The Tank That Will Sell Out

The Tank That Will Sell Out

Heidi's here with 3 ways to wear the top that's selling like crazy: the Ava sweater tank. With 3 must-have colors to choose from, it's a no-brainer for spring (and won't last long!).
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hi everyone welcome to three days three
ways today we are talking about one item
and it's
incredible and we are bringing it to you
fast and furious because it just landed
last week and it is already selling out
so i had to get in front of you before
you missed your opportunity to get this
incredible silhouette we're talking
about this ava sweater tank
flattering comes in three knockout
colors and we're gonna talk about how to
style each one of them starting with the
blue okay this is easy this is your
knock around on the weekend
feel like you need to be a little bit
more elevated but don't want to turn it
up too too much i'm taking this amazing
ava tank in this yummy yummy powder blue
pairing it back to my hands down
favorite boyfriend jean this is the
emerson from citizens of humanity i love
this guy it is more of an ankle length i
did a little cuff for me just because my
legs are a touch shorter paired it back
to my favorite burke's now the thing to
know about both the jeans and the berks
they are going to mold with you so two
suggestions number one when it comes to
the jeans wash them as little as
possible let them get your shape down
perfectly and i promise you will live in
these every single weekend
with the burks the more you wear them
the more comfortable they get no doubt
about it i absolutely love the silver
because it's such a fun little pop a
little unexpected it takes it from i'd
say a little more casual place to a
little bit more intentional place and
then so fun great new bag from mercado
global i love the denim on here as well
as that little hint of yellow stripe
just makes everything feel a little bit
more popped a little bit more fun i've
got my sunglasses in case i need them
and i am ready to
run out the door to tackle my saturday
whatever it might bring i've got a
really fun layered look coming up next
okay look number two i feel like we're
doing the opposite of what we talk about
when it comes to fall we say sweater
weather it's shorts weather it's coming
it's almost here
maybe not here in minneapolis today but
i know it sorts weather other places so
what a fun way to take this incredible
ava tank and pair it back to a short now
i'm going to get up close and personal
on this one because i want you to see
how fun
the color is of this version now it
comes off as a pink but what's so fun
about it it has all these great marble
colors in it so you can see back to
denim killer back to this really really
neutral short also amazing it would be
with white
so how i styled it i popped on this
great little tiway short from cloth and
stone this guy has a little bit more of
a linen feel to the hand instead of
their typical chambray which i think is
fun as a little bit of texture true to
size on this guy and it does have a
little bit more of that slight paper bag
waist so i did a full tuck on this also
because this ava tank is a slightly
looser fit so it's not super super tight
if you're looking for something really
slim i will go down a size in this and
then paired it back to my favorite
jacket from free people i love the lived
and feel this guy so cool and then i
have to mention the shoe because this
holy smokes it is going like
such a fun little slide neutral easy
comfortable foot bed
goes with
just about anything in your closet from
a sundress to a short to a jean it is
the perfect knock around on the weekend
i am wearing this to baseball if the
weather will cooperate
this upcoming saturday okay one more
look and it's a fun one let's get out
and i'll show you how to do it okay told
you this one was going to be good let's
take the ava tank out how do you do it
it's easy statement shoe
killer pair of jeans and you're out the
door so let's break it down starting
with the cream ava why do we love this
guy well it's crazy versatile so in the
cream wear it under a jacket pop it
under a blazer for work wear it alone
denim jacket you can wear it with color
you can wear with neutrals so so easy
now one of the features about this tank
that i absolutely adore is that john and
jen put a great fabric taping on the
strap you know what that does it helps
it not stretch out thank you
it is absolutely a solver for the tank
it's going to retain its shape so you
can wear it again and again and again
now i touch this guy into a pair of boot
jeans from citizens
why do we love these
crazy crazy stretch now if you are
curious about that flare trend but not
sure you're ready to go all in the boot
is the easiest way to start out now this
is the emmanuel
why do i love it because of all that
stretch it is crazy flattering also more
of a mid-rise than a high rise so if you
like a little bit more
of a relaxed fit through that tummy this
is a great jean to wear i paired it back
to a pair of just those great stacked
kind of clog inspired sandals gives it a
riff of 70s and then added a belt
yep that boot cut jean is dying for a
jeans belt so this is a really fun one
doesn't necessarily add a lot of texture
what i like about it is it gives me some
nice waist shaping
added some gold popped on a hoop and i
am ready for a night out no doubt about
it this ava tank get it while you can i
promise you won't regret it three colors
i don't know maybe you need to buy each
one and so
many ways to pair i hope this gave you
some great ideas happy happy shopping
and we will see you next week

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