Holiday Weekend Travel Capsule

3 Days 3 Ways: Holiday Weekend Travel Capsule

How do you pack for a hot weekend of holiday travel? Heidi has the answer in a 7 piece capsule that will take you to the 4th and beyond. It's easy, it's light and there's just enough of an Americana angle for you to feel festive, yet oh, so fashionable. Hit play and have a great holiday
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0:00hey hey hey gang three days three ways I0:02don't know about you but I'm starting to0:04look to that long summer weekend ahead0:07of us and thinking about what I'm going0:10to pack so I've got a few fabulous0:13pieces that you can throw into your0:15suitcase mix and match we are going to0:17be casual easy breezy embracing the0:21summer feeling a little festive and0:24absolutely perfect whatever is on your0:26calendar we're going to start with this0:28travel look so why I love this it's a0:31bunch of mix and match pieces that are0:33going to be so comfortable I always0:36think of the Fourth of July weekend as a0:38weekend that is in the car so I want0:41pieces that are easy cloth and stone 100:45cell short easy elasticized waistband0:47with a drawstring Love This Love This so0:50comfy next the taty tea from Michael0:54Stars this is a micro rib so comfortable0:58I love that it's got a little teeny bit1:00of that muscle sleeve and a v-neck which1:03I've been craving all summer lots of1:05crew necks out there so nice to find an1:08easy neutral v-neck then I've got a1:11fabulous open weave sweater from ever1:14air conditioning check not too heavy and1:18I love that kind of crochet detail feels1:21Breezy if you haven't gotten yourself an1:23open weave sweater yet now is the time1:25to get one accessories fabulous CLA V1:29Market bag so fun pop of color here with1:33some red and blue light lightweight so1:37really easy to pack and full and then1:39last but not least you know I'm not1:41going to go anywhere without my Burks I1:43love this version this is like the Giza1:46but a little bit of a platform sandal1:48footed so gives you a little bit of1:51height really really comfortable of1:53course and easy to slip on and off if1:56you're like me who always puts my feet1:58up on that dashboard okay let's get2:01going to where we're headed and I've got2:03a quick change look if you're going to2:05be celebrating the very first night you2:07get there look number two told you super2:09fast all I did was change the tank so if2:13you get to your destination are heading2:14out to watch fireworks or maybe just a2:17casual dinner this is your answer2:20fabulous sunry tank top another rib2:23little bit more fitted so I love this2:25for more of I don't know a casual night2:28out maybe a barbecue but kept those2:30great shorts on kept on my Burks kept my2:33bag and I am good to go love this tie2:37day how fun is this all these fabulous2:39colors such an easy one to switch into2:42okay next day we're going to head to the2:45boat I've got the perfect dress to throw2:47on full on look number two this is2:50calling all boa moms calling all2:52baseball moms lacrosse soccer softball2:55Sidelines wherever you might be this is2:58the perfect dress so this is is from3:00fairity the aldre dress and they are not3:02kidding quick drying technical fabric3:06that has a little bit of cotton Blended3:08in I love that because it makes for3:10absolute Supreme Comfort stretch stretch3:14stretch and again getting so lightweight3:17true to size in this one one of the3:19great features that I love about this3:21ZIP close pocket so if you're like me3:24and you hate having a bag strapped3:27around you when it is hot hot hot throw3:29your Keys your Chapstick whatever you3:31need in your pocket you're good to go3:33but of course you know that I'm going to3:34bring that great Market bag because uh3:37there it is so easy easy peasy and then3:40travel tip I never leave home without3:43some sort of flipflop I wear these in3:46the hotel down to the breakfast anywhere3:50that I need just a little foot coverage3:52and this is a fabulous shoe from Freedom3:54Moses perfect for the boat or the beach3:57and they are light as air I love this4:00little gold such a fun detail and really4:03really comfy they have a fabulous molded4:05footed and then last but not least I4:07have to show you this great necklace4:10bunch of really fun necklaces from Yana4:13that we've just gotten in this has a4:14little bit of red and pink in it just a4:17fun detail and lightweight enough that4:19you can just throw it on and kind of4:20forget about it and wear it all weekend4:23okay we're going to go out for dinner4:26I've got the perfect look for it last4:28look in a little packing tip when in4:31doubt in the summer always pack a pair4:33of C offs always pack a white top you4:36will not believe how versatile and how4:39easy it is to mix and match these pieces4:42into your closet so this is my fun going4:45out look a new top from bash it's a4:47Splurge but it's worth it because you4:50can dress it up dress it down make it4:52casual it's a little bit Bohemian and a4:55whole lot of fun I love the sleeve4:57detail especially on those nights when4:59you might be having dinner indoors5:01little bit of AC want to keep things5:03covered new wash so if you've been5:06holding out for a new pair of Parkers5:08this is the Parker long in this brand5:10new kind of medium blue wash I5:12absolutely love this guy Fray ham but5:16not crazy over the top so it feels5:18finished and Polished and then one more5:21shoe a great barely their gold sandal5:25that you can wear again again and again5:28easy one to pack take up no room and5:31dresses up any look so there you have it5:34seven Great pieces one versatile bag5:39three light as Air shoes and you are set5:43for your long weekend I hope this helped5:45you pack get some great new pieces into5:49that suitcase and have a fabulous5:51holiday weekend everyone we we'll see5:54you soon take5:58care he hey hey

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