Fall Favorite: Henleys

Fall Favorite: Henleys

Henleys are a must for fall, and Meg is here styling 3 of her all-time favorites (fun fact: Meg says there's one she wears twice a week—find out which it is!).
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happy friday friends super excited to talk  about henley's this week we've got so many  
awesome henley's throughout the store and i'm  going to show you three ways to style them all  
right first henley that i want to introduce  you to is the waffle snap henley from chaser  
it is a dream of a shirt and it comes in three  colors slash a prince i'll show that to you in  
a second but what i love about this it has just a  really great fun waffle fabrication going on here  
i'm a sucker for stripes so i love that it  comes in a stripe and it's not a pure pure white  
it's just like um a good in between like not white  not cream but just like a good in between there um  
love the v-neck here and it has like the fun snaps  um going down just that three-quarters right there  
i gave it a front tuck to go for me because my  body type i look better with a tuck but i let me  
unbuckle a buckle undo this for you but it's just  it's not too long it's not too short it hits right  
below the belt line but i just really like giving  it a little front tuck shows off the waist really  
nicely um to also show off we've got belts guys  we haven't had belts in quite a while but this  
great belt comes in black i would show you in the  camel color i don't have that maybe we can pop it  
here for you to see that um but just put this on  these are new um we had these last year i believe  
but this is the tony mid-rise and just a good  clean dark wash to be completely honest mid-rises  
don't always work for me i love this one though  because um it's a little bit more of a rigid denim  
so it's holding its shape nicely on the tush and  the thighs and i also love the hem detail right  
here i don't know if you can see it but it has  like a little bit of a chewed hem detail going  
on and then of course popped on some of the sherpa  little flats there from dulce vita yeah dulce vita  
to just give this like an easy casual but still  put together look um popped on this is the sahira  
necklace i've been wearing this non-stop just  because i like the daintiness of it and that  
little medallion's really fun too but let me  show you the colors and the chasers for you so  
the stripe that i'm wearing which you can never  go wrong with the stripe i love mixing stripes  
and camos together i think that's really fun and  playful and a safe way to pattern mix and then  
a great little cream color and then can never go  wrong with black so love the waffle um the waffle  
henley we've got going on here from chaser stay  tuned for look two all right second henley to  
show you is the hattie henley this is from evereve  it's made in-house and it's all the things i am  
super super excited that i wear this i wear this  probably once or twice a week comes in this great  
white color it is not see-through so you can wear  your regular bra with that so check awesome win  
and it comes in a great rust color would show you  that but we have blown out of that that rust color  
is amazing but you can totally order it online  at every dot com or hopefully your store has it  
in stock but i'm hoping this comes back in i  gave it a little front tuck into this sophie  
the sophie crops from angle d this is just a good  clean wash here um it's a tried and true it's like  
your good go-to everyday jean i am in my true to  size in this so just keep that in mind and then i  
popped on this is the irene cardigan from john and  jen i believe we had this last year it came in a  
new color i love this red speckled color like do  you see all the fun little speckles here i'm in a  
small for sizing i could do an extra small but i  i don't mind just a little bit oversized here it  
still shows off the shape nicely pockets it's  got pockets pockets pockets have you seen that  
that little reel going around it makes me go  every time sorry sidetracked it also comes in  
a really pretty it's called latte color so if it  needs if you need a little bit more kind of like  
a neutral cardigan that's a great one too i just  love this color because we are in hoosier country  
so if you don't know what a hoosier is those  are people that are born in the state of indiana  
it's not really anything it's just a  hoosier i'm married to a hoosier so  
i i'm married into that i didn't go there i just  think it's a good way to represent the school  
colors without being full blown like body paint  iu anyway i digress we also got in this new fun  
dolce vita little boot here girls help me with  the name names are really hard today for me i'm  
so sorry for that guys but i love this because  the shaft is not too high on this it shows off the  
ankle really nicely that sophie crop has that raw  hem here so if it is a little bit too long for you  
cut straight across we like to see a little bit  of ankle here at evereve because it makes our  
legs look long and lean so i just love this look  i think it's great for like running around town  
doing errands if you have a girl shopping day i  think this is an easy go-to look that you can just  
shop to drop and then have a beverage afterwards  all right last henley look for you is a fun little  
dare and it's actually a body suit i know crazy  but it works and i'm loving it it's from z supply  
i did have to size up to a large so just keep that  in mind and also remember that we are more than a  
size and more than a number so do not worry  about what that says as long as it fits you  
and you look good and you feel good in it  then don't worry about it so keep that in  
mind i see this every day in the dressing room  but i just love the fun like ribbing detail on  
this it has a great deep uh v-neck right here  i don't feel it's like too low or anything and  
i have room in the body suit where i can kind  of like judge it up if i need to and kind of  
have it like pulled back in the back to show  off this really cute little heart necklace um  
from ever eve so gotta show the heart as when  we can bodysuit already gives you a perfect  
streamlined look and you're always tucked  in so that's what's great about a bodysuit  
we popped on these are the cuts reece camo  it's a dark camo we had this in last fall  
yeah we had them in last fall we also had it in a  regular green camo color but i love this dark one  
because it's just you can do a lot with it you  can elevate it up a little bit and it just does  
all the things it hits right at the ankle and then  to show off that lug sole this is from sam edelman  
let me show you bring it up a little bit more for  you it's like a loafer but it's that lug sole that  
ash showed in stories i think it was like  two weeks ago so go back and watch that  
but these are like the shoes that we must have for  the fall it just gives you a little bit of lift um  
a little bit of elevation but not too much right  here i'm in my true to size in an eight and a half  
and i just love just it just pizzazzes and jumps  up your outfit this is a great wear to work option  
you can pop on a blazer with this you can do a  denim jacket i love the idea of a leather jacket  
over this i think i would totally do that as well  but i just think you know henley's are all over  
the place and this is a fun plan at henley with a  great bodysuit all right that's my time with you  
this week i'm super excited to show you all the  henleys we have to offer here at evereve there's  
so many to choose from so i hope you found yours  make sure to click that link to snag it quickly  
because items are going fast and selling out fast  so don't miss out you heard it here first and then  
if you are local to nevereve we would love for you  to come in and see us we would love to style you  
and serve you and show you all your fashion needs  for fall and what we have to offer if you are not  
local check out every dot com make sure to check  out a transcend if you would like for us to style  
a box for you we'd love to do that that's all  done here in-house and i will see you next time

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