads up on that even me broad23:35shoulders I went I wore an extra smallness an extra small okay yeah yeah yeah and if I wish you guys could feel23:41the fabric cuz it doesn't feel like that shirting where all sudden you sit down it's going to wrinkle like you're like put on your seat belt I hate that I get23:47in the car I'm like dang it there goes the outfit and you just spend all that time ironing and steaming and then23:53you're just like yes no no even got great drape on both of these you don't have to worry about that and black and white so easy23:58and are these new items or clearance items new new I think everything we have on the rack crew is new these are new24:05arrivals just hitting um but the clearance section in our stores and on24:11our site is bursting with so many good starting with this amazing corkies corkies Corky cork that you have to have24:17so sale is going on right now 20% off of clearance it's a great time to stock up24:23on some of those sweaters if you're like us where the weather has hardly even turned yet oh my gosh you know it's going to come24:29though and it's going to come fast and furious and it's going to be brutal when it's going to hit us all in the face so we're going to wish we all had some cozy24:35sweaters and jackets so much love for your dress it's G it's really great and I'm going to tell you like I was like oh24:43God am I really putting that on today it's so comfortable it's so comfortable and I do feel really kind of put24:48together and it's fun and Liz our director was wearing this in the office24:54when it came in last week right before the holidays and said dang girl you look good in that she looked hot she did and25:01that might be inappropriate to say up a coworker cooworker well in this environment when we're talking about25:08product yes you can look up smoke show smoke total smoke show so it's a booster25:14one more question with those jeans that are very Trend forward any ideas of how to style that if they're going to go for25:20it yes okay so I'm going to keep it the basic of basic crew when you are trying out a new like25:28that I think especially in a bottom this could also be in a top depending on your body type you're going to keep it as25:34simple as a basic t-shirt or long sleeve so what I do love about this is this25:39gives you just a little bit of shape kind of elevates it you could throw a jacket over the top of it that bomber25:44would be really fun and fresh but I just think a simple basic t-shirt like this Cuts is just a really great way to like25:51play with that Trend I think you could wear the T-shirt you're wearing too actually yeah that would be so cute and then just like a little sneaker I just25:56think keep everything basic on top when you're introducing especially within a pant just let let that be the hero and26:02then as you get more comfortable with it and trying new things then I think you can spice it up but I would start it out with just a really great basic I've got26:08cuts and then any shoes you would recommend with those yeah talk about shoes oh shoes I think honestly I have a26:14pair of barrel leg maybe not that exaggerated I would start out with the sneaker I think again it kind of goes back to what you're wearing for the top26:20so if you're going to do that basic white tea and maybe the bomber let's do a sneaker keep it really really casual26:25but if you're going to do something a little bit more fitted um like maybe that Michael Stars I would do this sometimes with a wider leg I26:33always feel like it's more flattering when you have a little bit of lift yeah and so what I love about this too is it's going to expose a little bit of26:38skin which again gives you a little bit more of elongation because when you get a little too flat sometimes it starts to feel a little FR okay what about like26:44your booty wardrobe like you've got booties in your closet question right it's like I think for booties like I26:50like something with more of a stacked heel I wouldn't go with anything too feminine so this is where i' stay away26:56from like that black that BL booty we love love love looks so great with straights and flares but with this you27:03need something with a little bit more weight to it it doesn't have to be like a lug sole it doesn't have to go that27:09far but something with more of a substantial heal I think really helps us like that like that great corkys baby we27:15had would be really really good with us just to give you the lift so if you are buying this online or heading into a27:21store bring a shoe into the dressing room with you or when you try it on at home put a shoe on right away because I27:26think that's where you're going to get the visual it's like the first time we tried skinny jeans you're like oh my gosh this27:31is so terrifying you can see everything that's put on a tall boot I think with these wider legs this new silhouette give yourself some look as well agre27:37that's a great question citizens citizens yeah that's the Horseshoe je someone did ask if they're five2 can27:44they rock those jeans or any I mean gang here first of all I'm never going to tell you you can't like because I think27:50every Trend can be for everybody it's it's for you to decide I just found that27:56this silhouette on me was too much like it just swallowed me up in a way that28:01like and a part of it might be because my legs are short so like that proportion on me felt really wacky um28:07and if my legs were a little bit longer or more proportional to my torso they might have felt better but I have I'm28:13wearing a horseshoe Jean today came in Chang that is a little more subtle and28:19that one easy that Marcel oops on the floor that Marcel killer killer killer28:26killer I absolutely love this pant me I love it too because it gives you a little bit of it like a little bit of28:32width but not too over I'm never going to tell you you can't I think you got to I think you should give it a shot and see how it feels on you at 5'2 one28:38little tip I would give you though is for your top you don't need something tight but do something a little bit more fitted so you have a t-shirt that just28:45skims a little bit more of your body I think that would be great just so that the whole look doesn't overwhelm you28:50that paint such a great not too tight but just skimming yeah so that would be my only tip if you're going to try it28:56which I think would be really fun one more quick question do you um are you true to size in your dress hiding29:01true to size yep true to size and again I love the thing I love about it the most is this waistband yes like and the29:08relaxed top this is like my favorite silhouette of a dress relaxed top more shaped bottom yes flattering on29:14everybody totally works and for being 53 I love that that more fitted bottom just like shows your shape especially when29:21you have something L when you guys start to see too those longer denim skirts that are going to start hitting our sites start hitting our stores I think29:27again keeping it a little bit more fitted not getting too wide is going to be a really key for somebody who's a little bit more secret sauce for sure29:34yeah smoke okay yay happy post holidays almost New29:39Year we're almost in 2024 we're almost there this is The Hangover before the hang29:44over I'm kidding I'll be in bed I sort of I'm wait have a great great rest of29:51your holiday week I hope you don't know what day it is and you keep that Trend up for the next couple days yes and we29:57will see you in the new year take care everybody happy New Year happy New Year Happy New30:08Year

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