Crew Trend Picks (Charla & Ash)

Quick Hits: Crew Trend Picks (Charla & Ash)

Does the perfect beachy pant exist? Charla's pretty sure. And when it comes to woven accessories, Ash is all over it. Prepare to click on these picks!
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0:03it's Ash and Charlotte okay we are0:05behind the scenes of our ever summer0:08photo shoot and we're talking all things0:10summer Trends so tell us what you're0:11wearing what trend you're excited about0:13okay I'm most excited about the beach0:15pant Trend yeah that's what I'm wearing0:16right now this little pair that I have0:18on is by Splendid one of my favorite0:20things about it is the little tie at the0:22bottom you can dress it up dress it down0:24I threw mine on with some little cork0:26sandals from shoes and a little0:27sleeveless sweater from every how about0:29you adorable okay I'm really excited0:31about what's new in accessories and it's0:33this whole woven Trend so anything from0:35your handbags this one's from fairity so0:37cute wedding showers all the things but0:40we have so many great Footwear options0:42this pair by doce vaa it's like a little0:44macro woven slide so easy just kind of0:47makes you feel a little bit more0:48elevated than that easy slip-on slide0:50your head all Su along and show off your0:51cute painted toes yes right that does a0:53body good okay thanks

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