Closet Staple: The Little Black Dress

Closet Staple: The Little Black Dress

The staple every closet needs: a Little Black Dress. Tune in as Heidi styles 3 LBDs that will take you from sidelines to date night (and everywhere in between).
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[Music] 0:07 okay gang three days three ways and we 0:11 are going to talk about the 0:13 essential 0:15 piece for 0:17 really any time of year we're going to 0:18 focus on spring and summer the little 0:21 black dress everybody needs one you 0:24 might need more than one because there 0:26 are a bunch of occasions and activities 0:29 coming up in your life i've got just the 0:31 solve for it 0:32 be it an active weekend 0:34 a little bit more casual or even a 0:37 really fun night out so let's start with 0:40 number one it is running around season 0:44 maybe many of you are headed on a spring 0:46 vacation where you know you're going to 0:48 be tromping behind those kids 0:50 be a disney world disneyland universal 0:52 studios name it you're chasing and so 0:55 you need something that's comfortable 0:57 easy and still looks put together this 0:59 dress from barley checks all the boxes 1:03 why do we love it knit stretchy comfy 1:06 runs a little generous i went down a 1:09 size in this one so that i could have it 1:12 be a little bit more fitted and not feel 1:13 so relaxed bra friendly paired it back 1:17 to my favorite fun sandal of the season 1:20 this is the teva 1:22 done with this awesome little platform 1:25 sole so lots of cushion the sky 1:28 really easy to pop on and yes for those 1:31 of you who might be heading to a water 1:33 park or at least somewhere with water 1:36 rides they can get wet and they'll dry 1:38 in a flash now speaking of when that 1:41 weather changes you need a fun little 1:44 layer i've got this fabulous 1:47 denim jacket from blank nyc with a knit 1:50 hoodie and sleaze 1:52 such a fun one just to pop on 1:55 denim buddy 1:57 layer up keeps you a little bit cozier 2:00 on those cooler nights but still helps 2:02 you feel put together 2:04 done and done for that knocking around 2:07 and at under 80 this dress cannot be 2:11 beat 2:12 i've got a fun 2:13 look coming up 2:15 okay 2:16 next look such a fun one this is the 2:19 anywhere dress and it's named that for a 2:22 reason it will take you 2:24 anywhere and everywhere this is an 2:27 essential 2:28 suitcase 2:29 make or break piece you can dress it up 2:32 you can dress it down make it a little 2:35 bit more casual make it a little bit 2:36 more elevated i love it for so many 2:39 reasons let's start from the top 2:41 it is poplin fabrication so nice and 2:44 lightweight and airy it comes in three 2:46 colors of course i'm showing you black 2:48 because of our theme of little black 2:49 dresses 2:51 ron's generous so i went down a size in 2:54 this guy a couple things i think are 2:55 fabulous about it is that seam that hits 2:57 you below the bust line 2:59 so very flattering a full sleeve but 3:02 still hits at that elbow and on my 3:04 petite frame 3:05 just above the knee length now airy 3:09 sophisticated and fun i'm going to be 3:11 wearing this out to dinner and drinks on 3:14 my vacation but don't think twice about 3:17 it i am also going to be wearing it for 3:18 baseball games come this summer now 3:20 pairing it back to 3:22 such a fun new brand for every laid back 3:25 london they take a fun little whimsical 3:28 tropical boho vibe in their sandals and 3:32 make them so comfortable this is this 3:35 great little black and white pair i love 3:36 the toe ring the ankle strap 3:39 crazy crazy comfy but also adds a little 3:41 bit of 3:43 genesi quoi to my outfit 3:45 brand new just came in shipment from the 3:48 specs sunglasses 3:50 aren't these so fun and we are done 3:54 i see a cocktail hour in my future 3:58 one more look coming up 4:01 last look i told you this was a fun 4:03 night out look 4:04 ribbed sweater dress from line and dot 4:07 now one of the best things about sweater 4:09 dresses is they are incredibly forgiving 4:12 and incredibly flattering especially 4:15 when done in a rib knit so love this 4:18 little mock collar here with this 4:20 cutaway halter shape 4:22 so flattering even if you are broad 4:24 shouldered like i am draws the eye up 4:27 and really creates a beautiful hourglass 4:29 silhouette 4:30 grazes doesn't squeeze so really really 4:34 comfortable and on my petite height this 4:38 is hitting me more like a midi anyone 4:40 who i would say is probably five six or 4:42 taller it's going to hit you more knee 4:45 length now how did i accessorize it i 4:47 kept it simple started with my favorite 4:50 parker clay bag i'm holding it 4:53 straight up and down almost like a 4:54 little handbag you can also fold it over 4:57 and make it into a clutch such a chic 5:00 little piece 5:01 added a few pops of black this simple 5:04 simple hoop earring 5:06 my fun bracelets and last but not least 5:09 this killer sandal from mark fisher now 5:13 one of the things i love about this is 5:14 that it almost dish 5:16 disappears 5:18 it has a mesh top 5:20 lace up around that ankle and just helps 5:23 to elongate the body and keep all the 5:26 attention on that stunning dress and 5:29 stunning you 5:31 hope this gave you some great ideas on 5:33 that lbd 5:35 exactly when to wear it where and the 5:37 ones that you need to get into your 5:38 closet asap 5:40 hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 5:42 and we will see you soon take care 5:52 you

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