Style Solve: Summer Fun

Style Solve: Summer Fun

Calendar starting to fill up? Tune in as Meg talks outfits for all our summer events—whether you're headed to an all-day tournament or an outdoor concert.
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happy friday friends talking all things
outdoor activities with you this week
we're going to show you three looks to
take you from the sidelines to concerts
to weddings stay tuned all right first
look for outdoor activities is
everything sidelines i'm typically on
sidelines most week nights and weekends
with the boys and it's just a really fun
place for us to be but i like to look
cute while doing it
um i love a layer as we all know i
typically get cold any fling of a wind
and i'm freezing so the new sanctuary
keystone jacket i am wearing an extra
small end it's kind of like a jacket
almost so really light layer i'm not
going to overheat but it does just give
me a nice little
layer if needed
extra small for size reference a little
bit on the shorter length which i like
but check out this adorable balloon
sleeve going on you can leave it long
you can give it a little rush too you
can even cuff it if need but i just love
that and i am a sucker for olive and a
stripe together i'm going to take this
off because
it is warm in here today but taking this
off to show off the new michael stars
tank this is the tory tank right yeah
it's a tory stripe tank comes in three
colors um i'm just wearing the white and
black stripe extra small for size
reference i love the scoop neckline gave
it a front tuck here just left the
back hanging out i'm in the parker cuffs
these are my my jams i'm typically not a
short person but these ones are my
absolute favorite because it just hugs
my curves nicely
it's not too tight on these powerful
thighs of mine i do size up to a 28 28 i
may have already said that
but if i didn't i'll say it again i'm in
a 28 because i like a little bit of a
slouch in my shorts and then we've got
the tabas these are so darn comfortable
i like them as a tennis shoe alternative
because it does get hot outside you know
and i don't want to have hot feet but i
love these and i sometimes take them off
to just start getting a nice little tan
action going there
but i also like to have a great little
bag because sometimes we're out in the
fields for hours and hours and hours on
end no joke but um we need snacks
sometimes a change of clothes and this
tutor tote from think royland is
adorable i love the structure of it so
it does stand up by itself i just added
strap if you needed the strap to carry
extra things with you if you need to do
some work on the sideline like i
sometimes do but this just is just an
sideline look and you can do all of the
things all right outdoor concert season
is here i'm very excited we actually
have one coming up and i was wanting to
wear a dress just because it's an easy
one and done look
and what better dress is there than the
michael stars ribbed dress this is a new
little neckline so it's more of a square
neckline this go around i love the gray
color it has the ruching which we can
hide and conceal show and reveal
whatever we want with this has a nice
little slit for a little bit of an extra
sexiness keeping it a little bit simple
with a flat sandal we'll talk about the
second but this michael stars dress i
have several of them are my absolute
favorites it's the best dress that we
carry in the store and i love that we
have new silhouettes and necklines
coming out with them i do size down to
an extra small in my dresses and i do
encourage most people too just because i
feel that that fabrication does relax a
little bit and i don't want it to be too
fabricy in areas that we don't need it
because it just makes us look bigger
than what we are
keeping the jewelry simple i'm loving
this new this is called the johnny
necklace it's actually three necklaces
this beaded one is by itself
and then the you have like a fun little
layered necklace with that snake chain
and then the paper link but how fun is
that just gives a little dimension there
with everything shoes these are the
dolce vitas these are the
lyanna strappy sandal comes in cream
cork yellow orange and black i think
that's all but
great everyday sandal 50
so grab a couple of them they're just an
easy throw and go has a great little
cushion pad in there trying to get this
on be ladylike at the same time ah there
we go
of course i need a layer because i
always get cold this is just an easy
cloth and stone gauze button down
so what i love about this dress too is
just the versatility with this so pop on
gauze button or any other button down
like this
lift your back
tuck it underneath right there and then
you can give a little
front tuck
and you are all set
and ready to enjoy
your evening concert out if it gets a
little bit chilly so again i cannot
praise this dress enough it is the dream
dress that you need in your closet all
right last look would be a great option
for an outdoor wedding an outdoor like
dressier events
fundraiser maybe but it's just actually
it's a modern set and you know i'm a
sucker for a set and i always encourage
you to buy both so it's the azalea one
shoulder top and the azalea midi tiered
these colors are amazing and i'm so here
for it i'm a true to size in my top with
a small what i do love about this you
can um you can wear your strapless bra
with it i've seen a little trick that
you can put like wear your regular bra
and like scoop it over here i'll see if
i can try to find a tutorial for that
i'm not sure but i do love that it has a
banded bottom this top would look great
with a pair of shorts white bottoms
so that way you have a bunch of