5-Star Fave: The Ultra Rib Dress

5-Star Fave: The Ultra Rib Dress

Tune in as Meg styles the fan-favorite (and best selling!) dress we can't get enough of this spring and summer: the Michael Stars Ultra Rib Dress.
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happy friday friends i'm sharing with
you the absolute best dress in the world
it's the michael stars rib dress showing
you two different styles and how we are
dressing it up the michael stars ultra
rib dress comes in two styles one is the
maya v-neck which is brand new this year
it's a best seller comes in three colors
this wonderful olive black and an apple
butter it's kind of like a mauvy color
they're all wonderful you should
probably get them all because they are
that great i love them for so many
reasons so yes it is a little body con
but it does relax so just keep that in
mind and the ruching that's here on the
side you can hide and conceal show and
reveal whatever you choose i'm in an
extra small i do size down in the ultra
rib dress just because i feel the fabric
does relax a little bit over time i've
done a small before it still fits fine i
just prefer a little bit more fitted for
my frame so just keep that in mind has a
wonderful cool side slit right here so
that way if you need to be a little bit
longer make it longer if you want a
little bit more playful and show a
little bit of a thigh action you do ubu
love it all um kept it pretty simple
right now but it's totally easy to pop
on this is the new clothing stone
uh this is the essential gauze button
down i sized up to a medium in this just
because i felt it was a little bit
shorter for me
but just if you need a layer because you
know i run cold i think this would be so
fun to just kind of
lift it up in the back here like kind of
give it a little tuck underneath to show
off my waist
give it a little front tuck or tie
and look how easy that is
you just got a great little layer
up those sleeves right there
and then you are ready for a cooler
night if you're going on vacation
finished it with a fun little this is an
earring pack so it's the what is this
it's the tori
i have it on my notes right here but
tori comes in a set of three i'm wearing
the hoop comes in a fun little chain and
then like a more like elevated little
sparkly number
and then for the shoe game option
really loving the berks we all love a
burke this is the silver one
really like that so it just makes it fun
and playful i
love the versatility of these dresses
because i love dresses and snakes i
would totally pop on a fun little white
snake just to keep it fresh and clean
all the way through but the maya v-neck
great option cannot go wrong with any of
the colors i did want to show you a
little styling tip on how to kind of pop
on a little
that gauze top that i was talking about
so you see how it's kind of long back
here it's not really showing off my
curves much so just give it kind of like
a little flip under
and then
give yourself your front tie
and then you kind of have a little bit
of wing action going on here just flip
those under and it will stay and you'll
be good and then just give your
sleeve a little
roll little tuck a little judge as you
and then you're set and ready to go so
just wanted to show that little styling
tip for you hope that helped all right
same michael stars ultra rib dress it is
just more of a crew now if you're not a
fan of a v
wonderful fabrication comes in three
colors this awesome navy which i'm
a lighter blue which i personally own
and black which i also personally own
i'm telling you guys it's the best dress
ever i take it on almost every single
vacation that
i take because it's an easy throw and go
one and done outfit and i can pop on
flats heels sneaks all of the shoe
option game that you can think of and i
just feel awesome so
trust me it's worth it
um this is the fun navy crew neck same
thing extra small so i do go size i size
down in this um the ruching
it's just so so flattering on so many
different body types a lot of people
come in and look at that dress and
they're like no thank you ma'am and i'm
like please trust me it's the world's
best dress they put it on and we just
rush it a little bit to hide and conceal
show and reveal whatever you choose and
it typically does go home with somebody
so again has the same side slits i just
dressed it up a little bit this fun
little tiered necklace this is um ever
eve it's just a fun little three-tiered
pendant necklace popped on the sahira
chloe hoop again it's the world's best
hoop comes in silver grab both and then
just a little fun
simple dainty ring there now dressing it
up we have these awesome dolce vitas i'm
going to show this to you we're going to
put it
up close because if i took that off i
would be falling over because i'm not
graceful at all so look how wonderful
that is just a great
spring dressy staple again i love
the braidedness there that little hemp
material and it does give you a little
bit of a lift everyone likes lift i like
to lift the legs and the tush just
lengthens everything and we're going to
finish it if you get chilly like you
guys know i do
the page denim jacket it's the cropped
denim jacket just give it a little pop
over your shoulder has the slightest
puff slash pleat it's not too aggressive
or anything but it does come cropped in
and it gives everyone a wonderful
waistline so just a way to step up the
game a little bit for ya that's my time
with you this week short and simple and
sweet because the dress is wonderful
comes in two styles v-neck and a crew
neck three different colors with each
grab one make sure to click it to get it
now because it is a bestseller and it
does go pretty fast if you have any
questions please let us know we would
love to answer and help you and any of
your styling needs if you're local to
never eve come in and visit us we would
love to see and style you if not check
out evereef.com or get a box from
transcend styled by us sent to you i
hope you have a great week and i will
see you next time

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