Summer-Closet Completers

New Arrivals: Summer-Closet Completers

Is your summer closet missing a few key pieces? That's because they just came in! Ash is here to introduce the latest—that will make your right-now look the greatest. Tops, dresses, totes, and the perfect pant from Sanctuary (in 3 colors). Mix it in with what you've got and, voila! Solid summer wardrobe. Woo-hoo!
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0:00all right crew it's Ash happy Monday and0:03I don't know if you know this you0:04probably do because you're in a state of0:06panic the same way I am Fourth of July0:08is one week out how are we already one0:10month Into Summer like what okay let's0:13dive into what I'm wearing because this0:15to me screams you need something to wear0:17on Fourth of July for all the activities0:19you have this is it you need an outfit0:21to wear to the softball baseball0:23tournament you're going to this weekend0:24this is what you're wearing you just0:25need a cute summer outfit this is what0:27you're wearing okay so this is what I'm0:28wearing this is is our bestselling denim0:32short from a Goldie this is the Parker0:34long and guess what it's in a brand new0:37color I'm loving this like vintage wash0:39just a little bit darker I'm wearing a0:41size 30 in these I love my shorts a0:44little bit more relaxed lived in they're0:46super comfy I have strong legs got0:49myself a booty and these shorts fit like0:52a glove okay then I don't know if any of0:55you like ever OG's remember this shirt0:58from frame this is the1:01midrise v-neck from frame came in all1:04those amazing classic colors the most1:06flattering v-neck for all body types1:08nice thick little bit of shoulder1:10coverage so it's bra friendly guess what1:13came this really fun little cream in1:16Navy stripe and like screams Fourth of1:18July right how good and then of course1:20my classic little bur Birkenstock and1:22right here is your summer uniform crew1:24okay let's dive into the rack because we1:26have some really fun fresh new goodies1:28and let's talk about these bags that are1:31like screaming all the fun colors cuz1:33number one how cute would that be back1:35to my outfit cross body let's see if it1:36fits through here how cute and this1:38fuchsia pink okay so this is New Soul1:40andeline Heidi introduced this in her1:42three days threeways I think last week1:45just that good go around everyday bag1:47lightweight love that it's on a little1:49bit more of a tote shape so you can fit1:51all the things in here I am extremely1:54partial to this like highlighter yellow1:56color I don't know it's screams summer1:58so crazy fun and here's is like a fun2:01extra tidbit Heidi wore this without the2:04strap and she treated as a night out big2:07I love a good cross body cuz when you2:08have little kids you need all the2:09handsfree but check out this fun little2:11clutch like how easy is that if you2:13wanted to make it more night out or2:15you're just like through all the makeup2:18lipstick hand sanitizer Keys all the2:20things in it but how fun super2:22lightweight crew and then that great2:24little oversized tote for when you2:26really need all the things and all the2:27snacks just a classic black in a really2:30great shape but these are lightweight2:32comfortable I don't know so fun New Soul2:35andine they are moving out very very2:38fast so if you want them I grab them now2:40they're in select stores and online only2:43okay more awesome goodies down the rack2:47how about just that perfect simple2:49summer dress easy print lightweight2:51Fabrications we know it's getting hot2:53hot hot in so many areas across the2:55country this is an awesome cotton with a2:57touch of linen cloth and stone dress3:00love this HD a leopard great shape it's3:02going to like sent you in at the waist3:04bra friendly with that thicker strap3:06love the more like black tones slight3:08Browns your accessories you can do all3:10the things no pockets but accentuating3:12that waist so good cloth and stone crew3:15is just that easy breezy casual yet a3:18little bit elevated brand and I love3:20this little dress and I'm not I3:22shouldn't say it but I'm going to say it3:24how cute would this be in the fall with3:25a jacket over it and a little booty so3:28good all right new Option from Nation3:32how good is this this is knit so it's3:34going to be lightweight super3:35comfortable and when I look at this3:37shape crew this is going to be3:38incredibly flattering for all of you3:40that v-neck so it's just going to be3:42really beautiful across the neckline3:44rushing around the side so it gives you3:46like all the best shape tiny little3:48slits so for those of you who are a3:50little bit shorter showing a bit more3:51skin is going to be amazing but what I3:53love about Nation Fabrics is I don't3:55think they stretch out they just skim3:56the body beautifully super soft and the3:58quality of nation stuff is so good Jamie4:01our producer is heading to a wedding and4:04she was talking about a welcome party4:06how fun would this be give yourself oh4:09my gosh I got myself in a little bit of4:10a bind like little black sandal you hide4:14the long strap fun little fuchsia pop4:16what a cute just easy outfit for travel4:20okay another pink fun option our amazing4:23rails dress okay rails dresses are4:27incredible their fabrication is amazing4:29they have all the best fits this one is4:32really beautiful with all that tearing4:33just a pop of fun with that little neon4:35hit print beautiful v-neck again cinches4:38in the waist so it creates incredible4:40shape but look at how lightweight this4:42is so I'm just thinking you have a4:43garden wedding you kind of have a bridal4:45shower baby shower this dress is4:47absolutely beautiful okay diving a4:51little bit more into those like classic4:53Basics I'm just thinking family reunions4:56for those of you who are back on these4:58like casual work days5:00check out these new bottoms from5:02Sanctuary I think this is the5:04Martine what is this called The Marine5:07pant so kind of like an updated cleaner5:10utility great little patch pocket in the5:12front more of a wider leg Sanctuary just5:16does bottom so well their fits5:17incredible and at an amazing price point5:20loving this utility green like how cute5:22if you swapped out these shorts like how5:23much more pulled together this look look5:26is with this striped tea brown belt this5:28Olive and a Burk more elevated maybe you5:31have like a little patio dinner night5:33this would be super easy fun little wash5:35black and I am super partial to this e5:38crew because I just love a summer white5:40especially in a pant all throughout the5:42summer months but Sanctuary I would do5:45true to size in they do relax in my5:48opinion so I think trud to size is going5:49to be great and in the summer you never5:51want a pant that's too tight so it's5:52just going to relax just a bit all right5:55for those of you who want just a little5:57bit of an elevated basic those goto6:00tanks that you just know do all the6:01things but you want to look like you're6:03more pulled together than your workout6:04tank top check out these new goodies6:07from evereve loving this like washed out6:10version from um in this blue this is the6:12Vivian thae shoulder tank I'm pretty6:14sure we had a version of this in like6:17February or March three6:19colors amazing new options here for June6:23again just a fun little pop color with6:25that wash so just gives a little bit of6:26a rocker Vibe and then classic white6:28because we all know we need a little6:29upgrade and you look at all the white6:31tank tops you have and you're like okay6:32now it looks dingy what's my new version6:34loving this one bra friendly just that6:36little feminine hit6:38again you get your a gold El long Parker6:42White Tank summer uniform like set to go6:45highlighter yellow bag you're ready to6:47rock all right we can't keep Spanx in6:51store any time of the year and now that6:55I see this great amazing little hoodie6:57in that air Essentials fabrication talk6:59about like your summer travel hoodie7:02weekend getaway sweatshirt to go through7:04it those morning walks when it's not7:06like 1,000% humidity and you want to7:08feel fresh check out this new Spanx7:10hoodie I'm loving this shorter version7:12with a cinch you don't need to think7:13about it you toss it on beautiful white7:15and if you guys have not tried any of7:17the Spanx air essential items they feel7:20like butter they feel like butter they7:23feel incredible and I'm like loving that7:25fresh white color for summer all right7:28another new goodie which crew if you7:30love a denim jacket that is your go-to7:33over all add dresses your utility7:35bottoms a skirt fun new update from7:38everie try denim vest so it's just if7:41whatever you're going to pull whatever7:43you're wearing with a denim jacket over7:44the top of it try vest for an option7:47okay this is meant to be a little bit7:49more oversized so you'd want to buy true7:51to size you could even size down um but7:54you're going to do the same thing you're7:55going to wear this vest over a dress7:57here's like my summer Canadian tuxedo7:59right with like my little cut off shorts8:00but I'm just imagining like that amazing8:03great dress maybe your Michael stars are8:06great little rouched ones you toss this8:08over the top you still feel like you8:09have the coverage and when you hit that8:11AC no matter where you're going you get8:13a little bit of warmth but I just love a8:15sleeveless option so fun fresh way to do8:17a denim jacket this season in the denim8:19vest and this is from every under $1008:22just a really fun little update for your8:24summer wardrobe all right crew we have8:28crushed we have I have crushed through8:30this rack but really fun options if you8:33guys are getting away this upcoming8:34weekend or the weekend following some8:36really good travel items in here I'm8:38like what a cute little road trip bag if8:40you need it um but yeah I hope you guys8:43have a really great week and happy last8:45week of June see you later

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