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Tie-Dye for Any Age

Tie-Dye for Any Age

Tune in as Dylan and Charla show us how to style (and elevate) tie-dye for every age.
Temptest Stripe Tie Dye Crew



The Original Patent Bag


Hightop Sneaker


High Rise Connie Ankle Skinny


Huey Boot



Carrie Moto Jacket


Jax Boyfriend Tee



Good Classic


Pennie Geo Ring



Zebra Sneaker


Dust in The Wind Cardigan



Tie Dye Boyfriend Shirt



Charlotte High Rise Straight


Abree Hoop Earrings



Thea Sneaker


Show Transcript
00:03 [Music] 00:08 [Applause] 00:09 [Music] 00:13 hey everyone good to see you again 00:15 for those of you that haven't met us yet 00:17 we are the mother daughter duo that 00:19 is style at any age i'm sharla 00:22 i am a market visual manager for stores 00:24 here in minneapolis as well as colorado 00:26 this is my daughter hi i'm dylan i am a 00:29 store manager 00:30 here in the twin cities tonight we're 00:32 talking 00:33 ty die get ready 00:37 okay we're gonna kick off our tie-dye 00:40 trend 00:40 with this adorable set from z supply 00:43 dylan is wearing it head to toe so i'm 00:44 gonna let her take it 00:46 from here yeah so like mom said i've got 00:49 the head to toe look going on 00:51 um sets have been my go-to uh 00:54 super casual right now so i am loving 00:57 this um 00:58 this little trio of colors is super fun 01:00 as we head into spring so 01:02 you can kind of see we've got that rose 01:04 pink um 01:05 this olive green and then a navy but 01:07 it's not like a stripe it's like a 01:08 tie-dye stripe which i love 01:10 yeah and um two you have that little bit 01:13 on the bottom 01:14 so i actually love that it's just kind 01:16 of that detailing on the one leg 01:18 i do too it feels really fun and i knew 01:21 um and then i have it paired with a p448 01:24 high top that has kind of that 01:26 same um rose colored lace in which 01:29 so fun so good um but you're gonna catch 01:32 me 01:33 in this like every day my great run 01:36 around outfit um 01:37 right now my fiancee and i are in the 01:38 midst of planning a wedding so whether 01:41 it's like 01:42 whether this is meeting with vendors or 01:45 um picking colors all of it like this is 01:48 day to day um also just a good running 01:51 errands 01:52 coming to moms hanging out at home um 01:55 but yes and then adding the mushroom 01:58 love 01:59 think roiland bags that you've heard us 02:01 heard us talk so much about 02:03 um popping this little guy on for 02:06 whether 02:07 you know if you've got little kids 02:08 running around or just head to the 02:10 grocery store like 02:11 hands-free who doesn't love this yeah 02:13 love it tell me about your like 02:15 you took a different route with the 02:16 tie-dye i did i love the tie-dye 02:18 but i at my age i want to look a little 02:21 more 02:22 elevated in the tie-dye so i kept the 02:24 same sweatshirt 02:26 um i wanted to show you guys a little 02:27 bit of a detail i know if you saw when 02:28 dylan headed on it actually has a little 02:30 bit of a puff 02:32 sleeve right here typically a puff 02:33 sleeve is going to start at your 02:35 shoulder 02:35 this one is a drop shoulder and it kind 02:37 of puffs out right here which i really 02:39 love 02:39 so i pulled that i pulled that on here 02:41 and then um this just cuts 02:43 straight down the body and right across 02:45 at your waist 02:47 so i made sure that i paired it um with 02:49 a 02:50 high-rise denim these are cut from the 02:52 cloth it's a kind of 02:53 connie high rise cut from the cloth i 02:55 always size down which is typical 02:57 um but again just because of this is a 03:00 little bit shorter length 03:01 for my age and just i felt more 03:03 comfortable in a high rise denim 03:05 um the detailing on this we got a little 03:07 um 03:09 a little distressed what do we call it 03:12 like she would 03:13 shoot shredded shredded little hem there 03:15 um and then i paired mine she has hers 03:17 with high tops i paired mine 03:19 with a boot again just to elevate it a 03:21 little bit with the look 03:22 uh this is our friend huey the boys 03:26 like huey lewis on the news 03:29 i don't think she doesn't know loss in 03:31 the news it's because she's too young 03:33 um but the huey boot by dolce vita um 03:36 it's gonna take you into spring because 03:38 it's got that cream color just like in 03:40 here like in the sweatshirt 03:41 it's got a little wedge on there with a 03:42 little bit of grip on the bottom for 03:44 those of you that are dealing still 03:45 dealing with snow heading into spring 03:47 um and then i paired it with a 03:51 little double double layered necklace 03:52 which i really love the janie 03:54 and i just wanted a little more elevated 03:56 look i guess for my age but i'm still 03:58 staying on trend 03:59 with the tie-dye in a subtle way yeah 04:01 great feel good in yours yes 04:03 i feel great in this too okay on to look 04:05 too 04:07 okay on to look number two 04:10 okay so i know we did we talked 04:12 sweatshirts last time but 04:13 tell me about what you have on this time 04:14 because this again different different 04:16 tie dye 04:17 totally different side eye i picked it 04:19 up a notch this time when a little more 04:21 elevated in my choice um i'm all about a 04:24 button down this is a classic 04:26 for me um this is my sanctuary it's 04:28 called the tie-dye 04:30 boyfriend button-down um i love the 04:33 length 04:33 the length in this is great love it now 04:36 i'm i'm a little too tall but if you 04:38 were a little bit shorter you could this 04:40 is so long you could even wear it with 04:41 spanx if you were more of a 04:42 petite gal um i paired mine actually 04:45 with a citizen 04:46 um jean this is the charlotte high rise 04:49 now because it's a high rise 04:51 i can take my front here yes what you 04:55 doing here and just doing a little front 04:57 tuck you don't have to tuck it in all 04:58 the way around just a little front tuck 05:00 and then um kind of like just i don't 05:02 know blouse it out a little bit 05:04 um again you don't have to go all the 05:05 way around so even if you're creating a 05:07 waist in the front 05:08 you still have this that can still cover 05:10 your bum in the back 05:11 all right so if you don't want now i 05:13 even added another layer and i put 05:15 a little this is a little bb dakota 05:16 cardigan on top of it 05:18 so it even tones the the tie-dye down 05:20 even a little 05:21 more so you just have it in the front 05:23 here and kind of peeking out 05:24 um on the cuff right here too i love 05:26 what you do with this cuff just to kind 05:28 of like pull it all together just to 05:29 pull it all together 05:30 and then um top things off of course 05:33 a classic p448 the white sneaker that's 05:36 going to take you into spring so this is 05:38 kind of like my classic 05:40 look with the tie dye yeah tell me what 05:41 you did so i 05:43 went a little bit more sassy um so i 05:45 have this peyton jensen 05:47 tie-dye um tee on and i love that we 05:50 have we kind of went with those bolder 05:51 colors last time 05:52 um but now we have this more subtle 05:56 yes that you've got the gray tie dye 05:58 same here that white and gray 05:59 so um and you get a little you tucked a 06:02 little i don't know 06:03 too yes this is a little bit bouncier um 06:05 but for the purposes of this outfit i 06:07 just kind of 06:08 talked it like you were saying i have a 06:10 high-rise denim on as well this is the 06:12 good 06:12 classic but in america now i went with a 06:14 clean wash because to me that's kind of 06:17 i mean for my age i feel really 06:18 comfortable in a clean wash you added a 06:20 little bit of pizzazz with the distress 06:22 yeah it kind of like it just adds some 06:24 dimension to the outfit i also love 06:25 these 06:26 so i know because i don't feel like i'm 06:27 gonna bust out of the knee because yeah 06:28 stretchy because it's stretchy yes yes 06:31 um and then i did this little carol 06:34 wow carol carrie moto jacket by um 06:37 marrakesh on top who's carol i don't 06:39 know 06:40 it's my friend carrie um but super 06:43 stretchy 06:43 i am loving this look for zoom happy 06:46 hours like 06:47 oh that's fun i love it i feel like it 06:49 looks like i'm going out but it's still 06:51 super comfortable 06:52 um i even added like i accessorized this 06:55 we've got 06:56 um really fun statement ring on 06:59 fun little necklace and then to add a 07:01 little bit of jewelry too i just did a 07:03 little hoop on mine but yeah 07:04 just a little bit of a little little 07:06 finishing touch and then you 07:07 you stuck with the classic white sneaker 07:09 which i love but 07:10 we also look at these p448s 07:14 um just to end they've got black zebra 07:17 some fun little silver detailing and 07:19 then um a 07:20 little silver leopard on the toe so 07:24 seriously like i feel like we these are 07:26 another one we're gonna need to get them 07:27 i know we 07:28 do a lot of the mixing and matching at 07:30 our house which is great but i have a 07:32 feeling we can be part of a family 07:33 picture right now 07:34 we are family and we're so happy that 07:36 you're part of our every family too 07:38 thanks for joining us and we will see 07:39 you next time 07:49 you

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