How To Style Long Shorts

The Right Side of 50: How To Style Long Shorts

Charla is here with the latest, greatest summer silhouette. Long shorts! They're all the rage and she's got some easy ways to style them for everything from the office to a night out to a casual day at the real-life races. Take it away, Charla!
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0:00welcome back to the right side of 50 and0:03ready or not it's summer and you know0:05what summer means it means shorts so0:07what's the trend for summer shorts this0:09year it is the longer denim cut off it's0:13more of a cool girl Vibe the longer does0:15not necessarily mean that it is the0:17Bermuda short that's tight on your thigh0:19your mom wor than the 80s okay loose0:21casual almost like a little bit0:22oversized I'm wearing mine a little bit0:24lower on my hips here I'm going to pair0:26this with just a very simple tank top0:29now you can start with just the shorts0:31and the tank if you want to and throw on0:33a tennis shoe or you can elevate it a0:35little bit which is what I love to do by0:37adding a fun little kitten heeled sandal0:40I love a belt because it kind of0:41accentuates your waist has a little bit0:43of a nod to that Western Trend which we0:45all love and then I paired it with this0:47little sleeveless Blazer by ever not0:49only does it elevate your look but it0:50can take you from day to night as you're0:52going from work just switch your trouser0:54out to the long short and you're all set0:57of course I have some jewelry because I0:58love to add my Jewels so little silver1:00wristlets here little silver necklace1:03some silver hoops you're out the door1:05I'm back with those same great shorts by1:07cut I'm going to make it a little more1:08casual this go round start with a tank1:10top basic white one I threw over my1:13shoulders this great little hoodie long1:15sleeve by ever Eve topped it off with a1:18little ball cap which makes it fun1:19Shades you from the uh Summer Sun birken1:22stocks which of course are a must tossed1:24on some jewelry fun little necklace here1:26with pulling in the green from the shirt1:28this is an easy outfit that you could1:30easily wear to a ball game to an art1:32fair to a night concert anything like1:34that uh just some fun ways again that1:36you can wear these great long shorts1:38from ever I want to let you know too if1:40you're someone who is petite and these1:43would look like they would be way long1:44on you you can add a simple cuff right1:46on the bottom the nice thing about these1:48cut shorts they do warm up to your body1:50as you wear it and I'm going to let you1:52know has a little bit of stretch so um1:54it makes cuffing really simple for those1:56of you that are just a little bit1:58shorter okay those are all the things2:00with a long cut short hop on board with2:02that Trend we'd love to see you in2:04stores or ask for it in your Trend send2:06box and we'll see you next time2:10

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