How To: Summer Nights with Ash, Director of Styling

Quick Hits: How To: Summer Nights with Ash, Director of Styling

Looking for a fresh dose of night out styling inspiration? Perfect! Ash, our Director of Styling, is sharing her favorite looks for date night and more.
Show Transcript
0:00all right crew we are talking all things0:02date night hot days and hot nights and0:04we got all the looks you need here's the0:06thing that I love about white denim not0:08only is it great for daytime but I think0:09when you bring it into a date night it0:11feels fresh it feels elevated and the0:13biggest styling tip I can give you is0:15when you're pairing something on top0:17show a little bit of skin to add shape0:18to this look throw in a half tuck the0:21easiest way to elevate a dress for Night0:23Out bold accessories we put on a fun0:26woven sandal here from Dolce VA great0:28little bracelet stack a fun bold earring0:31and you're totally set to go all right0:33this one is all about the unexpected we0:35are taking a denim Romper for Night Out0:38styling tip here keep accessories0:40minimal let the Romper be the hero we0:42have it paired back with an easy slide0:44minimal jewelry keeping that neckline0:46open and sexy and you're ready for night0:48out these are our favorite cut long0:50short we have it paired back with an0:52elevated tank polish the look off with a0:54belt kep accessories simple and easy and0:57you're set to go for a night out all0:59right head to our site for more night1:01out looks

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