A Maycember To Remember

New Arrivals: A Maycember To Remember

It's full-calendar month! AKA Maycember, and Ash is on style duty. Got grad parties? Got you! Weddings? She'll help you wow 'em. End-of-school-year parties and sport banquets in between? (Of course.) Get ready to grab a closetful of looks to crush it all...and have a ball!
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0:00hey hey crew it's Ash everes director of0:03styling and okay we are basically0:06through the half mark of May and I don't0:10know about you my calendar is crazy full0:12and I've overcommitted and had to cancel0:14things because I missed dates up and0:15you're running from here and you're0:16running from there and then the0:18graduation cards keep coming in and do0:20you have all the things on your calendar0:21like I do okay cuz if you do today we're0:24going to talk about today's new arrivals0:26which are absolutely amazing but I think0:28the amazing things and I'm going to say0:29amazing 17 times um the great thing0:32about all this product is this product0:34is going to be set for all the things on0:36your calendar which we like to call0:38maycember yep the schedule is just as0:40full as your December calendar and0:42you're running to all the places so0:44let's start out with my look first0:45because this to me is giving me all the0:48graduation Vibes are you hosting are you0:51going I'm sure some of you are in the0:53thick of going to all of the graduation0:55parties here's an easy look for you to0:58wear okay this is the Savannah Camy from1:01ever I'm wearing a large crazy fun print1:05kind of does all the things easy1:07spaghetti straps so I am wearing a1:08strapless bra little smocking through1:10the top here which I think is great CU1:12I'm a little bit more broad so I love1:13that it gives me a little bit more give1:16I tucked this camon all the way crew1:18just to create some shape all the way1:21through the back topped it off with the1:22belt the mus have accessory of the1:25summer and then going into fall paired1:27it back to AC crew pistola this is the1:30Cassie crop I'm in a size 10 and then a1:32barely bare woven sandal just to keep1:35the eye up towards the top but if you1:37look at the shape of this if you are1:38like I do not tuck I don't want to tuck1:40in this Cami creates really nice shape1:43by just wearing it out not doing any1:45type of tucking and then pairing it back1:47to a more slim straight bottom um just1:50to create some really nice shape but how1:52beautiful are all the colors in here1:54this is from everie $58 such an easy1:58piece you could pair this back to black1:59d2:00little black shorts utility bottom have2:03it here with the acrw then you can do2:05black brown accessories you're totally2:07set to go so really great little2:08versatile Cami and for those of you who2:10love a little extra layer tossing this2:12under a denim jacket or a black blazer2:14you'd be totally set to go okay diving2:17in to more graduation top options that's2:21that just feels like the one I know that2:22you have all the things on your calendar2:24we have field day we have field trip2:26there's School tour day there's2:28graduation day there's 00 tournaments2:30coming up over the next 6 weeks there's2:34end of the school year parties all the2:37every type of graduation kindergarten to2:39high school to college so you know that2:41calendar is so full okay something a2:44little bit more for that night out Vibe2:46fun little ever you guys this is knit2:48smoking across the back anytime there're2:50smoking you know it's going to fit so2:52many body types love this little v-neck2:55that rushing so great because if you2:57don't love things skin tight or showing2:59all the things that rushing is going to3:00hide great little halter so it adds a3:02little bit of sexiness this is from ever3:05this is the Noah halter halter tank3:08again $58 pop this on with a white jean3:11now switch all of the accessories to a3:13black belt black sandal fun hoop earring3:16you're totally set to go um loving this3:19this is so cute and again knit so it's3:20going to be super lightweight and Breezy3:23okay other lightweight Breezy items that3:25goto dress is going to be for sure3:28should be on your shopping list loving3:30this one from pistola this one's a3:31little bit more casual so if you're3:33bopping around from graduation to3:34graduation I'm also thinking that great3:36little like Elementary sixth grade feels3:39like every class now you graduate from3:41this just feels like that easy3:42no-brainer pop this little pistola dress3:44on that woven sandal and you're totally3:47set to go again smocking through here so3:49fits so many body types um adjustable3:52straps which I love just to fit so many3:55different chest types again denim jacket3:57over the top or linen jacket over the3:59top and you're set to go also this has4:01pockets so fun fun fun fun I love a good4:03pocket all right need something a little4:05bit more elevated how beautiful is this4:07dress from ever this is the Rowan dress4:11108 smocking through the waistband so4:13you can kind of adjust depending on your4:14torso length if you want a little bit4:16more blouse and need a little bit more4:17lower I think our design team here does4:19an incredible job on how long the skirt4:23should be and I'm loving it in this more4:24elevated fabric so if you're thinking4:26about if you're hosting that graduation4:29or going or or you have a wedding or a4:31shower this dress is such an easy piece4:33to toss on bra strap friendly such a4:36beautiful color little Keyhole back4:38there throw on a little woven shoe4:41little woven bag and you're totally set4:42to go but this is the r from everie so4:45so good Ash does that Camy run true to4:47size um the evereve one are we asking or4:51the Noah let's talk about both how do4:52the cammies run okay so I'm wearing a4:55large if we talk about um the savan here4:57I'm wearing a large and I actually feel4:58like I wanted to try on a medium um just5:01because it maybe would have eliminated a5:03little bit of the poof but I do think5:05this fits really nicely underneath the5:06armpit so I might go I would say true to5:08size which a large for me in tops is5:10true to size I think with this one5:12that's a little bit more rouching I will5:13go true to size here just because you5:15have all the smocking in the back that5:17in this knit it's going to stretch and5:19give with you so long answer is yes but5:24your side sorry about that had to think5:26through all the thoughts here on a5:27Monday morning okay another great knit5:31option this is from Z Supply crew um5:34this is the Melbourne dress $79 it feels5:37incredible and definitely has that great5:39shape through here rushing so if you5:41don't love anything tight on your tummy5:43that's going to create a beautiful shape5:44throughout the waist love that it's bra5:46Str friendly a really beautiful neckline5:48you guys this fabric feels absolutely5:51incredible easy little slit to show some5:53skin so even if you're more in the5:55petite side this would be a really great5:57option for you again you could go really5:59casual with a flat sandal you could6:00dress it up with a heel or a wedge some6:02fun pop accessories but this just feels6:04like a no-brainer dress especially I'm6:06thinking about all those parents who6:08have every Awards night Sports night6:12graduation ceremonies and you want a6:13piece that's going to work really hard6:14for you that like go to a little black6:16dress this would be an option that you6:18need with that pink dress the every6:20floral dress um they're wondering if6:23it's um true to size yes I um the6:27question is is this every dress true to6:29size this is the Rowan dress 100% this6:31is true to size so I typically wear a6:33large I would buy a large in this dress6:35our design team does an incredible job6:37on the fit and I think they make all the6:39adjustments throughout the skirt the top6:41you'll totally be set to go and is it a6:43drop waist it is not a drop waist it6:45could be if you toast torso ran a little6:47bit longer but with that smocking I6:49think what's really great is it allows6:50you to adjust based on where your6:52natural waist hit so if you have a6:54little bit more of a shorter waist you6:56can um drape it up here so you get a6:57little bit more blue santu at the top6:59but if you want to sit a bit lower it7:01could sit a little bit lower there too7:02so super smart design to this dress and7:04with the black ever dress they want to7:06know about the slit a slit yes so this7:09is from Z Supply crew this is the7:11Melbourne dress so this slit actually is7:15just for the front just to um create an7:18illusion throughout the eye and then7:19there's a slit underneath that kind of7:22shows so I know this looks like it's7:25going to be super sexy on the body but I7:27think the we the drape hits you're7:28probably going to get get it right above7:30the knee so super smart Z Supply does a7:32good job with their design as well so7:34this slit looks extreme on the hanger7:36but you're just going to get that little7:37peekaboo above the ankle based off the7:39way this is sewn together so not too7:41sexy appropriate for family events a lot7:44of love for your hair oh thank you I I7:47washed my hair today that makes um makes7:50me feel really good I feel like I should7:51wash my hair more because I get7:52compliments when I do that so if you7:55know Mom life washing your hair can feel7:56like a novelty um okay fun easy peasy8:00dress this one is always in our8:02collections great little print here8:04again brown black khaki this beautiful8:06little purple easy for going into summer8:10just throw it on again crew smocking8:12here again that easy no fuss fit8:17happening you could throw a jacket over8:18the top of this I think you could8:19elevate it more with a little black8:20blazer white denim just easy breezy and8:24I just feel like for all the things you8:26have on your calendar you slip this on8:28sandal jacket you're totally set to go8:31graduations recital and even this summer8:34when you had some on vacation this is8:35going to be a no-brainer dress and I8:36should tell you what what it's even8:38called so you can find it all right this8:39is called the Lara strapless dress so8:43good 108 just a great little color8:45palette any accessory brown black cream8:48woven this will totally do with it okay8:52now for those of you who have all those8:54casual events coming up I'm talking8:56Field Days tournaments8:59my girlfriend is on a field trip she9:01said every day for like the next eight9:03days what are you wearing to it okay we9:06have the most9:07amazing not so basic basic tinks from9:12everie the fits incredible toss on with9:15your favorite C off short or any short9:17that you have that you feel great in9:19you're going to be set to go okay this9:20one from ever this is the re dip die9:22tank again bra friendly I think they do9:25an incredible job with their fit of not9:26feeling too tight but not being too wide9:29just a fun little pop of color this goes9:31from light gray into a dark9:33gray then this fun little neon hit this9:36is the sage tank and you guys I think9:38all of these $58 so such a great price9:41point little neon hit here loving the9:43stripe down the middle just upgrade that9:44little gray tank again cut off shorts9:47you don't need to worry about half9:48tucking these you can just let them out9:49wor a pair of short you can even do this9:51with your leggings joggers so fun and9:54then loving these little um hits on the9:56neon Stripes so fun what a bold10:00pink and then that easy breezy white10:02just an easy upgrade these would be so10:04cute back to utility short or utility10:06pants throw a little jacket over the top10:08of it and you're totally set to go but I10:10was found myself this last weekend of10:12like I don't just have like an easy10:14runaround tank where it doesn't look so10:16grubby and like maybe I painted my10:18bedroom in that tea I need something10:20where I look more pulled together this10:23is what I was looking for this is what10:24I'm talking about that one that you just10:26pair back to your cut offs that doesn't10:27look super old and you look a little bit10:29bit more elevated when you see the10:30neighbors it makes you look like you10:31like got it all pulled together these10:33are the tanks I'm talking about don't10:35sleep on these they're just fun easy10:37upgrades that you don't even realize you10:38need until you hop into that next season10:41okay this guy is such a fun little10:44surprise so this is a new sweatshirt10:46from fairity lightweight in this really10:48beautiful Navy little pretty I almost10:50want to call this peachy but it's more10:51cream just a lightweight sweater so as10:53the temps start heating up all around10:55the country I know some of you are in10:57that crazy high heat what's that light10:59weight layer especially for the morning11:01or on those weekends this little fairy11:03hoodie so so good this would be amazing11:05for travel as well um put on the flight11:08jacket over the top of it but what how11:10cute is the back of that that little sun11:12I don't know this makes me so happy so11:15cute just scream summer that easy11:17lightweight sweatshirt for those cool11:19mornings fairity you're going to want to11:20buy tra size just a really easy look and11:24then how cute is that just even back to11:25like a little AC crew denim easy layer11:28CU thr over your shoulder I was like oh11:30would this be I don't know you can even11:32do that as a layer with a little pop11:33stripe that'd be kind of fun11:36okay now switching back gears to that11:40more elevated all the events on your11:43maycember how about you just take your11:45great little elevated11:46basic classic black tank or more11:49elevated black tank and you pair it back11:52to an awesome little bottom so we have11:54our great little beach pant here elastic11:57waist which fits so many different body11:58types this is from from11:59everie this is the AA WID leg pant this12:02is under 100 crew loving it in black12:05brown because then your accessories what12:06footw you're pairing back to doesn't12:08really matter wide leg that's what I12:10think hits so many great body types and12:12I know petites this can seem really12:14overwhelming but when it's in this more12:16lightweight fabrication I don't think it12:18feels so overwhelming on you as you toss12:20on a wedge little strappy heel you're12:22totally set to go definitely could read12:24just a little bit sexier how fun is this12:26for like an anniversary night but if you12:28want something even more polished how12:31fun is this little cargo pant from12:32pistol in this pinstripe solid black12:35tank again little sexier option here12:38with this every tank you could do a12:39little black T-shirt this could be also12:41a really great work pant the weight on12:43this feels awesome so you're getting12:44this great quality um of a bottom with12:49not a crazy price point which I just12:50realize the price isn't on here I wore12:53this I think for a social head shot I'm12:555'8 and I felt I wore this with a flat12:57shoe and I did not feel too crazy long13:00even though as I hold these up to me it13:01looks like they're made only for tall13:03people not even true but really fun13:05elevated option from pistola and I'm13:07just thinking this could be a really13:08great item for all the things on your13:10member calendar when you have a more13:12elevated um event to go to can you talk13:15about the jeans you're wearing yes so I13:17am wearing the Cassie crop I think13:19that's a Cassie crop from pistola I'm13:21wearing a 30 in these you guys they feel13:23awesome because they're a little bit13:24more of a higher rise it's a buttonfly13:27they have some stretch to it I feel13:29withheld in what I also love is that the13:32Fabric's a little bit more of a creamier13:34AC crew cover color instead of that13:36bright white so I just feel like it13:37looks a little bit more warmer and13:38you're not going to see my underwear13:40through them if you all know what I mean13:41when you put on a pair of white bottoms13:42you're like hey can you see through all13:44the things um but they feel awesome and13:47again I'm 5'8 and so they're just13:49hitting me a little bit above the ankle13:52but like crew that stretch just feels13:54awesome and I have Littles so it super13:56important to me to have a higher rise13:59bottom cuz then when I'm picking up all14:00the things picking up kids who are14:02screaming on the ground my life isn't14:05hanging off but crew any other questions14:08coming up here 16 those pants oh got it14:11question was how much are these bottoms14:13these pistola bottoms are 168 just so14:15you guys know so really great price14:16point for the quality of what these um14:19utility btom are and will you go over14:21your shoes one tomorrow yes okay so my14:23shoes I am wearing this easy little um14:26woven Sandal from Dolce VA really great14:28price point I want to say $50 but it's14:31that barely their woven material woven14:34is one of the hottest accessories14:36materials happening for May um just an14:39easy way to elevate make it look more a14:42little all your looks feel a little bit14:43more pulled together um within an14:45accessory and I love that it's um can14:48you dress it up or wear it more casually14:50so woven14:51accessories easy thing to integrate into14:54your wardrobe this summer and then will14:55you show that hoodie once more oh yes in14:57the brand of it hoodie once more okay14:59this is fairity crew this is the Sunray15:02wash SL tea super cute classic preppy15:05and then a pop of fun in the back like15:07what it just don't you just want to like15:08stand with your s like oh hi nice to see15:10you like look at my really cute fun15:12hoodie um this is fair but really really15:14really lightweight knit crew so I'm just15:15thinking that summer travel this is15:18going to be such an fun piece to be15:20packing and wearing go back to a little15:22white denim great with a cut off but15:24just feels like an easy piece in your15:26wardrobe what say what size would you15:28recommend buying true to size for so INF15:30fairity I would buy true to size so I15:32typically wear a large INF ferity and15:33that's what I would buy in this hoodie15:34and I also like my sweats a little bit15:36more oversiz just so feels really15:38relaxed um so I would do TR to size and15:41for me that would be a large okay you15:44guys this was so fun happy Monday I hope15:46you're off to a really great week good15:48luck this month I know your calendars15:50are full um and guess what we can help15:52you guys get dressed for all the things15:54in your calendar so happy maycember15:56[Music]15:59now16:00

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