Best-Selling Dresses to Buy Now

Best-Selling Dresses to Buy Now

Dreaming of spring? Heidi is LIVE with our best-selling dresses and jumpsuits to grab now—before they sell out!
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Reverie Dress
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Show Transcript
00:00 [Music] 00:07 hey gang 00:08 can you see this halo that's happening 00:12 around my head i have been monkeying 00:14 with the lighting in here for literally 00:16 15 minutes and we're just gonna go with 00:18 it because i've decided 00:20 that my face is really the only part 00:22 that's kind of funky with the lighting 00:23 and everything else you can see 00:25 so we're just gonna embrace this like 00:27 sunshiny day that we haven't had here 00:29 and i don't know how long 00:31 and we're going to talk about the 00:33 clothes and i'm just going to have this 00:35 very airbrush situation i don't 00:37 i don't know what to do this is when 00:40 being at home is a challenge 00:42 but we're going to roll with it like we 00:44 always 00:45 do so such a great topic today 00:49 we are gonna talk all things dresses and 00:53 jumpsuits oh yeah baby you know what 00:56 that means i mean it is the season 00:58 of change we are ready to get 01:01 our legs exposed maybe a little bit 01:05 we're ready to put on these one-piece 01:06 situations that are not jammies 01:09 and we are ready to take on the world 01:10 now truth be told 01:12 i am a jumpsuit dress 01:15 lover i love the one and done situation 01:18 i like not having to worry about putting 01:19 things together i like not having to 01:21 tuck things in 01:22 i like it just easy peasy and that is 01:26 why i think dresses and jumpsuits 01:28 are absolutely without a doubt the 01:30 staple of so many of our wardrobes comes 01:33 spring 01:33 and summer so i thought i'd start off 01:36 with one of our favorite trends 01:38 for this spring season and that is the 01:41 utility jumpsuit so what i'm wearing 01:43 right now this is the level 99 jumpsuit 01:46 it is and i'm gonna come up close so you 01:47 guys can see oh there's my face 01:50 um you guys can see it is a really dark 01:52 camo which is so fun 01:54 and then the lining in this sleeve is 01:56 this great blue 01:58 chambray which i think is so pretty and 02:01 kind of unexpected we've been talking 02:03 about how 02:03 sometimes when you roll the sleeve the 02:05 underside isn't so cute 02:06 this is so cute it is a full length 02:10 sleeve 02:10 i did that easy easy roll we're gonna do 02:13 a little tutorial one more time 02:15 so roll all the way up have it hit right 02:18 at your elbow 02:19 and then one more roll so it is 02:22 literally hitting 02:23 right kind of at that bend now you can 02:26 do it a little bit down here i 02:28 personally find that when i 02:30 roll it and it hits me more kind of like 02:33 mid forearm it just unrolls on me and it 02:35 drives me bonkers so 02:36 i found for me i like that kind of elbow 02:38 roll plus it gives me a little bit more 02:40 freedom in my arms now 02:42 this guy fabulous it's that stretch 02:44 linen fabrication that you have come to 02:46 know 02:47 and love from level 99 in bottoms and 02:50 now we just put into a whole jumpsuit 02:52 so snap front little tie waist 02:56 note i did not tie it in a full bow i 02:59 just did this little half bow 03:01 i think it just makes it a little less 03:03 sweet which i love 03:04 it has a built-in cuff which is so great 03:06 and guys it's so crazy stretchy and of 03:09 course 03:10 pockets clean back side but here's a 03:13 little trade secret and one of the 03:15 reasons i think this jumpsuit fits 03:16 so beautifully is this elastic in the 03:21 back it gives you 03:22 shape at your waist and that is a tough 03:25 thing i think to find in a good jumpsuit 03:28 we've got a bunch 03:30 that i'm going to show you later that 03:31 have that kind of defined waist 03:33 and it is a saver when it comes to 03:37 really giving you 03:38 shape in these jumpsuits otherwise you 03:40 look like kind of a big rectangular 03:41 block there was a question is a heavier 03:43 world working summer no guys it's so 03:45 lightweight that's one of the reasons i 03:48 absolutely love it it's that stretch 03:49 linen fabrication 03:51 so really really yummy easy to move you 03:53 absolutely could wear this in the summer 03:54 now i paired it 03:56 kind of sporty fun with just a little 03:57 pair of my platform p448 sneaks 04:00 it would be fabulous with a little 04:03 sandal or even a wedge if you need to 04:06 dress it up a little bit 04:07 so easy so versatile to wear i also love 04:11 that this jumpsuit feels grown up 04:13 like i feel cool in it i feel put 04:15 together 04:16 and it doesn't feel too young now great 04:19 little collar i did a little pop and 04:21 then i have to give a fun 04:22 shout out to a couple of pieces of 04:24 jewelry that i'm wearing i grabbed them 04:25 because intentionally 04:26 i think they're so great with all the 04:28 things that i pulled so 04:30 first and foremost is this great little 04:32 chain necklace now we've been talking 04:34 about 04:34 layering necklaces if you haven't caught 04:36 ashley's reel 04:38 on our instagram feed she shows you kind 04:40 of step by step how to lay your 04:42 necklaces up now 04:43 you know i've told you i wear this 04:46 beautiful necklace that i got from my 04:48 sister-in-law and brother for my 04:49 birthday i have not taken it off 04:52 in six years i'm seeing oh back okay so 04:56 kind of tricky so i keep this guy on and 04:59 then i added 05:00 this fun little chain necklace on now 05:02 here's the great thing about this 05:03 necklace 05:04 it has a clasp with a charm so 05:08 you can wear it this way easy peasy or 05:12 turn it around if you don't want that 05:14 charm 05:15 down right so fun and now here 05:18 love this this is a new jewelry line for 05:20 every 05:21 i have a great pendant that i am wearing 05:23 in stories this weekend make sure you 05:25 check it out but this is the chain 05:27 bracelet that i 05:28 am i'm gonna say it i'm gonna go for it 05:30 i'm obsessed with i love the color 05:33 it's a really rich gold it is not heavy 05:36 and it is not huge love that both 05:40 in width as well as in size so if you 05:43 have a smaller more petite wrist and you 05:45 always have that issue where it's just 05:47 sliding right off your wrist this is a 05:49 really easy one to wear 05:51 absolutely love it and it feels really 05:53 good just great 05:54 great quality what size am i wearing in 05:56 this jumpsuit gang i am wearing a small 05:58 i know this puppy is going to stretch a 06:00 little bit but not so so much so i went 06:03 more true to sizing this i wanted room 06:05 kind of in the shoulders and in the 06:07 waist to wear it so easy right 06:09 okay so got our fun little gold chain 06:12 moments happening i've got on my level 06:14 99 06:15 so let's talk about this utility 06:16 jumpsuit trend and now ever 06:18 you can see when i step back my face 06:19 starts to disappear it's just 06:22 this is we're going with it right okay 06:24 so a couple others that i wanted to give 06:26 a shout out for that 06:28 i'm loving loving loving loving the 06:30 first 06:31 is good american now 06:34 we know good american for their denim 06:36 right we know that it 06:37 stretches and curves and really meets 06:40 your body 06:41 exactly where you need it to i saw this 06:45 jumpsuit and i was a little afraid it 06:46 was going to feel stiff right like 06:48 is it going to be too tight on me is it 06:50 going to feel too form-fitting am i not 06:52 going to move in it 06:53 guys it is so fabulous because there's 06:55 so much 06:56 stretch in this and i cannot tell you 06:58 enough the power 07:00 of these jumpsuits to just make you feel 07:03 like you can take on 07:04 the world they are game changers i am 07:07 telling you i haven't put on a 07:08 like piece of clothing that has made me 07:10 feel this good 07:12 in so long i just can't say enough good 07:15 things about it so why do we love this 07:16 good american jumpsuit okay couple 07:17 things 07:18 this snaps this guy more of a zipper 07:21 it's a stretch 07:22 denim in black and it's a pretty dark 07:25 black so not too washed down so it 07:27 really looks 07:28 a little bit more elevated shorter 07:30 sleeve but not short sleeve so it's more 07:32 of a 07:33 cap guys so it is going to cover up that 07:35 like thicker part 07:36 of your arm which i back okay 07:39 reconnecting 07:40 i'm back okay so this guy also 07:43 has a more structured waistband so it's 07:46 going to nip you in at the waist 07:48 and then a straight leg and patch 07:49 pockets i think it is a really clean 07:51 version 07:52 of this utility jumpsuit i love the 07:55 weight 07:56 of that stretch denim it really holds 07:58 its shape and that zipper is 08:00 really nice especially if you are 08:02 curvier on 08:03 top now how does this guy fit 08:06 i find in this one size up a size i do 08:09 think it runs a little bit more snug 08:12 and maybe you want that kind of vavavoom 08:14 fit and if you do 08:16 or your normal size but i found i was 08:17 much more comfortable going up a size in 08:19 this guy 08:21 okay another jumpsuit that is very 08:24 similar 08:26 to the good american but just i would 08:27 say a little bit more of a 08:29 feminine twist to it is 08:33 this page jumpsuit now i tried this on 08:36 for the first time yesterday 08:38 and i'm going to say the same thing i 08:39 said about all these utility jumpsuits 08:41 is they make you feel so dang 08:44 good now this is very similar to the 08:46 good american and that it's a really 08:47 nice 08:48 kind of stretch denim this one is a 08:50 button front much like this one is a 08:52 snap 08:53 not a zipper like the good american but 08:55 they're really dark buttons so really 08:57 clean 08:57 now more of a notch collar so meaning 08:59 it's a little bit more of an open 09:01 neckline 09:02 but if you want to pop that collar to 09:03 frame your face you can still do it now 09:05 here's where i think it gets a little 09:07 bit more feminine slight 09:10 really slight puff sleeve on this guy 09:13 not in a huge way but just enough that 09:15 you get a little bit of shape 09:16 and this sleeve is longer than the good 09:18 american it is actually 09:19 going to hit you right kind of above 09:22 your elbow so if you're looking for a 09:23 little bit more arm coverage this is a 09:25 beautiful option 09:27 tie waistband and then this guy actually 09:29 has a jogger bottom which is really fun 09:32 and a zipper now equal amounts of 09:35 stretch 09:36 this guy more of an investment than the 09:38 good american 09:39 but i think the fit is radically 09:43 different i also went up a size in this 09:45 one 09:46 but i felt like this one was just a 09:49 little bit more of a skim 09:50 where the good american feels like it 09:52 hugs you a little bit more 09:54 both amazing just kind of different 09:56 animals i think a little sporty good 09:58 american a little bit more feminine in 10:00 the page 10:01 and then your level 99 to me is like the 10:03 everybody 10:04 do it all utility jumpsuit out there a 10:07 must-have right 10:08 so so good i went level to nine this is 10:11 the page just showed you the good 10:12 american 10:13 so good and then last but not least now 10:16 ash has tried this utility jumpsuit on 10:19 and this guy is from citizens of 10:22 humanity now this 10:23 is a very different fit than our other 10:26 two 10:27 now you're still gonna get the waist 10:28 shaping on this one it comes in 10:30 three colors green a beautiful navy 10:34 which i'm 10:34 pretty partial to just drop the green 10:36 and then also 10:37 a black we're gonna pick up the green so 10:39 i can show you there it is 10:40 i'm back here's how this guy fits 10:44 different than our others okay number 10:45 one 10:46 long sleeve covered placket i would say 10:49 this one has stretch but the weight 10:51 of the twill is just a little heavier so 10:53 definitely heavier than the one i'm 10:55 wearing 10:55 and i'd say maybe equal to or a touch 10:58 heavier 10:59 than the page or the good american it 11:02 does have an elastic back and this is 11:04 something 11:05 you really getting look out for in these 11:08 utility jumpsuits and this is why i love 11:10 everyone that we've chosen to put in our 11:12 assortment because they give you 11:14 that shape i also love that this guy has 11:16 a back pocket so it gives you a kind of 11:18 a nice 11:18 tush lift when you have that clean back 11:21 it's a little bit trickier i like this 11:23 one it doesn't have it but it's a 11:24 dark camo so you kind of get that shape 11:27 so good 11:28 right you're afraid of a jumpsuit you 11:30 guys we gotta talk about it 11:31 i hear ya it is a dare right i mean i'm 11:35 standing here and i'm telling you to put 11:36 on a utility jumpsuit 11:38 does that feel like a deer kind of feels 11:40 like a dare right i get it you guys 11:42 i absolutely get it this is 11:46 kind of a i haven't tried it on yet 11:48 piece but here 11:49 is what i was so surprised about is 11:53 how good i felt in this you know what 11:56 you put on that perfect dress 11:57 just that easy dress that feels good on 12:00 it's versatile you know you can dress it 12:03 up you can dress it down 12:04 and you just have that yeah yeah i got 12:08 it under control today 12:09 this is exactly what all these utility 12:13 jumpsuits do i am so 12:16 excited about adding this to my wardo 12:18 but something i don't have for one which 12:20 feels like really fresh and fun 12:22 number two it's crazy comfortable we've 12:23 all been wearing jumpsuits kind of more 12:25 dressed up and knit for summer 12:27 so this is a little unexpected it kind 12:30 of feels like jammies 12:31 in that same way that sets have been 12:32 feeling so it's really really cozy 12:34 but it feels crazy put together 12:38 and i love that i can wear it with 12:40 sneakers or slides or a wedge and dress 12:42 it up so 12:43 so many options the citizens i'd say is 12:45 like your longer length if you're still 12:48 in 12:48 chillier weather you want to try 12:50 something that's going to get you 12:51 through these winter months 12:53 this is a really good one this is also 12:54 really cute with a little tank on 12:57 underneath i'm back there we go 12:58 really cute with a little tank 13:00 underneath or a t-shirt opened up and 13:01 you can wear a little necklace i love 13:02 that it's a really fun option too and 13:04 it's got just enough room i think in the 13:06 body to do that so 13:08 really fun one i don't know which one 13:09 you're gonna pick but i'm telling you 13:11 if you are gonna try something new this 13:14 season 13:15 the utility jumpsuit is the way to go i 13:17 mean it's so fun right you guys yes it's 13:18 so great that it's got some shape to it 13:21 that is what differentiates i think 13:24 all the jumpsuits that we have all these 13:26 utility jumpsuits that we have at every 13:27 versus some of the others that i've 13:29 tried on out there 13:30 i've tried them i rejected them i was 13:32 like not for me and then we brought in 13:33 all these great shapes and i was like 13:35 done sold i'm in okay so let's stay on 13:38 that jumpsuit train 13:40 so i know some of you are 13:43 you know you've got some stuff going on 13:45 like you've got some activities 13:48 things are opening up a little bit or 13:50 you're gathering in those small groups 13:52 or some special events 13:54 or you're looking at the summer and 13:56 you're thinking 13:57 i think that might happen like we 13:59 figured out a way to make it happen and 14:00 make it safe so 14:02 in the same kind of one and done moment 14:05 we have a couple of amazing jumpsuits 14:07 that i think 14:08 do all the things so we called the one 14:11 today in our email blast the chameleon 14:13 and we were talking about it and the 14:14 reason why it's just so darn easy to 14:16 wear you can dress it up or dress it 14:18 down 14:19 it's stretch it's knit it works on a lot 14:21 of different body types so 14:23 let's run through it i'm going to show 14:24 you the one that was in our email bus 14:25 today 14:26 first now this is peyton jensen 14:28 exclusive to every eve 14:30 why do we love this jumpsuit well number 14:32 one i think it's a really 14:33 modern twist on tie dye almost to me 14:37 looks a little bit like an animal print 14:40 but done in black and white it's almost 14:42 getting a little bit 14:43 creamy i'm like framing my face in them 14:46 here we are 14:47 so a little bit creamy it has a tie 14:50 waistband 14:51 and a natural waist here's what i love 14:53 about it 14:54 especially when you have a more dressed 14:56 up event 14:57 it's bra friendly you're not going to be 14:58 doing this all 15:00 the time worrying about whether or not 15:02 your strapless breast sliding down 15:04 you're not going to be constantly 15:05 checking the straps worried that like 15:06 your bra is hanging out 15:08 it's got a thicker strap a beautiful 15:10 square neckline which ps 15:12 is such a flattering neckline busty 15:15 more petite on top broad or 15:19 smaller it's a great grey neckline and 15:21 it's also in the back a little bit 15:23 higher back but not crazy high 15:24 so absolutely one of my favorites also a 15:27 little bit of a wider leg 15:29 lots of flow and again it's a knit right 15:32 so so good okay so in that kind of same 15:35 vein thinking of like that bra 15:37 friendly easy knit dress it up is 15:40 this guy also from peyton jensen it's 15:42 exclusive every week now here's all the 15:44 things that we've thought about in this 15:45 jumpsuit 15:46 number one sir please front now guys 15:49 remember this we talked about this all 15:51 last summer how much we love that sir 15:52 please cut 15:54 so flattering nice v-neckline and then 15:57 check it out 15:58 oh yeah we put a snap in it so i mean is 16:01 there anything that drives you more nuts 16:02 than that sir police neckline which is 16:03 so flattering but only flattering if you 16:05 stand still like this and you never move 16:06 and then you lean over and like 16:08 you're showing the whole world what's 16:09 going on you're at the buffet you want 16:11 to get a snack 16:12 what are you gonna do so that's why i 16:14 love this guy 16:16 great little snap elastic waistband so 16:18 really easy to adjust 16:21 more of it's because it's kind of like a 16:24 straight jogger bottom and what here's 16:26 what i mean there's no cuff on it but it 16:28 does have 16:29 a tiny bit of ruching on the leg and why 16:32 i love that for me when i tried this on 16:34 as a petite i was able to kind of scooch 16:37 it up a little bit get it above my ankle 16:39 bone 16:39 super flattering if i was blessed with 16:42 taller legs like 16:43 many of you are it's going to hit you 16:45 right at that ankle or a little bit 16:46 above and it's going to kind of hold 16:48 its place so pretty so flattering also 16:51 bra friendly 16:52 this one is a fabulous one actually to 16:55 wear 16:56 there we go i would grab this bb dakota 16:59 jacket 16:59 in this great vegan silhouette pop it on 17:03 over power woman like nailed it 17:06 done so easy and then just a little pump 17:09 or a wedge again or keep it sporty with 17:11 a little sneaker 17:12 like i think this little dolce vita 17:16 would be absolutely adorable 17:18 with this if you can get away with 17:19 wearing sneakers or if you're still 17:20 doing waste up moments 17:22 this is an easy one to wear so one of my 17:24 faves there 17:26 or of course you can go cash and just 17:28 throw a denim jacket on over it which 17:29 would be so easy 17:30 and then last but not least i had to 17:33 grab this guy now 17:34 spaghetti straps right easy to wear i 17:38 like this guy because it has adjustable 17:40 straps 17:41 also a knit also has a gathered 17:44 waistband 17:45 jogger bottom on this one so i'd say of 17:47 the three 17:49 this one i'd say maybe privately is the 17:51 most casual but 17:52 all three are easy to dress up and they 17:55 each kind of have their own 17:56 fun feature square neckline 17:59 surplus neckline spaghetti strap 18:02 neckline 18:03 hits where your bra hits adjustable cami 18:05 straps 18:06 drawstring waistband and a jogger bottom 18:10 all neutral easy any one of these you 18:14 could wear back to that vegan jacket or 18:16 a denim jacket 18:17 super packable of course because they're 18:19 knit good to go right these 18:21 i mean aren't these just so fun okay 18:24 they're so easy and 18:25 they're all designed by our team 18:27 in-house so you know they're gonna fit 18:29 like a million bucks because they're 18:30 thinking about 18:30 all of us and how we live our lives and 18:33 how things work for us and what doesn't 18:34 work for us and they 18:36 incorporate it into a little jumpsuit 18:38 okay 18:39 now on the more casual side of things 18:43 had to pull out some of our best-selling 18:45 silhouettes because they just came back 18:47 in and they're so 18:48 darn fun okay so two that i wanted to 18:51 talk about 18:54 first one you know this jumpsuit 18:57 you love this jumpsuit oh yeah it's back 19:01 zee sa play wide 19:04 leg jumpsuit this was my uniform 19:08 all last summer it is 19:12 amazing now i think couple things i 19:14 think it runs a little bit generous 19:16 okay for starters so i went down a size 19:19 in the sky just because it is so roomy 19:22 and easy 19:23 now i have seen a size two in this 19:26 i have seen a size 14 in this i have 19:28 seen someone pregnant in this 19:30 i have seen someone postpartum i have 19:32 seen people wear a denim jacket over it 19:34 it looks good on 19:36 everyone it is easy to slip on over a 19:38 swimsuit 19:39 i threw it on with a little wedge of 19:41 summer to dress it up and like a fun 19:43 little necklace 19:44 it's just the do all be all can't beat 19:47 it 19:47 hot as hades easy 19:51 easy jumpsuit absolutely one of my faves 19:54 guys 19:54 so great and i love this little animal 19:56 pretty thing it's so darling 19:58 if you need a little starter the black 20:00 is perfect it's more of a cropped length 20:02 which is really fun 20:04 and it's just it's one of those pieces 20:06 i'm going to tell you i wore it 20:07 in like a little backyard socially 20:10 distant 20:11 patio cocktails last summer on a super 20:13 crazy hot day 20:14 and i think i sold it to every single 20:16 one of my girlfriends that was there 20:17 because it was just it's one of those 20:18 pieces you put on it doesn't feel like 20:19 you're wearing clothes 20:21 so good such a fun one now 20:25 you and i both know that there is so 20:28 much 20:29 fun stuff happening with tie dye and 20:32 i'm liking like the new iterations of 20:34 tie-dye that are happening 20:36 this spring and summer so i grabbed two 20:38 of my favorites one from michael stars 20:40 one from peyton jensen so the first 20:43 is michael stars it's this great little 20:45 tank silhouette 20:46 so again bra friendly which thank you 20:49 i'm just such a big proponent of that 20:52 elastic waistband 20:53 with a draw so really adjustable and i 20:55 like that this waistband is actually a 20:57 little bit thicker 20:58 now you guys can see if i had this on my 20:59 bed it would blouse a little bit which i 21:02 think is so 21:02 nice especially if you are like 21:06 have the luxury of getting somewhere 21:08 warm maybe you're taking a road trip 21:10 or you already are in warm weather how 21:12 lovely is that 21:13 such a fabulous one i think this runs 21:15 true to size 21:17 i love that the back and the front are 21:19 equal and this is also guys more of a 21:21 wide 21:22 leg silhouette so i guess 21:25 yeah i would say wide leg maybe a little 21:27 bit more of a straight leg but not 21:28 a jog or bottom it has just a little bit 21:30 of a cuff on it 21:32 so darn cute and then this guy from 21:34 payton jensen 21:36 yummy now this is in our february 21:38 catalog here's why i love this puppy 21:40 number one 21:41 this truly does feel like jammies number 21:43 two you can wear it on the shoulder 21:45 or lava boom slip it off the shoulder 21:49 elastic waistband jogger bottom this is 21:52 the closest thing you're gonna have to 21:54 wearing jammies and 21:55 in this darker grounded color super 21:58 flattering 21:59 to the figure one of my absolute 22:02 favorites right this is such a good one 22:04 i mean so darn cute love love love love 22:07 this guy 22:08 okay what if 22:11 you're ready to get into that kind of 22:14 one-piece dressing but you're 22:16 really craving a good dress 22:20 you just need that dress now let's talk 22:22 about that dress 22:23 the one you need the one that you're 22:25 going to go back to again and again 22:27 all spring and summer long because it 22:30 works for 22:31 literally everything it works for the 22:33 pool it works for target runs it works 22:35 for 22:36 patio dinners it works for 22:39 running errands with your kiddos it 22:41 works for camp pickup it works for work 22:43 if you just pop a little jacket on over 22:45 it 22:46 it just works now i call these guys like 22:49 the workhorse of your closet 22:51 and the dress that i think is the 22:53 absolute best 22:54 is the reverie from z supply now you 22:57 guys might remember this dress because 22:59 we had it last year 23:01 we brought it back and a bunch of 23:04 amazing colors 23:05 they're so great and you can kind of 23:07 pick which one is right for you 23:08 so i mean the starter pack right if 23:11 you're gonna go 23:12 and grab one it's the black dress 23:16 now i am a big believer you cannot have 23:18 too many black knit dresses in your 23:19 closet 23:20 my closet would be a testament of that 23:22 clearly because every time i get a new 23:23 dress i buy it in black first 23:25 and then maybe gray and that may be 23:26 green but such a good one now here is 23:29 why we love it 23:30 obviously it comes in black i want to 23:31 show you guys a color though just so i 23:32 can kind of show off the details all 23:34 right 23:35 couple things about it number one 23:36 v-neckline nice and open if you are 23:39 curvy 23:39 super flattering number two it has a 23:42 slight 23:43 slight racer back but not a dramatic one 23:46 so 23:47 normal bra friendly it has 23:50 more of a curved hem so it's going to 23:52 come up on the side 23:54 so for those of you who are long-legged 23:56 mamas so flattering for those of you who 23:59 are more petite it gives you a little 24:01 bit of height 24:02 number when i'm when i'm at three four i 24:05 don't even know i've lost count 24:07 so so flattering because it skims 24:10 doesn't hug the body guys so it's not 24:12 tight 24:13 but it's just enough that it skims over 24:15 your body so like i said it's just as 24:17 easy thrown over 24:18 a swimsuit as it is elevated a little 24:20 bit now we have so 24:21 many great options is it too long for 24:23 someone who's 5'4 24:25 no here's actually what i love about 24:27 this dress i look at 24:29 like our like one of the planners on our 24:32 merch team right 24:33 she is a tall drink of water i have seen 24:36 her in this dress she looks 24:38 amazing in it love it now you've got me 24:41 right who looks like a shrimp 24:43 next to her because frankly i am i 24:46 love this for me it just takes me more 24:49 like a true 24:50 midi so what's great about this i think 24:53 is that there 24:53 it's one of those dresses you can tell 24:54 there's just no rule about where it's 24:56 supposed to hit because it kind of works 24:57 for everyone's body type 24:59 i also like because it's got that more 25:01 open neckline if you are more of an 25:02 hourglass shape 25:03 or more of a pear shape and carry some 25:05 more of your weight in your back side or 25:06 in your hips 25:08 also really nice on you so here's kind 25:11 of one of the new iterations that i'm 25:12 digging 25:13 i love this little tie dye on the bottom 25:15 but your solid coral on top to me this 25:17 just screams 25:18 vacay stay k your solid black which 25:21 we've talked about 25:22 now this is the dress that was in our 25:25 february catalog this great 25:27 spiral tie-dye now i am not always a fan 25:30 of like a flat gray but i think this one 25:32 is so cool 25:33 because of the way the tie dyes hit in 25:35 this kind of 25:36 effect here also really like nipsy in at 25:39 the waist 25:40 and then last but not least can you ever 25:43 resist a black and white stripe now we 25:45 had a stripe 25:46 last summer and we literally had it for 25:48 like a hot second and it was 25:49 gone so if you are into this 25:53 dress in stripe i encourage you to snag 25:55 it while you can because i know this one 25:57 is going to sell fast 25:59 fast fast you guys can't you see it like 26:02 pina colada in hand 26:04 little straw hat your stack of magazines 26:07 next to you 26:08 feeling the sun let's just dream about 26:11 it for a minute we all dreamed about it 26:12 together right it's going to be so good 26:14 so 26:14 such a fun one the rubbery dress 26:16 absolutely one of my favorites in that 26:18 same 26:19 kind of knit dress vein there's a couple 26:21 other dresses i just wanted to shout out 26:24 because i think they're equally 26:25 flattering and fun so the first one 26:28 is this great little camo dress from 26:30 peyton jensen 26:31 i've talked about this guy before it is 26:33 lined on the inside it has a 26:35 great side slit i like this one because 26:39 it really does it hugs a little bit more 26:41 than the reverie 26:42 so i think it's an easy one to kind of 26:44 dress up or dress down 26:46 now this to me is like the 26:48 quintessential dress to just throw on 26:50 a little denim jacket over it now this 26:53 is the 26:54 julia from cut if you didn't catch my 26:57 denim jacket run down last week make 27:00 sure you see it because i walk through 27:02 kind of all the different cut styles 27:04 what makes them great what the 27:06 differences are between them the julia 27:08 is a little bit more aged and feel it 27:11 also doesn't have stretch but it's got 27:13 enough room that it really moves with 27:14 you compared to the amelia 27:16 which is a little bit cleaner at the 27:18 bottom but does have a crazy amount of 27:20 stretch so there's kind of your 27:21 differences there 27:23 love love love this jacket and an easy 27:26 one to pair back to this little camo 27:28 dress 27:29 really pretty really flattering and also 27:30 bra friendly 27:32 now the dress that does nothing i feel 27:35 like i should just hide it behind my 27:36 back the dress that does nothing on the 27:38 hanger 27:39 but does everything on the body 27:43 is this michael star's dress now stick 27:45 with me gang stick 27:46 with me it is modeled after 27:50 our michael stars boat neck tank 27:53 you know that tank we love that tank 27:55 right it is the duo bl tank the one we 27:57 put onto every jacket when we pair with 27:59 every skirt 28:00 the one that just becomes your staple 28:02 all season 28:04 long we took that body 28:07 and we made it into a dress and here is 28:09 why this dress 28:10 works so well for so many people two 28:13 reasons 28:14 number one the fabric it is an awesome 28:17 can you guys see that ribbed fabrication 28:20 so what does rib do it's just got 28:23 natural 28:24 stretch so it's gonna stretch this way 28:26 it's gonna stretch this way 28:27 it's built into the fabric to really 28:29 move with you 28:30 number two and not really second it's 28:33 like 28:34 equal to the ribbon all 28:37 this ruching so gang this 28:41 dress moves with your body you can 28:44 scrunch it up 28:45 you can scrunch it down you can help it 28:47 shape over your bum 28:48 you can help it shape over your legs now 28:50 here's my deal with this dress 28:53 i don't love fitted dresses because my 28:56 legs 28:56 bump out i have like it is my family 28:59 treat 29:00 i always tell my kids you are strong and 29:02 powerful 29:03 because you've got the legs from mama 29:06 and they 29:06 like my muscle just it does that right 29:09 and i don't have that straight up and 29:10 down leg 29:11 and so fitted dresses for me have always 29:13 been a little tricky i 29:14 love this dress because of the ruching 29:16 because it really shapes 29:18 over my leg and my backside it moves 29:21 with my tummy 29:22 so if i've been having a big guac and 29:24 chip stay it works for that too 29:26 such an amazing dress guys i'm telling 29:29 you we've had versions of this over the 29:31 years this is the 29:32 best one yet i'm talking about all those 29:35 black 29:35 dresses in my closet this one's going to 29:37 be added to the collection 29:39 it's lightweight enough that it's not 29:41 going to be hot 29:42 so even though it's got more shape to it 29:43 you're not going to sweat to death in it 29:45 it is an absolute must-have i've seen 29:47 people say that they like 29:48 ordered it bought it loved it right guys 29:51 i mean it is 29:52 so flattering and do you agree that this 29:54 is good 29:55 for so many body types now 29:59 i just i cannot say it enough true to 30:01 size it's a love it's an absolute love 30:04 it's so good you guys and again this is 30:06 one that is like your blank slate 30:09 throw it on with like your strapped 30:10 necklaces and a wedge you dress it up 30:12 throw it on with a sneaker here's your 30:15 little amelia jacket and your amelia 30:17 denim jacket 30:18 and you're good to go want to elevate it 30:20 even further maybe for work 30:22 throw it on with like a wedge and then a 30:24 marrakech 30:26 more of a utility jacket and you feel 30:28 elevated i mean it is such 30:29 a fabulous dress it's kind of like your 30:32 elevated version of the reverie so 30:34 that's maybe you're casual 30:36 and this is you're more dressed up and 30:37 you're good to go 30:39 okay last dress i just want to give a 30:41 shout out to because i find that i'm 30:43 always on a quest for a dress like this 30:45 every single year this t-shirt dress 30:47 from splendid 30:49 is such a fun find because it is just 30:53 easy like you know those sluggy days 30:55 when you just like nothing's working 30:57 you're not feeling good maybe you try on 30:59 a couple things and they end up on the 31:01 floor 31:02 this is going to be an easy one to reach 31:04 to because it kind of works for all the 31:06 things so 31:07 why do we love it number one straight 31:10 t-shirt shape this is just an 31:11 easy easy silhouette to wear now it is 31:14 more of 31:15 almost on me a maxi length on most 31:17 people i think it's going to be more of 31:18 a midi 31:19 but here's what i love it you think like 31:21 t-shirt dress is going to be straight up 31:22 and down it's not going to be flattering 31:24 um secret sauce right here the tie 31:27 so here's the deal with it tie it around 31:30 your waist 31:31 blouse it up a little bit give it 31:33 yourself a little bit more length 31:35 in the body this is a really super 31:38 subtle camera you guys you can barely 31:39 see it really washed down 31:41 easy easy one to wear on those days when 31:43 you don't feel like tying you just feel 31:45 like throwing it on this is a great one 31:46 with a little flat 31:48 sandal or even a sneaker and then again 31:52 how darn cute would this be with just 31:54 your little denim jacket on over 31:56 i mean can't go wrong this is from paige 31:58 a little bit longer i love the wash down 32:00 blue of this 32:01 so easy so to me this is your like 32:05 i'm feeling stuck today i don't know 32:06 what to wear kind of dress 32:08 this will just do all the things and 32:10 sometimes a little bit more arm coverage 32:11 is a 32:12 is a blessing i just i find that that is 32:14 something i'm 32:16 a big fan of so guys 32:20 i mean it's here right dress season 32:24 jumpsuit season is upon us even if the 32:26 weather is not cooperating we are in the 32:28 serious 32:29 polar vortex right now but i am 32:31 channeling my 32:33 warm weather vibes and hoping that i can 32:35 get these things on my body 32:36 but this one i'm not gonna wear this one 32:38 right now any of our utility jumpsuits 32:39 are 32:40 easy to wear now so here's the deal you 32:42 need a utility jumpsuit 32:43 because it's going to make you feel like 32:44 a million bucks trust me 32:46 this i promise you you need 32:50 an easy versatile knit 32:53 jumpsuit for all the things that you're 32:55 going to be doing 32:56 in what i'm going to call the roaring 32:58 2021 summer right 32:59 we're going to do some fun things we 33:01 need some fun clothes for it 33:02 you need an easy knit dress that you can 33:04 just throw on and go 33:06 maybe you're planning a road trip for 33:08 the summer maybe you are like upping 33:10 that pool pass whatever might be 33:12 so that's an easy one to throw on you 33:15 need 33:15 like a versatile kind of knit dress so 33:18 maybe something that can be dressed up a 33:19 little bit or dressed down but something 33:21 that really works and goes with you 33:23 of course you need your layer so you 33:25 need your denim jacket to pop on over 33:28 and there it is your whole jumpsuit 33:30 dress wardrobe 33:31 solved so many fun finds on every dot 33:34 com 33:35 we've got some fun things up our sleeve 33:36 this weekend so make sure you check it 33:38 out don't forget this level 99 guy it's 33:40 such an easy one to wear 33:42 literally right now if you have any 33:44 questions don't hesitate to reach out 33:47 stores are here to help always call 33:49 customer care we've got some great tips 33:50 for you 33:51 ask questions on here we answer every 33:53 question that comes in 33:54 here and on facebook if we can dm us 33:57 more ideas all the things we're just 33:59 excited for this new season and there's 34:01 so many fun things to be had so 34:03 thanks gang hope everyone has an amazing 34:06 amazing day 34:07 and make sure to check us out this 34:08 weekend we've got some fun things up 34:11 our sleeve see you soon take care 34:22 you

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