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How to Style Sets

How to Style Sets

Get ready to get cozy! Heidi shares the best ways to style sets—our favorite look this holiday season.
Everyday Raglan Pullover



Everyday Pocket Jogger



Everyday Jogger



Everyday Jogger



Go Mail Run Slipper



Tori Ribbed Hoodie Pullover



Platform Snake Heel Sneaker



What's the Stitch Cardigan



Word Hard Tee



Black Spots Sneaker



Hit The Slopes Jacket



Riley High Rise Straight



Izzie Hiker Boot



Show Transcript
00:00 [Music] 00:07 it's not the holiday season it's set 00:10 season 00:10 or maybe they're one in the same yep you 00:13 need something that's gonna get you from 00:15 here to here 00:16 to here to here everywhere in between 00:18 and i've got 00:20 a solve for you you need a 00:23 set let's be honest this is something 00:25 that i wear on a friday 00:26 might not take it off until monday 00:28 morning no judging 00:30 but i've got some incredible ideas on 00:32 how you can take these two pieces 00:34 and make them mix and match in your 00:36 wardrobe for a bunch of new ideas 00:38 let's start from the bottom 00:41 this is the sundry everyday jogger you 00:44 got it right 00:45 you got it right this is the best 00:48 jogger out there if you don't believe me 00:51 check it out online 00:52 5 star reviews our most loved 00:56 pant here's why fits true to size 00:58 pockets 00:59 the yummiest squishiest coziest fabric 01:02 out there and doesn't bag out here 01:06 or here one of my biggest pet peeves 01:09 little style tip i'm a little bit more 01:11 petite 01:12 i do a little scooch scooch at the ankle 01:14 just to give myself 01:15 a little bit more skin a little bit of 01:17 height i'm always cheating that way 01:20 it goes back to an every exclusive this 01:22 is the sundry 01:23 everyday raglan sweatshirt equally cozy 01:27 and comfy i think this guy runs a little 01:29 bit generous i go 01:30 down a size in this and check it out 01:32 such a fun detail to make it 01:34 extra extra just a little blue sound 01:36 sleeve nothing too dramatic 01:38 but enough to give it some style some 01:40 fun and some function 01:42 it comes in four colors blue red 01:45 green and the always worn always loved 01:49 gray i've got some other ideas on how to 01:52 pair these pieces back to make more 01:53 outfits then you will know what to do 01:55 with 01:56 look number two just as easy 01:59 but turns up the volume just a notch to 02:02 make 02:02 these joggers leave your house 02:05 you can do it i know you can paired it 02:08 back to a sweater yes you can 02:09 joggers and sweaters are my favorite 02:12 combination this season 02:13 so easy to wear trade these out for 02:16 jeans any old day of the week this is 02:18 the tory ribbed sweater 02:20 one of my favorites got a little hoodie 02:22 gives a little sporty kick and then i 02:24 popped on 02:25 a pair of p448 i love these little 02:27 platform sneaks 02:28 they go with literally anything and that 02:30 hit a snake on the back 02:32 gives a little bit of attitude and fun 02:35 done 02:36 grocery runs hockey sidelines i forgot 02:39 this one thing at target and i got to go 02:41 back for the 6th 02:42 10th 20th time we've all done it 02:46 now you're dressed for it so easy i've 02:49 got a whole nother 02:50 look and another idea coming up i had to 02:52 do it 02:53 another sweater look because honestly 02:56 jogger outfits are kind of like peanut m 02:58 m's 02:59 you can never have enough so this is for 03:02 all my layering girls out there who love 03:04 themselves a good 03:05 cardi this is the what's the stitch 03:08 cardi 03:08 from bb dakota i love it it comes in 03:11 three colors 03:12 i popped on the black it has yummy yummy 03:15 pockets perfect for hiding 03:17 halloween candy i know what you're doing 03:20 because i'm 03:21 doing it too maybe the remote control or 03:23 whatever else you stash 03:25 we've got on this super fun graphic tee 03:28 i love the messaging everybody needs a 03:30 mantra and this should be it right now 03:32 again paired back to my joggers so easy 03:35 see how they just like swap out like 03:37 denim and then i had to switch out my 03:39 p448s because 03:40 i mean they're so darn cute a little bit 03:43 of black to tie it all together 03:44 styling tip for my friend ash let that 03:47 cardigan hit you on 03:48 your sides helps just create everything 03:51 slim it down 03:52 there you go easy cardi look just 03:55 like the fun little hoodie i ended on 03:57 before if you're looking for other 03:59 sweater options to go back to those 04:01 joggers i've got 04:02 one more idea for you taking that 04:05 incredible sweatshirt and making a whole 04:06 new look right out of it 04:08 the opportunities are endless so fun 04:12 look three look for who knows we've lost 04:15 count 04:16 that's how versatile these sets are why 04:18 i love them so much 04:19 i took that amazing sweatshirt paired it 04:22 back to a pair of denim and a boot 04:24 i mean it doesn't get any easier than 04:26 this you guys a little bit of heather in 04:28 this guy just so you check it out that's 04:29 why i love it a little bit of depth to 04:31 the color 04:32 now i paired it back to the best 04:34 straight leg denim out there 04:36 you know it you love it the a goldie 04:38 riley 04:39 high rise straight leg little bit of 04:42 destruction 04:43 but it has stretch so it is comfortable 04:46 and fits body types like you would not 04:48 believe it's a bestseller for a reason 04:50 you guys i mean 04:51 you know better than me it looks good on 04:53 everybody now paired it back to that 04:55 mark fisher combat boot if you haven't 04:56 tried the combat boot yet this is a fun 04:59 way to do it a little bit of sherpa on 05:02 the front softens that boot a little bit 05:04 and it gives it a little outdoor vibe 05:06 and speaking of outdoors if you are 05:08 kicking around in this look and you need 05:09 an extra layer i grabbed this free 05:12 people fleece jacket this is the hit the 05:14 slopes 05:15 jacket i love the green pop in this kind 05:18 of fun 05:18 outdoorsy little unexpected color 05:21 combination 05:22 there we go so cute to wear to all those 05:25 backyard bonfires or just that weather 05:27 that is starting to not cooperate with 05:29 us 05:29 including the snow that's happening 05:31 behind me right now 05:33 sets you guys they're so versatile 05:35 you're going to wear them a million ways 05:37 make sure you check out our stores or 05:39 every dot com for 05:40 all the fun options that are out there 05:43 we'll get you dressed from head to toe 05:44 no problem see you soon 05:55 you

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