One-and-Done Must Haves

One-and-Done Must Haves

From jumpsuits to dresses, Ash is rounding up our favorite one-piece options for the season.
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00:07 hey you guys 00:08 okay i'm so excited about this jumpsuit 00:11 so we're gonna 00:11 jump right into it if you get it um okay 00:14 today we're talking one piece dressing 00:16 and that is all things jumpsuits and 00:17 then like the most amazing 00:19 dresses you need to have in your 00:21 wardrobe not only like right now but 00:22 like 00:23 all through spring i was like is it 00:26 spring no it's still winter okay 00:28 you guys you probably got this in your 00:30 email blast i don't know 00:32 yesterday this is the good american okay 00:34 don't unzip myself too far here but i 00:36 also love the idea that it's like 00:38 you can play with your neckline okay so 00:40 this is the good american jumpsuit we 00:41 had this in denim last year it blew 00:43 through our stores who were carrying it 00:45 and online and we just got it in this 00:47 really sick like wash black okay 00:50 we just were having a very long 00:51 conversation about grace like 00:53 does this give you rizzo vibes but in 00:55 all the best way possible yes 00:57 um if you haven't watched the movie 00:59 grease you need to there's some people 01:00 on our team here who hasn't and i'm like 01:02 you can come back to work next week 01:03 until you watch greece because 01:05 that's i grew up on that i grew up on 01:06 that if my mom's watching she knows that 01:08 we grew up on that okay 01:09 but anyways this good american jumpsuit 01:10 okay 01:12 i'm wearing a size 3. i love the shape 01:15 that it gives me but i'm like oh 01:17 it is definitely fitted through the 01:18 waist which i love because i think 01:20 sometimes when you think about a 01:21 jumpsuit it can be really intimidating 01:23 because you're thinking like okay this 01:24 is like that 01:24 you know gas station jumpsuit and you 01:26 want something that still gives you 01:27 shape and gives you like 01:28 feminine detail and this definitely does 01:30 that little banded 01:31 waist but i was like when i think about 01:33 throughout my day and moving up and down 01:35 and i carry my waist through my tummy 01:37 i think i might size up to a four just 01:39 just letting you know i'm playing it out 01:40 there but you guys 01:42 that denim oh it feels so good it's that 01:45 true little straight leg right now i 01:46 have it completely uncuffed and we're 01:48 definitely gonna be talking about these 01:48 sneakers don't worry about that 01:50 um but as it gets a little bit 01:53 warmer out just give me a little cuff 01:55 what actually might be more flattering 01:57 on me is with a cuff because you're 01:58 seeing a little bit of that ankle and i 01:59 love that the jumpsuit can play totally 02:01 casual or dressy um a couple girls at 02:04 the office 02:05 whoever is actually at the office 02:07 anymore right now um they pair this with 02:09 a pump and it's just like such a power 02:11 move and i think it's crazy crazy fun 02:12 and 02:13 can we also just keep talking about 02:14 these pockets because or can we just 02:16 talk about the pockets because they 02:17 feel so good they're deep i mean i can 02:20 throw 02:21 my phone can fit in it just a pack of 02:23 gum a mask 02:24 all the things you need and then yes 02:26 let's talk about this little zipper 02:27 detail ah obviously i'm very excited 02:30 about it i'm talking incredibly fast 02:32 and yes i think this is coming home with 02:35 me 02:35 and i'm going to rock this all spring so 02:38 okay i'm gonna put on 02:40 outfit number two one of my favorite 02:42 dresses from last year back in a new 02:44 print 02:44 and um yeah more options for you okay 02:47 look number two is this awesome we had 02:50 we had it last year 02:52 better than a tie-dye of course because 02:54 tie-dye 02:55 color of 20 20. but in 2021 camel's 02:58 making a comeback 02:59 and this is the maya camo dress from 03:01 peyton jensen 03:02 i'm wearing a medium so it's a little 03:03 bit more fitted but i'm like okay the 03:05 camel's gonna hide everything but 03:06 hot dang as soon as i put it on i was 03:08 like feels 03:09 so so good so super easy 03:12 have it paired with the amelia cut denim 03:15 jacket 03:16 i'm wearing a you guys because it 03:18 definitely one thing that's so great 03:19 about the cut denim jacket the amelia um 03:21 for example 03:22 is that and i'm like i meant on cuppies 03:24 i like them when they're like a little 03:25 bit more uncuffed and then if i had 03:26 bracelets put on they can kind of poke 03:27 through 03:28 but it definitely has such a great 03:30 fitted shape i don't want to say tight 03:32 but fitted it creates a lot of great 03:33 shape so i tend to like my denim jackets 03:35 a little bit bigger so i'm doing a large 03:37 and then i might even set it to an extra 03:38 large if i really wanted that oversized 03:40 but this is a double layered 03:43 um dress so it's knit the inside knit on 03:45 the outside it 03:46 i might want to wear this to bed i'm not 03:48 kidding you right now and then i have it 03:49 paired with these new new balance 03:51 sneakers we had them last year like this 03:52 whole outfits like 03:54 back and in better ways um this little 03:55 new balance white sneaker you guys 03:57 remember white sneakers 03:58 are huge trend for spring it can 04:00 literally go with everything even just 04:02 like this easy breezy 04:03 knit dress now being the 04:07 northern minnesotan girl that i am it 04:10 hits 30 degrees here i'm like oh yeah 04:11 let's wear a dress because it's 04:12 basically spring and hot but i might 04:14 pair it just to kind of make it a little 04:15 bit edgier too 04:17 pair it back to the little shirts um 04:18 combat boots that i have it just gives a 04:20 little bit more of an edgier look versus 04:22 a super cash 04:23 um but like super easy and i won't 04:25 obviously wear anything 04:26 you know just a sock in my boots and 04:28 then just letting my skin show and i was 04:30 like 04:30 i knew i shaved my legs for a reason 04:31 last night and then i remember why 04:33 one piece dressing today because i knew 04:34 i'd be wearing dresses like i forgot but 04:37 consciously i shaved my legs because you 04:39 know 04:40 it's been a cold winter and that's been 04:41 a long time since i've done that okay 04:42 i'm gonna pop on 04:44 um one piece dressing number three next 04:48 okay last look and i've not worn this 04:51 dress in the longest time and 04:52 also you know one thing i didn't do last 04:54 night was give myself a spray tan 04:56 i should have done that but lessons 04:58 learned at least i shaved my legs okay 05:00 anyways this is back and it feels 05:04 like air it literally feels like air i 05:06 was just telling the girls like if this 05:07 were to get stuck in the back of your 05:08 underwear 05:09 you would never know because it's that 05:10 lightweight and that easy breezy and 05:12 like 05:13 how ridiculously good is this tie dye so 05:16 this is the z supply reverb dress you 05:17 guys 05:18 i am wearing a medium and it's 05:20 definitely roomy i would not size up 05:22 it feels good so if any of you are 05:24 getting on a getaway or in warmer 05:26 weather 05:26 this is the dress to have and you know 05:29 what even if you're like i'm just 05:30 getting myself ready for spring and 05:31 summer and 05:32 get this dress now it's already selling 05:35 crazy quickly and 05:36 uh i mean it is actually brought 05:38 friendly i'm just kind of a hot mess but 05:40 like how 05:40 pretty it's like a gray with a little 05:42 bit of a tie dye um i would pair this 05:44 right now 05:44 just with the white little cara um cut 05:47 denim jacket how easy 05:49 how i mean easy like how cute is that 05:50 little outfit and then i put it with 05:52 white sneakers because you know 05:54 you have to have a pedicure um but 05:56 obsessed with this okay i'm gonna show 05:58 you guys the other colors that comes in 06:00 oh oh speaking of pack away before i 06:01 show the other colors like 06:03 done like one piece dressing throw on 06:06 the little freedom moses in the silver 06:08 how cute is this and like 06:09 beach ready to go and then i want to see 06:11 i can't i can't even keep things 06:12 straight 06:13 look at how pretty we got some new 06:14 necklaces that just hit the site and in 06:16 our stores but like just a really pretty 06:17 white sea bead it's lightweight just 06:19 feels like 06:20 spring is on its way okay but i gotta 06:22 show you guys the other two z supply 06:23 colors that just hit 06:24 this really pretty basic black this just 06:26 feels like a wardrobe staple going into 06:28 spring and summer 06:29 again you can repeat the last outfit 06:31 denim jacket combat boots sneakers 06:34 i mean easy easy does it 06:37 easy does it and then how pretty is this 06:39 little coral with like that 06:40 slight hit of tie-dye actually like a 06:44 little bit of yellow 06:45 a little bit of pink i mean maybe you 06:47 need all three colors because you are 06:49 literally gonna wear this 06:50 all of the time but you guys 06:53 one piece dressing it's here um 06:56 i don't know these are moving super 06:59 super fast and 07:00 i know i'm like look at all the denim 07:01 jackets like that just feels like the 07:03 easiest spring uniform and if you guys 07:04 are getting away 07:05 easy spring uniform to be popping on but 07:08 okay 07:09 lost my breath um i hope you guys have a 07:11 great rest of the week and i'm gonna see 07:13 you next wednesday

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