Work Looks (That Work for You!)

Work Looks (That Work for You!)

Our favorite mother-daughter duo is back with the work looks you need—and how to tailor them to your style vibe.
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00:00 [Music] 00:06 [Applause] 00:12 hey everyone good to see you again 00:14 sharla market visual manager here in 00:16 minneapolis as well as stores in 00:17 colorado 00:18 with my daughter hi i'm dylan i'm a 00:20 store manager here in the twin cities 00:22 and tonight we are at my store in maple 00:24 grove 00:24 and we're back to talk about fashion 00:27 talk about trends 00:28 about styling at any age styling at any 00:31 age 00:32 are you ready yeah let's do it okay look 00:35 number one 00:35 should we start with mine yeah let's do 00:37 it okay i'm wearing the level 99 00:39 flight suit i bought this last week 00:42 i've already worn it three times not at 00:44 all an exaggeration my new favorite 00:46 outfit for work 00:47 uh working in visual i am up on ladders 00:50 i 00:50 am moving mannequins i am hoisting 00:52 tables all kinds of things and 00:54 as i move this thing moves right along 00:57 with me and i love it there's nothing 00:58 pulling tucking stretching 01:00 it is it's got it's got a little bit of 01:02 a linen fabrication to it 01:04 so it does give a little um warms up to 01:06 your body 01:07 um which is just what i need for work 01:09 yeah and let's talk about this print 01:10 oh yes functional but it's also darwin 01:12 it's also darling um so and it's a snap 01:14 front and it's got a little bit of like 01:16 a camo 01:16 print to it which i love um teach me 01:19 this cuff 01:20 okay here's the here's the cuff 01:22 situation 01:23 um so tall girl five nine she's five 01:26 eleven all right 01:28 we always kind of are like where where 01:30 are things landing 01:31 our other cuffs on the bottom if i am 01:33 showing an ankle 01:34 which i am in this jumpsuit i'm gonna 01:37 show a wrist 01:37 so balance that out because if this 01:40 ended at my ankle 01:41 and my sleeve went all the way down then 01:44 my pants would look short 01:45 so if we leave a little bit of space for 01:47 the ankle we got to show the wrist so to 01:49 cuff 01:49 what dylan was mentioning is i'm going 01:50 to show you how to roll that cup so 01:52 instead of just doing the typical roll 01:54 we're going to pull it up a little bit 01:55 so you've got a little bit of space here 01:57 then take this bottom 01:58 and roll it up just a little bit it's 02:00 going to create a little bit of width at 02:02 your 02:02 elbow and because of that it's going to 02:04 make the top of your arm look 02:05 thinner you're a genius you should 02:09 mother knows best right so i don't know 02:12 about that 02:12 um anyway so um i paired mine tonight 02:15 with a little alley sneaker by new 02:16 balance 02:17 which i love i can walk for 02:20 miles in these these are super 02:21 comfortable um 02:23 when you find them in the store when you 02:25 come shop with us they're going to come 02:26 with a white lace and then tucked inside 02:28 attach is going to be black laces which 02:30 is what i put in mine 02:31 tonight which is so fun you can easily 02:33 throw a little um denim jacket over top 02:35 of this 02:36 if the one piece is a little too much 02:38 for you and you'd want to break it up 02:39 you can add a little denim jacket and 02:41 you're ready to go but 02:42 this is my look for work what's your 02:43 look for work so my look for work is my 02:46 michael stars jumpsuit 02:47 um this is not a jumpsuit it is a sweat 02:50 set 02:52 you like it 02:56 i'll load it to you okay so this is like 02:58 pretend you're sweating 03:00 um it's a sweat set um which is super 03:02 awesome it comes in this tarot color too 03:05 i went for the oxide um i love this at 03:09 work because 03:10 i am moving and grooving um i 03:13 sometimes on the ladder too yeah right 03:15 now i also i'm on zoom calls a lot so 03:18 i love this because no one can tell i'm 03:19 in sweatpants um they just see this 03:21 darling little top um and i'm going to 03:23 do the trick that you taught me 03:25 with my height i love where it hits at 03:27 my ankle but just to 03:28 make it feel a little bit more pulled 03:30 together balanced yeah show off those 03:32 wrists 03:32 i love that um i went for the sam 03:34 edelman sneaker 03:35 another really fun white sneaker option 03:37 but what my favorite thing about this 03:39 look is 03:40 mine too it's our clown the glasses 03:43 glasses from the book club isn't that a 03:45 cute name for the glasses 03:47 love that so mine are clear 03:50 a clear frame i went with a clear frame 03:52 because in all honesty like i know 03:53 they're gonna go with 03:54 every outfit okay yours are rose gold 03:57 there's like a little yeah 03:58 metal detailing which is really fun 04:00 especially since 04:01 um it just adds a little bit of detail 04:04 to my outfit since i do have the 04:05 matching set on 04:07 kind of breaks it up adds some sass yeah 04:09 and these are blue light blockers 04:11 um they protect our eyes from all the 04:13 computer work that we end up doing 04:14 either on our phones or on our zoom 04:15 calls 04:16 but um honestly i just love it it's just 04:18 such a fun little fun accessory it 04:20 changes the look of everything 04:21 now for those of you who are women of a 04:23 certain age if you need a cheater 04:25 these also come in different powers so 04:27 if you need something like that too so 04:29 so fun are we ready for look two yes i'm 04:32 ready here we go 04:33 okay we're back with look number two 04:37 um okay should we start off with nine 04:39 yeah okay 04:41 huge trend right now that i see a lot of 04:43 in the uh 04:44 20-somethings is the tie-dye right women 04:47 of a certain age 04:48 uh this is just a little more elevated 04:50 we're gonna take it just 04:51 kick it up a notch as much as i love the 04:54 tie-dye sweatshirt 04:55 i totally hear you on the title i love 04:57 it i love this a little bit 05:00 more it's like graduated we've graduated 05:02 to the sweater 05:03 uh but i love this it's nice uh weight 05:06 too it's thin so that it's not too heavy 05:09 for now you can wear it now but it'll 05:10 take you into spring 05:12 um fun little v-neck here a little bit 05:14 of ribbing right around here and a 05:16 little bit of ribbing right here 05:18 um it's peyton jensen which is our house 05:20 brand you're only going to find it at 05:21 ever eve 05:22 which we love and then um i paired it 05:24 with the lara utility pant 05:26 i just like a just a basic black pant 05:28 that goes with everything for work 05:30 now these are super stretchy love these 05:33 again 05:33 um i can be blenders all the things on 05:36 the ladders under the tables remember 05:38 um in these which is so great i did the 05:40 same little trick 05:41 okay see where this hits me so i got my 05:43 ankle showing so we pull up the sweater 05:45 just a tit 05:46 here to show the wrist um and this one 05:49 all these lara pants i wanted to show 05:50 you too let me tip over 05:52 the little zipper that we got going on 05:54 it's functional yeah just a fun little 05:55 zipper 05:56 a little detail on there deep pockets 05:58 because tall girls we're tall we got 06:00 long arms we got long legs we got long 06:02 fingers 06:02 full hand coverage tiny baby pockets we 06:05 got like deep pockets 06:07 which i really love um i also paired 06:09 them with another white sneaker p448 06:12 these are 06:12 a little subtle i'm gonna take it off 06:14 here so i can show you up close 06:16 it's a subtle leopard print can you see 06:18 that look at that shimmer love that 06:20 silver shimmer 06:21 um again can wear these to work and be 06:25 super comfy all day long 06:26 and then i paired um it with two just a 06:28 little detail at the end 06:30 some little silver earrings those are 06:32 actually part of a pack 06:33 good point yes thanks for pointing that 06:34 out they're part of a little pack so 06:35 these are the ones that i have on they 06:37 have a little bit of a rhinestone on it 06:38 and then the rest are a little gold so 06:40 yeah that's a fun little pack 06:41 four for one four for one um and then 06:44 finally i just did a little trio of some 06:46 bracelets here to accentuate the wrist 06:49 that's my second look for work dylan how 06:51 about you that's a 06:52 tongue twister tongue twister um okay so 06:55 i 06:56 i followed suit with you and went for 06:58 the lara utility 06:59 by level 99 except mine okay so yours 07:02 are black 07:03 i have this like really subtle camo real 07:05 subtle 07:06 level 99 does a great job with that um 07:08 both of us 07:09 did size down in these pants good point 07:11 um we talked about the stretch 07:13 they're amazing but they will relax in a 07:15 little bit so 07:16 don't be afraid to grab a size down um 07:18 as you can tell 07:19 my pants hit a little bit higher than my 07:22 lovely mother's 07:23 two inches um but with that this is 07:26 again i would love p448 they come in a 07:28 high-top version 07:29 so i went for this like really fun um 07:32 white high top pair just to gain some 07:34 length 07:34 over gain some length yeah some height 07:37 of the shoe 07:38 um but i love these there's this like 07:41 really fun crisp pad 07:44 which i love um and then up top again we 07:47 talked about like 07:48 cozy in the last look i love this um 07:51 it's a sweatshirt but let's me let's be 07:53 clear this mock neck makes it really fun 07:56 for zoom meetings it makes it feel a 07:57 little bit more formal but 07:59 at the end of the day i'm on my feet for 08:00 over eight hours um 08:03 this is like comfort but super pulled 08:06 together in chic 08:07 um so yeah you'll see me in a look this 08:10 look 08:11 all you wore your your look last time 08:13 three times i did you this is mine 08:16 well we sure love our jobs um we were 08:19 excited to share our work looks with you 08:21 hope you had a great time we'll see you 08:23 next time 08:31 you

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