Top 5 Trends of Spring

Top 5 Trends of Spring

Ready for your spring style cheat sheet? Heidi is LIVE with the 5 pieces you need to get your closet up to speed this season.
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good morning it is live day and we are
going to talk today about
five things you need if you're not gonna
buy anything but these five things this
is what you need to get your closet up
to speed for spring season
so many fun new options but we've
narrowed it down made that hit list
exactly what's going to go in your
closet we're going to start
right now so here we go matching set so
we've been talking about variations of
months now we saw it starting during our
quarantining and lockdown time and
sweatsuits we fell in love with the
versatility of it it started to kind of
trickle in last holiday and a little bit
more dressed up vibe and here we are for
spring with an unlimited number of
options now i'm wearing a really really
fun version from bb dakota one of the
reasons i absolutely adore a matching
set is the versatility it offers you
when you are going on a trip in
particular you really can squeeze a
bunch of life out of these looks so
taking this really fun feminine top
pairing it back to the skirt looks like
a dress elevated and fun now lose the
skirt grab a great pair of denim and
suddenly i've got a fun chic little
casual night out outfit lose the top pop
on a tank and a denim jacket and i've
got a cute little knock around look so
easy to wear so fun the print and color
in this one is just that little shot of
energy that we all need
even today on st patrick's day how fun
is that okay so
other options there's also just a ton
of gas fabrication out there if you want
to see more of that check out my stories
this weekend there's also some really
cute options in matching sets so i
grabbed one of my favorites from rails
it comes in two versions
short and long so kind of depending on
your pleasure
but little ruffle top and a fun smocked
waistband bottom now what's great about
this guy is the neutral
element of this in this rich navy i've
been feeling navy this spring season
it's kind of my new black in my closet
i'm wearing it a ton of ways but you can
imagine how great this top would look
back to a cut off how easy this would be
even over your swimsuit on vacation and
then pair it together for a full
finished look it also comes in a full
length version and just stunning
stunning stone color
same top smocked pant but full length
and it's got this great little slit on
the side now one of the things i love
about this pant is that this really hits
on two trends in one you've got your
matching set as well as your wide leg
pant for spring a really fun one to have
and again this is such a versatile piece
i can see wearing this guy on its own
over and over again now questions about
the fit on both of these because this
looks like it runs a little bit shorter
i tried this on what i really enjoyed
about both of the pant and the short is
that it is a higher rise with that
smocked waistband so holds you in and
comes up so you're not getting that like
gap in your tummy really flattering and
really fun
okay so this little top with this set is
a fun trend as well because this is part
of that statement top moment so the
easiest way i think to update your
wardrobe is to get a great new top you
know what i'm talking about on those
like friday mornings maybe you've got
fun plans for the weekend you're like i
just need a new top so what's so great
about this trend is that it really makes
your look so again it can be done in a
multitude of ways it can be about the
print it can be about the detail this
guy i think is about the color as well
as that fun little ruffle sleeve
makes a statement paired back to a pair
of jeans it really is the star of the
show but there's lots of other ways to
do it so i'm going to grab a couple of
my favorites
beautiful brand new top this is from
velvet what i think makes this guy a
statement of course is that beautiful
kind of embroidery work on the sleeve as
well as on the body
great delicate buttons down the front
really feminine and quite beautiful
you know i heard someone talking this
morning about spring trends i was
listening to a fun little podcast and
they were saying you know the magic in
fashion is always in the mix and so that
high low or that kind of edgy paired
with feminine and i think this is a
great example
feminine blouse done in black pair it
back to a pair of destructive jeans it
cuts to the suite and gives it some
perfect little edge
kind of in that same vein is one of my
absolute favorite blouses we have on the
floor right now and what i love about
this guy is the versatility of it it's
an easy one to wear for work but you can
also make it sexy and put together when
you're going out at night so it comes in
two colors you got it my favorite color
again there it is in navy
but feels like a really washed down silk
so very comfortable with that delicate
ruffle on the shoulder as well as a
little bit more of a balloon sleeve
and a more open neckline so always
loving this
really flattering really beautiful
can't go wrong on this one and this is
from every so all makes available at our
stores and online such a good one
and then last but not least this is not
a new trend in statement tops but it is
one that i think keeps evolving and
finding fun new ways to come to life
so it is the puff sleeve so a really
great piece here from nation
i love this guy because it is actually a
knit body and a woven sleeve so you get
all the comfort of a knit top with some
of that detail of a blouse it has a puff
sleeve and then a little cuff with a tie
on it which is really fun
and adjustable so more comfortable on
your arm if you like things a little bit
looser or you just need a little bit
more room in your bicep
this guy is a great one to pop on looks
really nice out but also looks lovely
tucked in
um this so this guy i would say is a
really easy one to leave out or in it's
not cracked or too short it's going to
be more of like kind of that high hip
i think this is kind of the sweet spot
for tops in general this guy too same
thing because it makes it really easy to
tuck it in and i always like to do that
arm up test you know that i'm talking
about you tuck it in you lift your arms
up and if the shirt creeps out it drives
you bananas
so this guy is nice because it is enough
to tuck in and again that knit
stays put just a little bit more easily
i think than some blouses can so a fun
one to pop on and kind of in that same
vein gang another top formation also a
knit so fun but with that woven sleeve
so knit body
one shoulder i mean
boom can you make a bigger statement
than this
puff in that sleeve and then again a

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