A Trendsend Spring Mix

Quick Hits: A Trendsend Spring Mix

Mel is back to talk Trendsend, our online styling service. She's got a great runaround look (featuring the famous Meg Wide Leg, cargo edition) and an office outfit you'll want, like, yesterday. It's all mix & match, and highlights everything hot, hot, hot for spring. Feast your eyes then give Trendsend a try!
Show Transcript
0:00hi it's Mel back with you chief of0:02stores for ever Eve and I would love to0:03talk to you today about our Trend send0:06subscription service if you don't know0:08everie Styles Trend send delivered to0:10you in this wonderful box from our0:12stylist it is a personal stylus that0:15pulls these looks together and I don't0:16know about you but I am ready to jump0:18into spring so let me tell you about a0:20few pieces you'll find in our transend0:21end boxes right now so first of all what0:24I have on I think this is a great0:26transitional look it's easy it'll take0:28you out to many of your different t0:30throughout the day this is our famous0:32cut from the cloth Meg wide leg in a new0:34silhouette little crop olive green I0:37love her great little pockets front and0:39back and then this little hoodie by ever0:41Eve stripes are so popular this spring0:44treat yourself to something new striped0:46a great little hoodie will take you0:48everywhere you want to go little pops of0:50accessories in your Trend send box I0:52could definitely I'd love to do this0:54little hat with my trendsend outfit also0:57think royland great little bum bag with0:59this this would be perfect for all your1:01errands and on the go our style is put1:03together mix and match pieces that will1:05take you to different places um1:07throughout your day so this is obviously1:10on the go but I'd also love to show you1:13what you could wear to work so this is a1:14great little ever Blazer beautiful plaid1:17a statement Blazer is super popular for1:19spring great little cut basic um and1:22we'll put it back to another pair of1:23denim and for the spring season you've1:25got to have a pop of neon I love this1:27little sunry dress little snaps on the1:29side great with tennis shoes out on the1:31go or put a sandal in a jacket with it1:33it'll take you through some of your1:34spring events all right I'd love to try1:35on another look for you I'm going to get1:37in the fitting room put on this wear to1:38work look um come back and talk to you a1:41little bit about it okay so next1:42transcend box look I love this for wear1:44to work nothing better than a great Jean1:46paired back to a Blazer let me tell you1:48about this every Blazer super1:49lightweight but just a great classic1:52shape I love this for work just a simple1:54little crew neck t-shirt underneath with1:56a little layered necklaces so you feel1:58put together and then this this is2:00another cut from the cloth Jean this is2:02a Sienna wide leg so this is really2:04popular in Spring too that full length2:06denim puddles a little bit over the shoe2:08pair it back to a belt to kind of give2:10yourself a waistline and you have a2:11great put together where to work look2:14but what is great about transcend is all2:16of these pieces mix and match so I could2:18easily wear this sweatshirt back to the2:19full length denim I could take this2:21Blazer and go back to the Meg wideleg2:23pant there are so many options for you2:26so trendsend can be a monthly2:27subscription service if you'd like or2:29you order on demand so if you just want2:31some fun inspiration for how to spring2:33into this new season order a box if you2:37don't know where to begin order a theme2:39box so you can just play around with2:40some new styles for the season so I hope2:43this inspires you to start thinking2:45about your spring wardrobe and I hope we2:47can help you out through transcend with2:48styling see you next time

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