Girlfriend's Guide to the Holidays: Festive Events, Big and Small

Quick Hits: Girlfriend's Guide to the Holidays: Festive Events, Big and Small

RSVP'ing yes to all the fun holiday events is easy—but what to wear?! That can be tricky. Heidi and Ash break down their go-to festive 'fits for everything on the calendar, from a work party to movie marathon. Tune in and shop along
Show Transcript
0:00the people have spoken we heard loud and0:02clear the hardest part about this month0:04is getting dressed for those in between0:06holiday events we're talking work0:08parties to Cozy moments at home we've0:10got you solved let's ready go office0:13parties you're taking that classic white0:14button- down favorite Jean but it's all0:17about trading in that blazer for a fun0:18little moto jacket and all about the pop0:21accessories it's all about the silver0:23shoe including for a girls night out so0:26we're taking our favorite utility pants0:28weing it to a sexy sweater love it0:30silver shoes stab earing done and we're0:35back in the most comfy cozy memory0:37making looks ever right so what do you0:40have on your plate every year holiday0:42cookie baking so fun what do you wear0:44cozy comfy a great little sneaker0:46because you're going to be on your feet0:47you know frosting all the0:50cookies it's exhausting those0:54feet okay okay how about you movie0:57marathon I am lounging J sweatshirt and1:01the most comfortable slippers ever made1:03and of course1:06popcorn

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