What To Wear Instead of Shorts

What To Wear Instead of Shorts

Shorts not your thing? Tune in as Charla gives us a style solve for sunny days ahead—from breezy pants to wear-everywhere skirts.
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0:03 [Music] 0:08 [Applause] 0:09 as the weather is turning from chilly to 0:11 those bright sunny days or if you're 0:14 heading on vacation to get away from the 0:15 chili what can you wear if you're not 0:18 comfortable wearing shorts or shorts 0:20 really aren't your thing okay we're 0:22 going to talk about that and today look 0:24 number one we are starting with these 0:25 awesome pants from cloth and stone they 0:28 are a wide leg striped pant they have a 0:30 kind of a linen fabrication a real thin 0:33 cotton fabrication so again if you're 0:35 going to be in warm weather but you 0:37 don't want to wear shorts this is still 0:39 has the breathability and it's going to 0:40 keep you cool um just like a short wood 0:43 it's got a nice little drawstring and 0:45 it's a nice little elastic waistband 0:47 good for travel so if you are one of 0:50 those that would love to just like get 0:52 on the airplane and as soon as you get 0:53 off you go straight to the beach this is 0:55 the outfit for you you're going to be so 0:57 comfortable on the plane traveling even 0:59 if you just put a little jean jacket 1:00 over top if you want to with your little 1:02 travel bag and then when you get there 1:04 to shed that jean jacket and let the 1:06 sunshine on your shoulders and again 1:08 just be nice and cool great little 1:10 pockets the fabrication on this i love 1:12 because when you move and you walk it 1:15 moves with you so it really has more of 1:17 an elevated feel and feels really 1:20 glamorous i think 1:22 again the length on this i'm five nine i 1:25 always like to remind you and it just is 1:28 perfect for me so um now those of you 1:31 who are a little more petite in stature 1:33 you might want to add a little elevated 1:34 heel with it which you totally could 1:37 i'm wearing these great little dolce 1:39 vita sandals 1:40 um in kind of like a mocha color nice 1:42 little braiding on there this fun little 1:45 little top from michael stars you know 1:47 michael stars he does some really great 1:50 things for us he keeps the fabrication 1:52 so soft and so comfortable he keeps the 1:54 straps very bra friendly and when he 1:58 makes a great shirt like this one he 2:00 comes in multiple colors look how cute 2:02 these are these fun little earrings has 2:04 the black that ties in your whole outfit 2:06 a little bit of gold shimmer 2:08 and you are out the door for a sunny day 2:10 this is going to be your little uniform 2:12 for spring okay you ready 2:14 first let's start with this great skirt 2:16 from sundry now those of you that are 2:18 familiar with sundry you love your 2:20 saturday skirt that's what we've had the 2:22 last couple years those saturday skirts 2:23 it's kind of like a light sweatshirt 2:25 material love those 2:26 they brought something new to you it is 2:28 the sundae skirt all right 2:30 this one very similar in shape okay same 2:34 sizing 2:35 but the poplin fabrication is what's new 2:38 for us so again the old ones were a 2:40 little more like a like a sweatshirt 2:42 material this one's going to be a nice 2:43 little pop with a nice little cotton 2:45 perfect for spring into summer great 2:48 alternative to those shorts okay the pop 2:50 one what i love about poplan is that it 2:51 doesn't wrinkle like something like 2:53 linen or things like that so when you're 2:55 sitting in the car you're running your 2:56 errands you're still gonna get out and 2:58 you're gonna look totally fresh and 3:00 smooth i topped it off with this fun 3:02 little short sleeve sweatshirt which to 3:03 me a short sleeve sweatshirt is comfort 3:06 yet look how adorable this is from rails 3:08 all these fun little tiny daisies on it 3:11 in multiple colors love that so you can 3:14 put this with anything really with all 3:16 the colors that are in it love it with 3:18 the skirt though do a little tuck um to 3:20 create a little movement also look at 3:23 these great pennies those white tennis 3:25 they are still moving forward they're 3:27 still fashion forward and they're great 3:29 for the get go okay these are from new 3:32 balance under a hundred dollars these 3:34 are great these are going to be your 3:35 grab and go your basic white little ties 3:38 with the comp little camel mocha color 3:40 um tab on the back so they're going to 3:42 go with anything you can even wear these 3:44 if you want with that last outfit that i 3:47 had on okay so those would be if you 3:49 want to do something different than the 3:51 sandal you can throw those with that or 3:53 that little black tank top that i had 3:55 from michael stars would be a great 3:57 little match up for this too so again 3:59 that capsule wardrobe you can mix and 4:01 match as you head out the door topped it 4:03 off with these fun little seed bracelets 4:04 you know me i like the bracelets and i 4:06 like to do multiples together and you're 4:08 ready to go okay i'm back with look 4:11 number three for your alternative to 4:13 shorts for spring and summer okay we're 4:15 gonna start this little outfit with this 4:18 great skirt from sundry last skirt was 4:21 from sundry so is this one they are so 4:24 versatile they can do short they can do 4:26 long they can do tiered they can do 4:28 poplin this is a nice little cotton 4:30 almost like a long sleeve shirt t-shirt 4:32 material 4:33 again a tiered skirt which tiered is one 4:35 a tiered skirt or a tiered dress is 4:37 something that you're going to want in 4:38 your closet very on trend for spring and 4:40 summer again it's got that movement that 4:43 you can that you can enjoy in a fun 4:46 little skirt so when you walk it really 4:48 feels elevated um very comfortable again 4:51 a little elastic waistband so again 4:54 traveling running around errands all the 4:55 things that you need to do 4:57 i paired it 4:59 with this little tank top from sol 5:01 angelus this little dotted tank it has 5:04 like a fun little um wide strap up here 5:06 i would suggest maybe wearing like a 5:08 racerback bra with this just because of 5:11 the way that it cuts in but again so 5:13 soft 5:14 and pairs really great with this tiered 5:16 skirt now fun little surprise with this 5:18 sundry tiered skirt it has a matching 5:20 top so i know we've spoke a few um a few 5:23 uh episodes back 5:25 talking about how sets are really 5:27 something moving forward from spring and 5:28 summer if you are one who wants to stay 5:31 on trend with that i'm going to show you 5:32 what you can put with this skirt look at 5:34 this great little top so fun so again 5:38 banding around here which will meet the 5:39 banding there and when you wear it it 5:42 really looks like a one piece almost 5:44 like a full top to bottom dress 5:46 but you have the comfort and ease of 5:49 having it to be two pieces okay it has a 5:51 fun little um gathered uh elastic waist 5:54 here excuse me elastic banding here 5:57 across um the decollete so you could 5:59 wear a little off the shoulder if that's 6:01 your style has a little blousey sleeve 6:03 here again with a little gathering here 6:06 and you know with those gatherings i 6:07 always like to pull them up a little bit 6:09 to create a little volume um in the 6:11 sleeve but a fun little way to pull this 6:14 skirt in with the top if that's the look 6:16 you're going for 6:17 if you are someone who is more to stick 6:19 with the tank top like i showed you um 6:21 but on those cool summer evenings or 6:24 those spring days when it's not quite 6:27 ready to go out with nothing else 6:29 nothing covering your shoulders i would 6:31 suggest a jean jacket because you know 6:32 i'm a jean jacket girl this is my new 6:34 favorite one and it is by every it's our 6:37 house brand 6:38 so fun 6:39 um love the shape of this one it's it's 6:42 got a little bit of stretch to it which 6:44 is 6:45 very friendly for me makes it easy 6:47 especially as i'm picking things up 6:49 getting in and out of the car if you're 6:51 one that's like hoisting kids all the 6:52 things um i'm always a 6:55 collar popper as you know because of the 6:58 versatility of it and the stretch 6:59 ability with it you could wear it with 7:01 that last outfit i showed you 7:03 with the little sweatshirt and the skirt 7:05 you can even put it on top of that first 7:07 outfit with that little black tank top 7:09 and those fun little pants all the 7:11 things super versatile okay so that tops 7:14 off your outfit 7:15 let's talk about the shoes these great 7:17 little flats from mark fisher i'm going 7:19 to take these off look at that braiding 7:21 how great is that 7:23 full little braiding there again easy on 7:26 easy off for spring and summer which is 7:28 what you need because you're heading out 7:29 the door with all the things top it with 7:31 some little silver hoops i did silver 7:33 this time and 7:34 you're off okay 7:36 hopefully these things that i've shown 7:38 you alternatives to shorts really get 7:40 you in the mood for warmer weather i 7:42 know i am so come on and see us in 7:45 stores we'll get you all hooked up with 7:47 all the fun things 7:48 spring summer to complete your wardrobe 7:50 okay thanks for checking in with me 7:52 bye-bye see you next time 8:00 you

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