The Color of the Season: Red

The Color of the Season: Red

Heidi is here with 3 ways to rock the color of the season (and the most festive hue out there): red!
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00:00 [Music] 00:08 again three days three ways this is 00:11 going to be a great one of course 00:13 because we are talking the color of the 00:15 season red 00:17 just so happens that red is absolutely 00:20 trending 00:21 for 00:22 the fall and winter season and lucky us 00:25 it also happens to be such a fun 00:27 festive color to wear this time of year 00:30 halloween 00:31 long gone and we are ready to put on our 00:35 holiday spirit i've got three different 00:37 ways to style red starting with this 00:39 really fun and casual look this is from 00:43 sundry this is the velour pullover 00:46 i think this guy runs really true to 00:49 size it is not oversized but a tiny bit 00:52 relaxed so i'm wearing my normal 00:55 a1 that's equal to a small the fun 00:59 detail about this is this great little 01:01 side zipper this pop of white which i 01:04 think is so darn cute and this is yummy 01:07 yummy velour doesn't get any softer than 01:10 this and i just did a little half time 01:12 to give myself a little bit more shape 01:15 around my waist now 01:17 pairing it i wanted a casual easy jean 01:21 we've been talking a lot about the 01:23 straight and this is a brand new style 01:26 from good american this is the good 01:29 curve straight a million reasons why i 01:32 love this guy but let's start from the 01:34 top 01:35 number one crazy stretch so if you're 01:39 gonna wear a straight if you're gonna 01:40 wear a high-rise 01:42 yes yes yes it's delightful when it has 01:45 stretch in it because it moves with you 01:47 we love good american because no back 01:49 gapping 01:50 moves stretches hugs the curves 01:54 perfectly now one of the nice things 01:56 about this jean is it has a 28 inch 01:59 inseam so on me with my short legs it 02:02 actually hits below my ankle now i'm 02:06 experimenting a little bit with some 02:09 jean lengths as this weather gets a 02:11 little chillier and this kind of full 02:13 length for me 02:15 is a really fun spin after we've been 02:17 wearing so many of that ankle or cropped 02:20 length now paired it back to 02:23 i think a little bit of unexpected shoe 02:26 i first grabbed a sneaker and thought 02:28 that's really really cute and fun but 02:29 then i thought how do i twist it up just 02:31 a little bit more 02:32 so this sam edelman loafer with that 02:35 great lug sole 02:37 still uber casual so this is an easy one 02:40 to knock around in 02:42 really really comfortable and actually 02:44 one of the reasons i love this with this 02:47 straight 02:48 longer jean on me is because 02:50 that lug sole gives me a little bit more 02:53 height and adds 02:55 just a little bit of scratch to this 02:56 outfit so easy so fun i can see me 02:59 knocking around on this on the weekend 03:02 crazy crazy comfortable jeans with that 03:05 tummy flattening panel the good american 03:07 does so well and of course yummy velour 03:10 from sundry i've got 03:13 opposite end of the spectrum coming up 03:14 for all those holiday parties you might 03:16 have on your calendar 03:18 okay look number two this is for all of 03:21 those fun holiday parties you've got on 03:24 their horizon 03:25 also dare i say if you are like me 03:29 we haven't taken our holiday card family 03:32 photo yet and so i have been searching 03:34 for something to wear 03:36 we actually might spin it up this year 03:38 and instead of doing something casual we 03:40 might dress up this could be a really 03:42 fun option the color is so beautiful and 03:45 yep again it's red now how to wear a red 03:48 dress well 03:50 red dresses make the statement all on 03:53 their own so i keep it pretty simple i 03:56 threw on my fun gold hoop a pair of 03:59 amazing red heels this is the hazel pump 04:04 from sam edelman there is not a sexier 04:08 shoe out there i absolutely love this 04:11 heel it feels so good to be in a party 04:14 shoe again 04:15 comfortable 04:17 and this red color is absolutely 04:19 delicious now the dress you know this 04:22 dress this is our tallulah dress we had 04:25 it this summer in a beautiful gold color 04:29 back in this yummy yummy holiday red it 04:32 is a fun take on that modern boho 04:35 silhouette 04:36 tiered 04:38 waistband accent nice open v-neck and a 04:41 little bit of sleeve coverage for those 04:43 of us who just get chilly now 04:45 i think this is stunning on its own but 04:48 you know me i always like to add a 04:50 little bit of edge to any look so i 04:52 grabbed my favorite favorite moto jacket 04:54 this is the marin from every tons and 04:57 tons of stretch i keep showing this guy 05:00 because it is our last delivery of it 05:02 and it is such a fabulous jacket throw 05:06 it on over this dress and i think it 05:08 just gives it a little bit of rock and 05:10 roll 05:10 cuts through the suite and makes it even 05:13 sexier if that's possible 05:16 holiday parties i'm coming for you and i 05:18 know exactly what i'm wearing we've got 05:21 one more look coming up 05:24 okay look number three quintessential 05:27 party look this is for all of those fun 05:31 nights out holiday gatherings get it 05:34 together or frankly just a good old 05:36 excuse to put on a party top and go go 05:38 go 05:39 absolutely love this top this is from 05:41 norma kamali it is a stretch jersey so 05:46 comfortable and a little bit of room in 05:48 the body which i really appreciate in 05:50 the holiday top if you're going to be 05:51 going to a party you're going to be 05:52 getting gussied up 05:54 ready to rock and roll then i want to be 05:56 comfortable this top fits the bill 05:59 perfectly off the shoulder so a little 06:02 sexy but still a wide enough strap that 06:03 you can just wear your normal bra i 06:05 literally wear my normal bra i just slid 06:07 the strap down here and this is wide 06:10 enough that it covers it up so easy now 06:13 i tucked in because i wanted to give 06:15 myself a little bit of waist definition 06:18 paired it back to the amazing edwin brie 06:20 jean 06:21 i love this jean because number one it's 06:24 edwin so sustainable denim number two 06:28 high waist without pinching so this is a 06:30 really great 06:32 stretchy denim 06:34 really crazy comfortable and in this 06:37 black 06:38 i love it because it's adding a little 06:40 bit of texture to my look now this is a 06:42 pretty solid outfit right solid red 06:45 solid black solid black so i think the 06:47 secret when you're pairing 06:48 solids no print and pattern is to give a 06:51 little bit of texture to anything you're 06:53 putting on this washed down black jean 06:56 perfectly fits the bill and it has a fun 06:59 little destructed hem now 07:02 getting down to that hem let's talk 07:04 about these incredible boots this is 07:06 that vince camuto 07:08 croc embossed boot there is not a sexier 07:11 shoe 07:12 out there i love this boot because it 07:15 does have that little bit of texture 07:17 keeps everything really interesting 07:19 really really comfortable and the great 07:22 thing about this boot it's fabulous with 07:24 a straight because your straight's going 07:26 to fit over it but i'm just going to 07:28 show you the top of this guy this is 07:30 also a really fantastic booty to wear 07:32 with a little dress so i could have 07:34 easily paired this back to that tallulah 07:36 dress i was wearing before 07:40 red gang it is the season let's make 07:44 mary so many fun ways to style from 07:47 casual 07:48 to a more dressed up occasion to just a 07:51 night when you want to have some good 07:53 old fun i hope everyone has a fantastic 07:57 week and we will see you hopefully 07:59 wearing red soon take care

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