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The Tank You Need Now

The Tank You Need Now

Tune in as Meg styles the crazy-flattering Michael Stars boatneck tank we want in every color (and shares why we need it now!).
Julia Crop Jacket


Boatneck Tank


Dina Jogger



Sadie Multicolor Bracelets



997H Sneaker


Lindsey Tie Dye Wrap


Boatneck Tank


Good Legs Step Hem



Victorie Sandal


Izabel Studded Sandal


Show Transcript
00:09 happy friday friends 00:11 i'm super excited to be with you this 00:13 week we are going to talk about 00:15 the tank that you must have in your 00:17 closet this spring 00:18 stay tuned all right so the must-have 00:22 tank 00:22 for your closet this spring is the 00:25 michael stars boatnut tank 00:27 it comes in about one two three four 00:31 five four or five different colors and 00:34 i'm obsessed with them they are the 00:35 perfect tank 00:36 to dress up dress down do all the things 00:39 in between 00:40 and i'm living and loving for this 00:43 awesome little neon yellow 00:45 tank i love that it's just a little 00:47 scoop i can wear my regular bra 00:50 it is not too fitted it's not too loose 00:52 it's not too long it's not too short 00:54 it's 00:54 literally the perfect tank just gave it 00:56 a little front talk into this is that 00:58 rhone and ryan dina jogger 01:01 these are amazing super super soft hits 01:04 right at my ankle 01:05 to show off those awesome little kicks 01:07 there and then popped on 01:08 the cut denim jacket really love this 01:11 one because it has that raw edge right 01:13 there and it just 01:14 instantly brings in my waist and of 01:16 course we can't forget about the cute 01:18 little 01:20 bracelet stack here going on to finish 01:22 the look 01:25 all right another reason why i love 01:27 these tanks is because it's just 01:29 the right amount of fitted to make it 01:31 look like it's a body suit 01:33 without being a body suit i love a good 01:35 body suit but sometimes i just don't 01:36 want to wear one 01:37 this is where we pop on the michael 01:39 stars boat neck tank in whatever color 01:41 give it a front tuck all the way around 01:43 this is like just a full tuck all the 01:45 way around 01:46 pop on a high waist denim put on a wrap 01:48 and just an 01:49 instant elevation look here this is the 01:53 lindsay wrap 01:54 love this this is new love the fun color 01:56 detail there i'm gonna give you a full 01:58 turn 01:59 spin action going on super light you can 02:02 take this 02:04 all the places with you it's just a 02:06 great little 02:07 layer addition to your wardrobe this is 02:10 the new 02:11 good leg step hem i love this for a 02:13 couple reasons because the step hem 02:15 is actually on the inside instead of the 02:16 outside so it's going to elongate our 02:19 legs up 02:20 and then just finished it with the um 02:23 this is the shuts 02:25 victoria sandal so super easy slightly 02:28 elevated 02:29 but still super casual and playful so 02:32 love this 02:33 last look is just a super simple chic 02:36 effortless look for when you got to get 02:38 out of the house quickly 02:40 black michael stars tank give it a 02:42 little front talk 02:43 into the amazing riley jeans these are 02:46 the go back and check out our 02:49 reels 02:50 that we did it was ash heidi mel and 02:53 myself four different body types 02:55 showed you how to style it this is just 02:57 a super easy 02:58 effortless chic way to rock this boat 03:01 neck tank when you 03:03 don't have a lot of time to think of an 03:04 outfit when warmer days come 03:06 pop on that fun isabelle sandal from 03:09 dulce vita comes in black 03:11 and a great nude color they will go with 03:13 everything that you have in your closet 03:16 and then just finish your look with a 03:17 great medallion necklace this is new 03:20 just came in 03:21 love the fun little medallion that we 03:24 have here 03:24 and a fun little bracelet stack love the 03:27 pop of that gray and white and 03:28 terracotta there to just 03:31 make a boring black shirt pop a little 03:33 bit love this look 03:35 and the simplicity and ease of it all 03:37 right that is my time with you this week 03:39 i hope you enjoyed all the michael stars 03:42 tanks that we showed you 03:43 i'm hoping more colors come out soon but 03:46 these are just great essential tanks 03:48 to have in your wardrobe to build that 03:50 wardrobe to 03:51 dress things up dress things down and 03:53 everything in between 03:55 i hope you have a great start to your 03:56 weekend see you next time

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