What to Wear: Summer Events

What to Wear: Summer Events

You RSVP'd yes to the weddings, reunions and showers—and now you're looking at your closet thinking, what do I wear? Tune in as Heidi walks us through a roundup of our dressed-up favorites for all your summer events.
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hello my friends are you looking at that
summer calendar and wondering where
all these events came from
your calendar is packed you've got
places to be and people to see and you
are wondering
what you are going to wear well guess
what we've got you covered i'm going to
run through some of my absolute favorite
summer event looks
everything from a little bit more dressy
for those weddings you got on your
calendar so maybe some fun
showers graduations or even a summer
concert and you're just needing a look
so let's start from the top i snagged
this dress because it is a little bit
i'm going to be honest a whole lot of a
dare for me but it was worth the dare
because i'm a little bit in love with
this guy so this is from velvet it leads
into a whole bunch of trends the first
trend being one shoulder the next being
that two piece and a little bit of
cutout and the third being tearing i
don't always love it when you mash up a
whole bunch of trends together but in
this one it works because it's
comfortable it's easy breezy and it's
really flattering so
lightweight got that great kind of
asymmetrical top which i think is so fun
for showing off a great statement
earring or that shoulder who doesn't
love their shoulders it's a great body
part to show off now this is the dare
part right this little bit of cutout now
the reason this works for me
is because of where it's hitting me now
it's not too low
so i'm not getting into like love handle
it's covering up my actual tummy which
feels really good and just getting a
little slit of that high waist so
not to feel sexy but still feel
comfortable because i'm covered up and
then this fun full tiered skirt i am
heading to mexico in a few weeks and
this is absolutely going in my bag so
girls trip weekend getaway
anniversary trip
destination wedding whatever it might be
this to me feels like the absolute
perfect dress to get into your bag
similar vein kind of fun playful
unexpected dresses i've got a couple
more up my sleeve
two from a brand new vendor for us this
is from bash
i'm gonna show you this one because the
print is so
so stunning i absolutely love that
there's black woven into this this is a
really nice silhouette if you don't want
something super full if you like
something a little bit more shaped great
the neckline buttons down the front but
what makes this dress so yummy is that
seaming detail throughout the bodice and
yep that great smocking in the back that
really nips in your waist i also find it
can be hard to
nail a dress with sleeves this guy
absolutely does it now how to style this
casual with a slide dress it up and
elevate it with a great heel the shoots
that i have on today would be perfect
with this to really dress it up or you
can pop on a great little slide or even
a burke with this and it goes uber
similar spirit to that dress with just a
little bit more movement and fluidity is
this gorgeous dress also from bash
the neckline no buttons on this one so
you're just getting one straight line i
love this on pure line here around the
waist to really give you some nice shape
what i think is stunning about this and
the little unexpected twist is this
great slit down the back now
how to wear this with a bra well you've
got a couple options number one is you
can number one you can do that great
kind of backless bra there's so many
options out there kind of hold you up
number two find yourself a beautiful bra
so something that has a really pretty
back to it be it lace and maybe a front
closure so you're not seeing that
closure in the back number three you can
also wear a really lovely lace bodysuit
underneath this just so that you're
covering up that hole so lots and lots
of ways to wear this you don't feel like
you have to go totally bare you can
actually slip something on but i love
that little sneak peek i think that's so
darn pretty
now what makes this dress i'm wearing
kind of fun is that there is a hint of
kind of tropical vibes to this right but
if you are wanting more color lots of
ways to do that
one more amazing dress from bash and i
grabbed this one because of that very
reason this yummy yummy color now this
would be so fun
for a shower i also think this would be
so comfortable for a graduation so if
you're going to graduation where you're
sitting on the lawn no shade lots of sun
four hours waiting for that one kiddo to
walk across the stage this is a great
one to pop on
fun detailing here around the waist to
give you some nice shape and that
crisscross bodice which we know is so so
the sleeve is single layer so it's still
really airy but it gives you some nice
coverage and a little bit shorter length
to show off those dams
now if you are looking for something
maybe in that more
kind of graduation party
versus graduation ceremony kind of luck
meaning you want to be casual but still
put together you're attending as a guest
versus being the host
there are lots of fun options for you
out there but one of my favorite
combinations right now is taking a great
bold statement top and pairing it back
to a pair of white denim
flawless classic and lots of ways to
style it a couple really great tasks
that beautiful dress i showed you also
comes in a top print this is simple it
is a just stunning blouse buttons down
the front what makes this undoubtedly is
that beautiful print and the way they've
worked in some of that great
contrast detail

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