Blue Jeans Go Green

Recycle your jeans and get $15 off a new pair. February 11-20. In stores only.

We teamed up with Cotton's Blue Jeans Go Green™ program to give your well-loved denim new life (and for each pair you trade in, you'll get $15 off a new pair!).

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Bring in an old pair of jeans (or as many as you want!) to your local EVEREVE.


Grab that new pair you've been eyeing—our stylists will help you find the perfect fit!

SAVE $15

Get $15 OFF each pair you trade in (one-for-one).

Can I bring any pair of jeans?

Any brand, any age (even that pair from college you found in the back of your drawer)—as long as it’s at least 90% cotton or greater. Check the label!

Do I need to buy jeans the same day?

Yes! Think of your jeans as your coupon—when you bring them to the register, we'll know to take $15 off your new pair.

Does the $15 off apply to ANY brand?

Yep—that pair you've been eyeing is yours, whether it's on sale or full price!

Can I buy denim online?

This event is taking place in store only, so check to see if the pair you want is available at the location you choose.

What happens to the pair I recycle?

The denim we collect through Cotton's Blue Jeans Go Green™ program is transformed into denim insulation, and a portion is contributed for building efforts in communities around the country.

Can you tell me more about Cotton's Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program?

We'd love to! To learn all about it, visit