Holiday Work Party!

The Modern Exec: Holiday Work Party!

Mel has got the greatest outfit for your office party. Not only is it a head-to-toe hit, but each piece will mix perfectly into your daily office look. RSVP, yes to this one, then grab all the things...and have a great time!
Show Transcript
0:00hi it's Mel chief of stores forever0:02getting back into the fitting room with0:03you today to talk about what to wear to0:05your work events for this holiday0:11season let me show you my go-to I love0:14this outfit because I think it's perfect0:16for an event but all of these pieces are0:18really going to work in your work0:19wardrobe as well okay let's start with0:22this jacket this is by ever Eve this is0:24the Marin Moto you can't go wrong right0:26with a a moto jacket you can do it out0:28for evening you can wear it over a dress0:31you can do it with a white T-shirt and0:32jeans it is a Workhorse in your wardrobe0:35I love this one by ever Eve look at all0:37the little great details on the sleeve0:40in the back I'll show you it's a little0:42cropped in the back fits great then0:45let's talk about this pant this is also0:47by ever e this is the Ellie trouser I0:50love this trouser because it is so easy0:52to wear it comes in small medium large0:54extra large it has this great little0:57banded waistband here it is so easy to1:00wear you look like you have this great1:02like pazo dress pant on but it fits like1:05pajamas it's a dream now I will tell you1:07for size I am typically a large in1:09everything I'm in a medium so this1:11really runs a little bit big so I would1:12encourage you to size a full size down1:15but I love this because you can wear it1:16for an event you can put it with a1:18blazer with any work outfit that you1:20have any day of the week but I also love1:22that look right now where you kind of1:24put on your New Balance sneaker with a1:25trouser and a sweatshirt and your1:26baseball cap it's so versatile I think1:29you'll love it great little trouser by1:31everie and then for a fun little event1:33top you've got this great little Top by1:35Sanctuary it is sleeveless she's1:37gorgeous has little buttons in the back1:40great little funnel neck to it beautiful1:42champagne color super easy to wear so it1:45just gives you that kind of dial it up a1:47number and then back to these Dolce Vita1:49shoes how cute is this if you're going1:51to do a little event of course you do1:53open toe in the winter why not they're1:55so fun and gorgeous platform so they're1:57super comfortable and then a little1:58Prime Cut clutch clut nice little clutch2:01to pop the outfit and then basic2:03accessories so this is a combination of2:05some Jenny bird Bal and then this is a2:07little evereve Trio of some cubic2:10bracelets really fun part Pop of Sparkle2:13and then of course my favorite little2:14goriana hoop which I think is great for2:17going out okay perfect perfect wear to2:20work outfit any work function but then2:23pieces that you're going to love and2:24wear multiple ways thanks so much I'll2:26see you soon have fun at your2:28party2:31

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