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The 3 Sweatshirts You Need

The 3 Sweatshirts You Need

It’s sweatshirt season, and Heidi is styling 3 of our favorites for you!
Perfect Sweatshirt


Atlas Sweat


Whitley Legging


Rowan Jacket


Berkley Thermal Jogger



Show Transcript
hey gang 00:06 happy happy thursday happy happy live 00:09 day 00:10 happy happy everything just happy 00:13 let's let's choose today to be happy 00:16 why don't we i was actually just saying 00:18 to the gang before we hopped on 00:21 my closet is a hot hot mess and i am 00:24 just doing my very best to discuss it 00:27 from you so if it starts to creep in 00:29 over here just i'm gonna ask for 00:31 forgiveness before we even get started 00:33 because i gotta tell you guys 00:34 this situation on this side of my closet 00:36 is not pretty it's just a mountain 00:38 it looks like i've done like 20 loads of 00:40 laundry and then just 00:41 never bothered to even think about 00:44 putting it away it like never got folded 00:47 never got hung up and now i'm just 00:48 reworking through that pile 00:49 does this happen to you it happens to me 00:52 all the time 00:52 oftentimes it doesn't even make it into 00:54 my closet like it just stays on top of 00:56 the washer and dryer and i just find 00:58 myself picking through that pile 01:00 if anyone has any tips on how to conquer 01:03 that challenge 01:04 i am all ears because i am failing 01:07 miserably but guess what 01:10 i feel like the weather is making me 01:14 want to just 01:16 get a little jump start on my wardrobe 01:19 so 01:19 i know ash was talking about this in her 01:21 stories the other day that she just 01:22 wants 01:23 something new but we're all trying to 01:25 think about what that new should be 01:27 and you want to buy smart and you want 01:29 to buy intentional 01:31 and we all start the year with kind of 01:33 that reset 01:34 in mind of like i want to love 01:36 everything in my closet so 01:38 that's what we're going to talk about 01:39 today we're going to talk about the 01:40 easiest 01:41 easiest piece that you're going to add 01:44 to your closet that is really going to 01:45 make a difference you guys and that is 01:47 jackets 01:48 bar none hands down jackets do the work 01:52 for you they instantly make you look 01:53 pulled together they help you with this 01:55 wacko doodle weather that's happening 01:57 all over the place 01:59 cold inside air conditioning inside heat 02:01 not warm enough not cold enough 02:03 all the things and what i love the most 02:06 about a jacket is that it absolutely 02:08 hands down transforms your 02:12 look i just said that really transforms 02:15 transforms do you guys watch ted lasso 02:18 sidebar 02:18 if anyone's watching it and you need 02:22 like to have your heart filled up in the 02:25 biggest way ever 02:26 you gotta watch it i'm telling you we've 02:29 watched it and then we watched it again 02:30 and then we watched it again 02:31 and i cried a little bit when the first 02:33 season was over because i wanted to keep 02:35 watching it it is that good so if you're 02:37 looking for a little heartwarmer moment 02:38 just sidebar that that just brought me 02:41 there because 02:42 they say words many times it's very 02:43 funny okay so jackets guys 02:46 here's the deal do you love marrakesh 02:48 jackets as much as i do 02:50 i mean they are the bomb diggity bomb 02:53 right why do we love them they're 02:54 lightweight 02:55 they always have crazy stretch the 02:57 colors always kind of wash down and cool 03:00 and the fit is impeccable as my kids 03:04 would say 03:05 real nice so i love this bomber we just 03:08 got in and i'm going to tell you i am 03:09 typically not 03:11 color in a jacket gal i go neutral i go 03:14 you can kind of like see my jacket 03:15 corner over here it's black it's cream 03:17 it's gray 03:18 sometimes it's green and that's it but 03:21 there's something 03:22 about this really beautiful washed down 03:25 red that grabbed my attention because i 03:27 feel like i can play with it in a lot of 03:29 ways 03:30 and i actually tried it out with a bunch 03:32 of the pieces that i pulled for life 03:33 today and i'm surprised 03:35 happily so at how many pieces i can wear 03:37 it with but i wanted to put on like the 03:39 easiest look i could find for you so 03:42 here we go formula you guys great jacket 03:45 graphic tee skinny jean sneaker 03:47 does it get any easier than that so this 03:50 great little marrakesh bomber again you 03:52 guys in this beautiful kind of washed 03:54 down red here's the deal with marrakesh 03:56 all the details so check it out look at 03:59 this awesome 04:00 stitching here which is so pretty not 04:04 like a super long silhouette which i 04:06 really like that actually because i 04:07 think it helps give you shape 04:09 nothing does like its job better at 04:11 giving you a waste 04:12 than a good jacket and especially one 04:15 that's not too long so i like this 04:16 because it's more hip length 04:18 now really lightweight you guys but it 04:21 does have pockets which thank you i 04:23 appreciate that they're stitched down 04:24 but you know you you guys know the drill 04:26 you just open that up a little bit and 04:27 then again this bomber shape which is 04:29 really nice because it doesn't have the 04:31 collar so 04:32 if you are more of a crew neck gal or if 04:34 you're still rocking your turtlenecks 04:36 this is a really easy piece to pop on 04:38 over any of those i wear it over this 04:41 great little graphic tee 04:42 and i had to wear it because what's the 04:45 next holiday 04:46 i mean we've been rocking like this 04:48 holiday momentum for a couple months now 04:50 and i just feel like i'm on the train 04:51 like i'm just gonna keep going 04:53 into the next holiday that next one is 04:55 v-day 04:56 and i thought this felt really 04:58 appropriate and you better snag it 04:59 because it's suburban riot and it's a 05:00 totally great deal 05:02 and the fabrication on this is so yummy 05:05 it's more of a 05:06 slub knit so it's got this cool texture 05:08 to it just so darn cute you guys 05:11 so and it's more of this charcoal gray 05:12 which i like so not a hard black and not 05:14 a bright white 05:15 paired it back to this great little 05:17 jacket and then i've got on 05:18 the connie ab fab from cut 05:22 oh the love story we could write to cut 05:25 denim under 100 bucks fits like a dream 05:29 crazy stretch you get to go down a size 05:33 thank you very much for that cut 05:35 so so comfy don't bag out and they are 05:38 your work 05:39 horse jeans i also love them when a new 05:42 trend comes out because you can try it 05:43 and not break the bank 05:45 the connie is still my hands down 05:48 favorite jean from cut 05:50 i just think their skinny is easy it 05:52 like goes with everything in your closet 05:54 and so i was thinking what's like a fun 05:55 little sporty combination so i put this 05:57 guy on and guys remember these 05:59 have that ab fab technology which i kind 06:02 of needed it 06:03 today it was a little weird i wasn't 06:04 gonna be able to get these zipped but i 06:05 did so you know 06:07 points for that then i paired it back to 06:09 these gola 06:10 sneakers which i gotta be honest i'm a 06:12 little obsessed with this silhouette so 06:14 this is a 06:14 fun kind of twist because i think these 06:17 feel very similar in shape to a lot of 06:19 the p448s 06:21 but for half the price and a little bit 06:23 more subdued so if you are not a sparkle 06:26 multi-colored gal the gola is such a 06:29 great way to get that trend in 06:31 these are just over a hundred dollars so 06:33 that white kind of quartz silhouette 06:35 this great little hit of kind of an 06:37 orangey rosy red and then look at like 06:40 the tongue on this with this great 06:42 little animal 06:43 print and it actually is more of like a 06:45 texture so they're not just your classic 06:47 white sneak they've got a little 06:49 something going on so 06:51 done uniform right so so easy 06:54 so there is another marrakesh jacket 06:57 that i'm really digging 06:59 that i think is so fun and so flattering 07:02 that it was hard to choose which one i 07:04 liked better 07:06 and i feel like you're probably gonna be 07:07 like me and you're just gonna grab both 07:10 because they're both so darn good so 07:13 this was the bomber silhouette again you 07:15 guys in this beautiful yummy 07:17 red color but then we have this now here 07:20 this is like more 07:21 in my kind of known wheel house right 07:23 it's more of a green i want to just give 07:25 you 07:26 the name of this one this is the 07:27 morrison this is i'd say 07:30 lined and it feels like a little bit 07:32 weightier 07:33 than that bomber silhouette did but 07:35 still not heavy and still 07:37 so much stretch but guys this has a 07:39 collar so a little different there 07:43 more of a like true front closure 07:46 i like it because it feels kind of like 07:48 a sporty 07:49 flight jacket silhouette and in that 07:52 overdyed green 07:53 it's such an easy combination so i love 07:55 this look just as much 07:57 as i love the red and i think it looks 07:59 totally different so i can see the 08:00 versatility 08:01 of both of these pieces kind of going 08:03 any which way both really fun 08:05 both really easy to wear now if i wanted 08:07 to like add a little bit more zing to 08:09 this look because i think that red 08:11 jacket really adds a lot of pop 08:12 so i picked this great little gola if i 08:15 wanted something that added 08:16 maybe just turn it up a smidge i might 08:19 grab a different gola so i actually 08:21 grabbed 08:22 this guy something kind of in between so 08:25 this is one of my favorites i like this 08:28 because it has 08:29 just a tiny tiny bit of more of like a 08:32 platform sole so you get a little bit 08:34 more lift 08:35 you get that great animal print and then 08:37 you get that fun metallic hit but it 08:38 still feels like a neutral 08:40 so you can see how cute that guy would 08:41 be in this one under 100 bucks it's 08:43 just an awesome awesome price dreamy 08:46 dreamy 08:47 comfortable so i mean one of my fav 08:50 golas and i again this i think what's 08:52 fun about both 08:53 this as well as this silhouette is they 08:55 are a little bit less of that gym 08:57 silhouette and a little bit more i'd say 08:59 that sporty 09:00 kind of chic silhouette so if you're 09:01 going more that direction i've got like 09:04 the gym silla back there that i'm going 09:05 to show you some other looks but i love 09:06 this one 09:07 if you're looking to turn it up and then 09:09 if you really wanted to go for it 09:12 leaning down squats did some squats this 09:14 morning feeling that 09:15 then you can do this guy also really fun 09:17 but i'd say this is of the three right 09:19 the most 09:20 bold with your fun little leopard and 09:22 the gold hat 09:23 you can see how like any one of these 09:26 all feel 09:27 chic fun sporty but not too over the top 09:30 and again you guys if you're loving that 09:32 sneaker trend but you're just feeling 09:33 like the p440 isn't somewhere you want 09:35 to go 09:36 or you're like me where you just in some 09:38 cases more is more when it comes to 09:40 sneakers because it's what you're living 09:41 in these are an awesome price to stock 09:43 up on and not feel that like 09:46 did i did i do too much did i do too 09:48 much okay so 09:50 morrison jacket bomber jacket such fun 09:53 ways to play 09:54 let's still think about like what are 09:55 the other options to pop on 09:57 underneath these great jackets i'm going 09:59 to keep on the morrison just for 10:00 fun just for kicks but i did grab 10:04 i know a lot of us are thinking like oh 10:07 just 10:08 the weight of 10:11 like a full-on tee underneath my jacket 10:14 sometimes is too much and i just need a 10:16 good tank i also 10:18 love buying tanks this time of year 10:20 because they help me think about like 10:21 layering now but then 10:22 on their own later i just want to make 10:24 sure i'm not missing any 10:26 questions what sweaters oh 10:29 definitely there are some lighter weight 10:31 sweaters we're starting to get in right 10:32 now that i think would be so great 10:34 underneath this jacket or underneath um 10:37 this little guy one of my favorites 10:39 actually if you guys might remember i 10:41 tried it on 10:42 a couple weeks ago it's that little 10:44 georgia lightweight hoodie 10:46 it's gray it's easy it doesn't have a 10:49 super voluminous sleeve so it's a 10:51 perfect layering piece it has a 10:53 lightweight hood 10:54 light gauge knit you can totally wear a 10:56 hood underneath this and just let it pop 10:59 out for kind of a sporty look that would 11:00 be one of my like 11:01 easy recommends also any of the 11:03 sanctuary sweaters that we have gotten 11:05 in recently 11:06 those are a little bit finer gauge when 11:08 i say that you guys i just need lighter 11:09 weight 11:10 sweaters that would be easy to pop on 11:12 under this as well 11:13 okay okay all right so back to that like 11:15 same idea so if you're just looking for 11:17 different weights underneath your 11:18 jackets 11:19 i love a good tank because by now you 11:21 know where now we're later 11:23 all the things so we just got this 11:25 awesome tank in from bobby and i wanted 11:27 to show you because i think this is one 11:29 of those we had it in a t-shirt form 11:31 meaning sleeves now we have it in a tank 11:33 and i love it because it does have 11:35 a little tiny bit more length we call it 11:38 the tunic tank 11:39 so you can get away with wearing this 11:41 with leggings but it's also not 11:43 so crazy longing that you can't pop it 11:46 on underneath a jacket or just do a 11:47 little half tuck with your 11:49 denim so it comes in that great red are 11:51 you noticing 11:52 like a theme in this like warm yummy i 11:56 call them kind of spicy 11:57 it's got spicy colors so pretty here and 12:00 then of course in your classic gray 12:01 which i'm gonna be honest i would just 12:03 live in this 12:03 all the time wear it all the time but so 12:06 pretty and 12:07 check out the little details this is one 12:08 of the reasons i love bobby they do this 12:10 great little ribbing at the bottom it's 12:12 just a little 12:13 extra the fit is lovely in this a little 12:15 bit of a swing 12:17 so if you are lucky enough to be 12:20 getting into the sunshine or you just 12:21 lift somewhere where it's a little bit 12:23 warmer this would be a great piece 12:26 to wear while traveling or when you get 12:28 to your destination wherever that might 12:30 be 12:30 now kind of same vein i grabbed this 12:33 great new tank from peyton jensen 12:36 i'm a huge fan of this guy because i 12:38 love a good tank but i love it even more 12:40 when it has a little twist to it and i 12:42 think this guy does 12:43 all the things so exclusive to every 12:45 under fifty dollars comes in this great 12:47 black as well as our beloved camo you 12:50 can never go wrong 12:51 look how cute camo would be underneath 12:53 this jacket just as a side note 12:55 or add a little rock and roll vibe with 12:57 your black 12:58 so cute you could also wear this camo 13:00 underneath the red it would be adorable 13:02 so either way guys i like the henley 13:04 silhouette but i think it's fun 13:06 that it's actually more of a v so for my 13:09 gals out there who are a little bit 13:10 bustier have a little bit more curve on 13:12 their top half 13:14 v-necks are your friend they look 13:16 beautiful underneath jackets 13:18 this is a really fun one to wear and 13:20 this knit is so 13:21 lightweight stretchy and bouncy it looks 13:24 fabulous and it's easy to layer under 13:26 literally anything also would be great 13:28 under a cardigan so one of my faves 13:29 there 13:31 now another great little tank if you're 13:34 looking for something that has a little 13:35 bit more 13:36 shape to it so this is if you're petite 13:39 if you feel like you don't 13:40 like feeling that like the volume 13:42 sometimes you can get underneath jackets 13:44 i know that this could be 13:45 like make you kind of crazy right when 13:47 you're moving around you just feel 13:48 everything shifting underneath you 13:50 that's why i grabbed the z supply tank 13:52 so this is the alley 13:53 we have it in two different camo prints 13:56 i love it in the light but it's also 13:57 great in the dark gray 13:59 again you guys a little bit more i would 14:01 say shaped 14:02 you can just tell from looking at a 14:04 little shorter than that peyton jensen 14:06 tank 14:07 equally flattering equally lovely i love 14:10 both hard to choose your favorite on 14:12 this one 14:13 really really nice options i actually 14:15 think this would be so pretty 14:17 underneath that red that'd be great i 14:19 mean darling right 14:20 so really fun combination there so this 14:22 is another just easy stock up tank 14:25 you're going to wear the heck out of and 14:27 it's 36 dollars 14:28 i mean three six thirty six dollars so 14:32 you should just buy two because you know 14:33 you're going to wear them all the time 14:34 right i mean you eat a star right 14:36 so great so another one of my faves so 14:38 great little 14:39 easy tanks you guys with so many fun 14:41 combinations 14:42 just to pop on under jackets now 14:45 what is the holy grail of jackets in the 14:48 spring 14:49 season and i know we're not in spring 14:50 yet but bear with me because i've got an 14:52 idea for you of how you can make it 14:53 happen 14:54 anyone bueller bueller denim jackets all 14:57 right 14:58 we're gonna answer it denim jackets they 15:00 are without a doubt 15:02 the layer that you wear hands down 15:06 the most all season 15:09 long and i'm gonna be honest 15:12 the best denim jacket out there is from 15:15 cut 15:16 we have it in so many colors and it's so 15:19 darn cute 15:20 i can hardly stand it so guys this is 15:22 the camo denim jacket 15:24 so fun look at that little fray at the 15:27 bottom 15:27 absolutely darling i'm gonna pop it on 15:29 for you i'm just gonna put this down so 15:30 you can see it 15:31 because this is fun right now i know 15:35 this i do this every year i look at my 15:36 closet and i say to myself 15:39 okay yep i've got a denim jacket i don't 15:42 need another one 15:43 and then i look at all the cute new 15:47 denim jackets that come in 15:48 and i realize that there's an excuse and 15:51 a reason to get a new one 15:52 and i think honestly the driver always 15:55 for me 15:56 i always had to pop my color 15:59 that preppy girl is never going to leave 16:00 me i just it's in it plus i have such a 16:02 long neck 16:03 that's one of the reasons i do it 16:04 actually guys is it helps me feel like 16:05 my neck is not floating 16:07 20 10 feet above my head like a giraffe 16:09 so 16:10 look at this yes so much stretch 16:14 really comfortable now i think in a 16:16 jacket true to size 16:18 i wear true to size and jackets and 16:19 jeans i go down in jackets i wear true 16:21 to size 16:22 i love having a little bit of room in 16:24 here so if you wanted to pop on that 16:26 lightweight sweater or a long sleeve tee 16:29 or even a little like lightweight 16:30 sweatshirt it'd be so easy to do under 16:32 this because there's so much stretch 16:34 now the camo is so fun right because it 16:36 goes with so many 16:37 options but also it comes in a couple 16:40 other 16:40 like versions i just wanted to show you 16:43 like this 16:44 which is so darn cute i can hardly stand 16:47 it now if you are not a pink 16:49 gal which i know some of you are not 16:51 right we all have that one color 16:53 that we don't wear for me it's usually 16:55 purple like i see something on the rack 16:57 and i think i can't do it 16:58 but every once in a while i'll dare 16:59 myself to try it on 17:01 and then i fall in love so the reason 17:04 i'm loving this little pink eye is 17:06 because i think it looks 17:06 so darn cute with neutrals so 17:10 if you happen to catch ash 17:13 she was talking a little bit about that 17:15 neutral set and like the easy ways to 17:18 wear it and she popped on a denim jacket 17:19 over it 17:20 now i looked at this and i was like okay 17:22 like challenge 17:24 how do we figure out a fun way to wear 17:25 this with a neutral set and i had to 17:27 grab 17:28 that great michael stars thermal set so 17:31 this 17:32 is that fun pullover hoodie and that 17:34 little jogger bottom 17:36 that is so easy to wear now remember 17:39 guys this one is really great because 17:40 it's kind of a gray 17:41 kind of a khaki it's a little bit in 17:43 between and so it's really versatile 17:46 i thought with this layered over would 17:49 be such a 17:50 fun combination for now 17:53 like a little shot of color in the arm 17:56 got a little bit of pop of course 17:57 camo yes would also be adorable over 18:01 this 18:01 but if you're looking for a little light 18:03 in your closet this would be such a fun 18:05 way to do it and then 18:06 the question becomes like how do i wear 18:08 it layer later 18:10 and lay yurd later layered all the 18:13 things 18:14 i would just grab myself one of my 18:16 favorite teas now 18:18 this is the michael stars 18:21 tea that i've become honestly a little 18:24 bit obsessed with because i am finding 18:26 that it can be a little tricky to get a 18:28 longer length t now i like a long length 18:30 t because sometimes i like to half tuck 18:33 some sometimes in my mid rise i want a 18:36 little bit more not all my jeans are 18:37 high rise and even in some of my higher 18:39 rise jeans i still want that just 18:41 coverage or i just want a tee that i can 18:44 just throw on half top with a pair of 18:45 shorts or a pair of 18:46 cutouts this guy does the trick i also 18:49 think the neckline on this 18:50 is so beautiful so for those of us that 18:54 are a little hesitant to wear a crew 18:55 neck and i'm especially thinking about 18:58 either my more petite on top or my curvy 19:01 on top like you're kind of on 19:02 either end of the spectrum and that 19:04 crewneck sometimes can feel a little 19:05 choked up right and it just feels like 19:07 we're advertising either a billboard of 19:09 no curve or a billboard of a lot of 19:11 curve 19:12 i like this neckline because i think it 19:14 really opens up and draws that eye up 19:16 and helps balance so i'm going to show 19:17 you what this guy looks like on 19:19 because i really do think it is one of 19:21 the best tea 19:22 silhouettes out there and you know i 19:25 preach to you 19:27 every year about this is that you're 19:28 going to go into your closet and you're 19:30 going to think you have a great white 19:31 t-shirt 19:32 because you bought a white t-shirt last 19:33 year but you wore it a million times 19:36 and i'm going to tell you right now that 19:37 white t-shirt when you pull it out 19:40 at the beginning of this season is not 19:44 going to look good 19:44 i'm not going to put on the weight 19:45 though because i'm wearing a black tank 19:47 and that will look 19:47 really silly i'm going to put on the 19:49 gray 19:51 so you need to find that tried and true 19:54 tea 19:54 that is going to be that stock of tea 19:56 that you buy in multiple colors 19:58 and that just gets worn like crazy 20:01 all season long so for me 20:04 right now i am leaning toward this 20:06 michael star's teeth so i want to show 20:07 you the length guys check it out 20:09 i have a long torso and i am wearing a 20:12 small 20:12 in this right uh yep i'm wearing a small 20:15 on this 20:17 if i had on leggings right now i would 20:19 rock this with leggings 20:21 no problem throw on a cardi and i'm good 20:23 to go so 20:24 easy throw on a little like knit jacket 20:26 i'm good to go i'm thinking about like 20:27 some of our fun varley pieces 20:29 but this is lightweight enough and has 20:31 enough movement in it 20:33 look at how easy it is just to do 20:36 a little half tuck blouse done 20:40 still lightweight enough that if i want 20:42 to go all in 20:44 and tuck this puppy in to my res 20:47 i can without adding a bunch of bulk 20:50 around my middle 20:51 which nobody wants that and it's so 20:53 uncomfortable i mean i don't 20:54 i'm about wanting you guys to be comfy 20:56 right that is what we do at every if we 20:58 find you 20:58 cute chic clothes that are comfy always 21:02 so it's so easy right and guys so i'm 21:04 just gonna pull my hair back so you can 21:06 see 21:06 see what i mean about this neckline so 21:10 i'm a little bit bustier for my frame 21:12 and so one of the things i love 21:13 about this is that i feel like it 21:15 doesn't cut me off of the neck 21:17 it doesn't dry your eyes straight here 21:19 it just keeps you really balanced 21:22 if you are curvy or still i still think 21:24 this is really nice and i also love the 21:26 sleeve on this this is always my quest 21:28 when it comes to t-shirts 21:29 as i like a perfect little cap sleeve i 21:31 like that this one's not too high 21:33 so it bugs me when they're like this 21:34 right that looks like more like a muscle 21:35 tank which is a thing and i love it but 21:38 that's not what i'm going for in this or 21:39 when they're too long and then you're 21:41 getting that creep into your jacket so 21:43 imagine this just paired back to 21:46 the jeans i have on with this little cut 21:48 jacket 21:49 done i mean so darn cute now i can keep 21:51 on these fun little golas 21:53 and i feel like that whole outfit is 21:55 just put together right i mean so 21:57 darn cute or you could turn the volume 22:00 down a little bit 22:02 and grab these little golas which when i 22:05 was talking about that fun athletic 22:06 sneaker 22:07 kind of trend this is the sneaker i was 22:09 thinking about that would be 22:10 so darn cute because it's neutral it's 22:13 easy and again 22:14 under a hundred dollars you guys was 22:15 such a good price i mean so cute right 22:17 love love love love love okay so we're 22:20 thinking denim jackets now i showed you 22:22 that fun camo i showed you that really 22:24 fun kind of animal pink 22:26 from cut but i'd be crazy if i didn't 22:28 show you just like a straight up 22:30 great denim blue right now here's why i 22:33 love a good denim jacket i love them 22:35 with white jeans i love them with black 22:38 jeans i love them with any of my utility 22:40 and cargo pants i love them with shorts 22:42 and i love them with dresses but i also 22:44 love them 22:44 layered in this time of year and as we 22:47 get into like earlier spring when the 22:49 weather's still kind of goofy 22:51 i even love them as like a buttoned up 22:54 alternative to a shirt and i say that i 22:57 don't typically like grab this and think 22:58 oh i'm going to wear this as a shirt but 23:00 there are times when you think you have 23:01 enough layers on 23:03 and then you get to wherever you're 23:04 going and you realize that you don't 23:06 my jacket better be able to button and 23:08 be comfortable and there's nothing that 23:09 drives me more nuts than a fabulous 23:11 jacket that can't button it's like a 23:12 button-up shirt right that you all the 23:14 sudden you put on and it pulls 23:15 so that's why i love cut because of all 23:18 the crazy stretch you guys this is a 23:20 drivable 23:21 reachable pick up a ball and s 23:24 yes yes buttonable jacket 23:28 so i want it to look good even if i'm 23:30 wearing it like maybe i have on like a 23:32 little knit dress or a jumpsuit or 23:33 something and it's just 23:34 the temperatures dipped a bit and i need 23:37 a layer 23:38 so flattering and so fabulous really 23:42 great jacket and you guys again 23:44 the jackets are under 100 so there's 23:45 such a good 23:47 incredible value i love a little bit of 23:48 nicking on this one i think it gives a 23:50 little bit of attitude 23:51 really really fun to wear and this puppy 23:54 i mean 23:55 really can go back to any set so we 23:58 talked about that great little michael 23:59 star 23:59 set in the thermal this is the set 24:02 actually that ashley was showing the 24:04 bobby set which 24:06 hop to it my friends this one is flying 24:09 off the shelves and i think part of the 24:10 reason is because it's so 24:12 crazy soft so yummy 24:15 so delicious a little bit i would say of 24:18 actually a slimmer jogger style 24:20 it has that little cargo pocket but 24:22 streamlined on your leg 24:24 it's so easy to break this guy up which 24:27 is one of the reasons i love it too 24:30 it's a must and then i think in the 24:32 neutral color so if you have not been 24:33 on board with more of that kind of print 24:35 and pattern in a set this is a really 24:37 great way to do it 24:38 alongside that michael stars that i was 24:39 talking about now i was thinking though 24:41 like with this denim jacket like what's 24:43 a fun way to add a little zing 24:45 to a look and i wanted to grab this set 24:47 from z supply so i think this is a nice 24:49 cross between that neutral but you still 24:51 want a little bit of printing pattern 24:53 such a fun set in this more kind of 24:56 camel 24:57 colored softer neutral 25:01 pieces it's a hoodie which is great i 25:04 love the jogger bottom 25:05 really clean ps it also comes with a 25:09 short which is so fun but then 25:11 layering that with this blue denim 25:13 jacket now i feel like you've got some 25:15 really fun 25:15 options to wear as the weather is 25:18 transitioning and again 25:19 with these little golas wouldn't that be 25:22 so darn cute 25:23 that combination love love love so cute 25:27 okay if weather is still not cooperating 25:30 with you 25:31 and you're loving this denim jacket idea 25:33 but maybe you just need something that's 25:34 a touch more 25:36 do i have the jacket for you and can i 25:38 just give a shout out by the way to 25:40 cindy bracelets 25:41 we have been carrying these for a few 25:42 years now 25:44 i adore these bracelets they are such an 25:47 easy 25:48 little stack i have on the white that 25:50 says positivity 25:51 that is like one of my words for 2021 25:54 i thought this was such a fun one so 25:56 it's like it's just an easy 25:58 pop on there's also a really pretty kind 26:00 of blush home we just got in 26:03 just great little piece so also i love 26:05 them as gifts they're a really fun 26:07 thing to give as a gift and they fit 26:08 everybody okay so 26:10 you want something warmer you like a 26:12 denim jacket but 26:13 maybe you need a little more this jacket 26:17 to your rescue so this reminds me a lot 26:20 of some of the quilted jackets we had 26:22 earlier this fall 26:23 in this great little quilted blue denim 26:26 how fun 26:27 is this this is from blank guys i would 26:30 say 26:30 that it's going to hit me in the same 26:32 place as my marrakesh so it's not too 26:34 short it is quilted so it's a little bit 26:37 warmer 26:38 fun little pockets and i do say i do not 26:41 mind this 26:42 with jeans because of the contrast in 26:45 the wash 26:46 and i think all the things that are 26:47 going on i think it's so darn fun but i 26:49 can see this 26:50 with a great sweater underneath there's 26:51 plenty of room or a sweatshirt 26:54 or as you transition into that like 26:56 slightly warmer weather 26:57 this is when you grab your favorite 26:59 michael stars tee this is what i'm 27:00 wearing in 27:01 the charcoal but guys remember white and 27:03 that blush pink 27:05 would be so cute underneath this and 27:07 then a pair of white denim and you are 27:09 like so good to go such a fun fun 27:12 piece okay 27:15 two more ideas two more two more 27:19 every and i love this t-shirt more and 27:21 more every time i take off a jacket i'm 27:22 like yes 27:24 that t-shirt it's such a good one and 27:26 the weight of it is so nice you know how 27:28 you're always looking for that perfect 27:29 weight 27:30 you don't want it too heavy of a t-shirt 27:32 too light of a t-shirt 27:33 i the weight on this one is so so yummy 27:36 okay so if weather is still 27:40 chilly where you are and or you just 27:42 need 27:43 something fresh i want to make sure that 27:46 you saw 27:47 my two favorite wormy wormy jackets 27:50 if you didn't catch these were are 27:53 both on every tv so if you go to our 27:55 website 27:57 go to every tv you will see you can see 28:00 me wearing these in two different videos 28:02 but i love this jacket from sanctuary so 28:03 much i had to show you because it is so 28:05 delicious and delightful 28:06 and i couldn't have said that any faster 28:08 if i tried 28:09 i i'm gonna be honest guys i mean i am 28:13 an outdoor gal in the winter if you live 28:15 in minnesota you kind of just have to 28:16 embrace it 28:17 so i own my fair share of jackets no 28:19 doubt and 28:20 many of my jackets i will tell you are 28:23 more on the like true outerwear 28:25 like technical gear but there are just 28:28 times when i want something that is warm 28:30 but cute 28:31 and this sanctuary jacket does the trick 28:33 now i think it's generous 28:34 i sized down one in this and still have 28:36 plenty of room 28:38 i feel like this is kind of the cute 28:39 version of patagonia no offense 28:41 patagonia i own many and i love them but 28:43 there's something about this this is so 28:45 fun and you guys it is 28:46 warm it is lined it is 28:50 plush it's got this high collar which is 28:52 always my test when you're just chili 28:54 chili chili 28:56 such a fun one i adore it 28:59 get your hands on this one because 29:01 winter unfortunately is not over yet so 29:04 one of my favorite favorites here i had 29:06 to show you and it's actually been one 29:08 of our best sellers over the past two 29:09 weeks 29:10 so i know no no that this guy's gonna be 29:13 gone so a really fun one to get 29:14 all right speaking of bestsellers i just 29:16 had to highlight 29:18 one piece that i think is the bomb 29:22 love it mel wore it in her stories 29:25 and if you want to see someone rocking 29:28 this 29:28 and you question whether or not you can 29:30 wear this chaser jumpsuit 29:32 you need to see it on mel and it will 29:34 blow 29:35 your mind how amazing she looks in it 29:38 you can also see her in every tv 29:40 so fun or she's saved in highlights in 29:41 our stories so this is that chaser 29:44 knit jumpsuit you guys check it out it's 29:46 a zipper it's got this great little puff 29:48 sleeve 29:48 it has a waist thank you so beautiful 29:52 beautiful shaping it's black so 29:54 super flattering it has pockets on the 29:57 back side do not 29:58 ever underestimate the power of a pocket 30:00 on a jumpsuit 30:01 it gives your behind shape instead of 30:04 that long 30:05 continuous never ending line which is 30:08 actually not all that flattering 30:10 so so flattering banded 30:13 bottom it is 30:16 to die for so if you are on the fence 30:20 about a set but you want 30:21 comfy and maybe you're tired or your 30:23 tunic and your leggings combination 30:25 this is your friend i cannot say it 30:28 enough i'm so 30:29 excited that people are embracing this 30:31 and i cannot say it enough you have to 30:33 see how beautiful mel looks in it 30:34 because 30:35 once i saw it on her i was like done 30:36 sold sign still delivered 30:38 gotta have it guys 30:41 i mean i started with that love t-shirt 30:45 tis the season so one quick rundown of 30:48 some of my favorites we're gonna keep 30:50 talking about these because before you 30:51 know what vd's gonna be here 30:53 and you just gotta show that love right 30:55 we're showing the love for 30:57 all that we love so grabbed a couple 31:00 this great little chaser tank one on my 31:02 face i think this is like a like a cute 31:04 nod to valentine's day without being 31:06 super overt 31:07 new tank from spiritual gangster peace 31:10 love and kindness 31:11 i think this is a great one to wear and 31:13 then 31:14 grand finale the love sweatshirt from 31:18 spiritual gangster 31:19 so i tried this puppy on you might 31:22 remember 31:23 the sweatshirt we had during the 31:24 holidays i that i think ran 31:27 a little bit small i went i went up a 31:30 size in it 31:30 this one i think is more true to size 31:32 and a really fun one and it's a little 31:34 bit heavier weight 31:35 so if you're still looking for something 31:37 super cozy to wear for whatever your 31:39 v-day plans bring or you just want to 31:41 spread love this is a great piece to 31:43 have 31:44 okay guys 31:48 it's jacket season it is fun time to 31:51 wear some layers 31:52 i'm talking about jackets and i'm just 31:53 standing here wearing a t-shirt but this 31:55 is what it is 31:56 it's a fun time to layer up it's a fun 31:58 time to think about how you can stay 31:59 cozy 32:00 throw on that uniform your great tea 32:03 your perfect jeans from 32:04 cut and then a sneaker i'm loving 32:07 everything from gola here and don't 32:09 forget 32:09 we also just got in i just gotta give 32:12 one last shout out to these sorel 32:14 sinkers that just came in because 32:16 i mean what to the what to the what 32:19 such a fun pair add a little sporty vibe 32:22 this would be adorable with any of the 32:24 sets 32:24 got to put those on too and then maybe 32:26 your little dumb jacket i mean then you 32:27 are just 32:28 golden in that i hope everyone has an 32:31 awesome 32:31 awesome day hope you guys gave you some 32:33 great ideas on how to layer it up 32:36 and we will see you soon take care 32:39 everyone 32:40 have a great week

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