Now Sending: April Trends

3 Days 3 Ways: Now Sending: April Trends

Heidi is back...with a plot twist! She's talking all things Trendsend—our online styling service. Know how it works? Have a look at what's new. Never tried Trendsend? Nows the time! Tune in...we promise it will make your April A+.
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0:00okay game you know there is nothing I0:02like better than a capsule wardrobe0:04pieces you can mix and match and make0:07into a million different looks well0:10here's a little Insider tip and one of0:12my favorite ways to cheat the system0:16transcend it is everes styling service0:19you may know it and if you don't I'm0:21going to tell you all about it and why0:23it is the fastest easiest and best way0:27to get a topnotch styling experience0:31without ever having to leave your house0:33and I am here for that we're going to0:36run through some of my favorite pieces0:37that could show up in your transcend box0:39starting with of course the outfit that0:41I'm wearing right now so look number one0:44this is going to be a home run in that0:46transcend and here's the reason it's the0:49Nora muscle tea one of our absolute0:51favorite pieces this season comes in0:54multiple colors I love this silhouette0:58and so do our transcend stylists because1:00because it is flattering and easy to1:02wear for all body types little bit of1:05shoulder coverage gives you that strong1:08shoulder I'm broad gang still really1:10flattering on shaped but not tight so1:14easy to tuck in and does this just1:17scream spring when we pair it back to a1:19great pair of white denim it's time to1:22refresh that white denim no better way1:24to do it than with a pair of page what's1:27our number one rule about white denim1:30don't let it be see through and Paige1:32has mastered that we've got a ton of1:35variety and our stylists are sure to1:36find the perfect pair for you do you1:39know that they look at your profile look1:41at all the information about you what1:44your preferences are what you've already1:46purchased and make sure they're sending1:48you something fresh and new or frankly1:50something that just needs to be updated1:53accessories can be included of course1:55and I'm a big fan this season of the1:57belt it's back baby and it highight that2:00waist gives you some nice shape and is a2:03really perfect Finishing Touch to make2:06an outfit go2:07from put together to out of this world2:11styled now lots of ways to pair this2:14back in different pieces to mix and2:17match couple ideas coming up so here's2:20what your stylist is thinking about what2:22else can I put in this box will help2:25stretch all of these pieces I need them2:28to work hard for you you so this is a2:31perfect example fabulous everie denim2:34shirt now why I love this and why our2:36stylists love it too it's an easy one to2:39mix and match now I can wear it as a2:42layer snaps a little bit more relaxed2:45silhouette but not crazy oversized so as2:47this weather is up and down crazy Tipsy2:50turny I can just pop this on as a jacket2:53want to wear it on its own just snap it2:55up tuck it in and you've got this great2:58statement denim shirt that feels feels3:00really fresh and even could be office3:02friendly oh yeah we're thinking about3:04that too what's going on in your life3:06how to get styled for it and how to3:08really stretch that wardrobe another3:12idea coming up and a fun Trend that you3:15are sure to see in an upcoming box now3:17it wouldn't be spring 24 if we didn't3:19throw in a stripe for you and that's3:21something that we're always thinking3:22about here at Trend send is how to get3:26some of those Trends into your box in a3:28way that still feels relevant for your3:31life your style your body type and your3:35needs so great little stripe tea from3:38farity one of the many brands that we3:41carry here and that we're always trying3:43to bring in for you some fresh new3:45pieces including some exclusives from3:48brands that we love as well as our own3:51in-house designed product so why I love3:55this great little transition piece and3:58my sist is going to tell me how to wear3:59it so yes you can wear white with white4:01it feels really fresh and spring and new4:04but I don't know what if you're going on4:06a trip this year and you need a couple4:09things to update your closet guess what4:11we're thinking about that too and that's4:13coming up spring break coming up or4:15maybe just a fun little getaway with the4:17girlfriends or a significant other or4:20even a graduation and all those trips4:22that are in the Horizon tell your4:24stylist this is one of the things that4:25makes it so fun they will mix and match4:28and cater your box exactly for what your4:31needs are and we're thinking longterm4:34two gang so we're not just thinking4:35about what you need today but what4:37you're going to wear for the next few4:38months so great example here taking that4:41fabulous fairity stripe tea and popping4:44in that box the must have of the season4:47a great pair of cut offs this is from4:50Cut From the cloth one of our favorite4:52brands for a darn good reason they fit4:55like a glove and are an absolute dream4:58this is the Jane cut off in a little bit5:00longer length which we're huge fans of5:02here this season easy to pair easy to5:05mix and match and it's going to go back5:07to that great Nora muscle tea you could5:09wear with that denim jacket over layered5:12you could take that Nora tea and then5:15pop this over your shoulders as a fun5:17little pop and accent done and done but5:21we're not finished yet cuz there's5:22always one little surprise in that box5:25that I think makes our styling always a5:29little bit more elevated than anything5:32you're going to get anywhere else5:34perfect example of how we're going to5:36surprise and Delight a home run dress5:40that we know will be so fun so5:43flattering and maybe just a little bit5:46out of your comfort zone oh you say that5:48you don't love color well we're going to5:50find a way to bring in just a little bit5:52of color that doesn't feel overwhelming5:55you're scared of Stripes let's find a5:56stripe that feels really good for you5:59we're listen listening we pay attention6:01and we want that whole transcend to feel6:04exactly styled for you that is the magic6:08and what makes transcend so fun and6:11guess what gang one of my favorite6:12features it's on demand so do you want a6:16new infusion of fun and wardrobe6:19building every single month we got you6:21covered do you just need it here and6:23there big trips coming up special events6:25or a seasonal Refresh on demand you can6:28do it that way too and guess what if you6:32need different sizes if you want to do a6:35quick return zip to the every store in6:39your neighborhood and we can get you6:40taken care of right there it's my6:43favorite cheat to get your wardrobe6:46updated one of the best ways to get the6:48styling experience from the comfort of6:51your home can't go wrong hope this gave6:53you for some inspiration for what might6:55be in your box this April have some fun6:59gang spring7:02[Music]7:03is

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