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 New In: Now and Later Musts

New In: Now and Later Musts

Ash is LIVE with new must-haves you’ll wear now (and into the new year!).
Out of Line Pullover


Umika Bootie



Paige Chain Necklace


Milly Pendant Necklace


Joey Gold Statement Ring



Wesley Jacket



Loren Relaxed Tunic Pullover


Twain Dress


Let's Hang Cardi


Show Transcript
good morning we're live so many things have  already happened this monday morning i'm like  
what's all happening here waiting for people  hop on but hi you guys oh my gosh the countdown  
is on it's christmas week can we believe it we  were literally everybody here just like how was  
your weekend do you have gifts left to pick up  shop for do all the things what are you cooking  
like it's here and holy buckets it's now we're  like going through everything okay so hi i hope  
you guys had a great weekend i don't know why my  voice gets so high i get nervous and my voice gets  
high and i'm that's so annoying and it's super  annoying on a monday morning so i apologize but  
happy holidays you guys i hope you're all well and  safe um okay we're talking about new arrivals and  
there's some good ones that i'm so super so  super so super super excited about including  
this sweater oh i have just been like waiting  to put this sweater on this is a new guy by um  
bb dakota at first i was like i could totally do  leggings and then i was like you know what i'm  
having a fat day i don't know how any of you guys  are feeling but i went pretty hard this weekend on  
holiday cookies and chex mix we might have stopped  at mcdonald's on our way to do last minute holiday  
shopping so i was like you know what i'm gonna put  on a pair of jeans that make me feel really really  
really really good um these are the agolde riley  we've worn them a ton and they're still a go-to  
favorite but i'm just like obsessed with this  new baby dakota sweater you guys such a great  
transition to go into spring i know or january  just the new year i'm ready for it are you ready  
for it um i have to wrap gifts i have to wrap  gifts too i literally just went through last night  
um our whole stockpile because we have like our  santa gifts that go into special wrapping paper  
and then like our gifts and then all my nieces  and nephews that we're shipping out to and  
just getting that all organized we have lots to  um wrap so get my actually you know what i just  
remembered i might better make sure i have tape i  better make sure i have tape so that's on my list  
to do get yeah but gifts are done but anyways okay  let's hop back to the sweater because i'm like i  
had a whole vision for this thing like i knew i  wanted to wear a red lip today and then my lips  
were so chapped and i just wanted this like great  red bold matte lip so if you're still looking for  
an outfit for yourself for the holidays this  sweater a bold red lip this is not as bold as  
i wanted it to go but again chapped lips so i  had to put the chapstick on then the lipstick  
faded it all the things but whatever this sweater  i love these instructed agolde's and then you know  
what it's like i'm just gonna be festive all week  long so i put on a booty why not so i love these  
little marc fisher these like little um booties  but and some gold jewelry to kind of oh my gosh  
somebody's like i still have to start shopping  you go girl we'll be thinking about you you got  
it hey you guys you're still looking for holiday  shopping evereve stores are open we have dressing  
room to go and store pickup that will help make  things so much quicker to knock off your list so  
if you're still looking for some good goodies  head into a store or dress room to go or store  
pickup and we can kind of help you guys get your  gift giving self but we have some good goodies in  
here that you can still get for gift giving or  to wear yourself and let's start talking about
is this not so good is this not so good this is  rails you guys i wish you could feel it i mean  
this is softer than my dog when he was a puppy  like oh i don't i just want to like i want to  
put it on my face but i'm not going to put it on  my face because i'm you know going to be safe but  
anyways um how cute is this little pink piping  and it's like a heavy duty jacket so for some  
of you like right now it is almost 40 degrees in  minnesota right now so this would just be a great  
throw over jacket i was just talking in my stories  if you're still doing last minute gift shopping i  
don't like to wear a heavy winter coat when i'm  going um christmas shopping because i'm sweating  
you're standing in line um just you're holding  all of the things you're sweating so i just like  
to wear something lightweight or a sweatshirt that  you can just pop in and out of the store with and  
this little rails guy is so good so it's got this  little weathertech um lining kind of a sweatshirt  
liner on the inside um she's an investment but  definitely well worth it because it's definitely  
that indoor outdoor jacket but how cute is that  you know camo goes with everything so loving  
this new guy by rails obsessed and again spring  jacket this would be great i know i'm like you're  
like let us let us hit the new year before we even  talking about spring but i'm just like let's move  
forward let's get let's get it okay this is the  other guy i thought about wearing today because  
who doesn't love just like a basic oversized  tunic sweater this guy's new from peyton jensen  
really classic black i thought this would be cute  with a little black spanx actually this might be  
cute for a little holiday outfit too red lip spanx  cute pair of socks jazzed it up with some jewelry  
but this guy is super lightweight still cozy  oversized so then all the christmas cookies  
i've eaten already this weekend it won't even  matter because you won't see it because this guy  
is just going to be flattering oversized and oh  so good and i think this guy's under 100 so such  
a great little go-to everyday sweater all righty  okay check this out okay so for those of you who  
want to get a little bit dressier but still want  to be really cozy this new cupcakes and cashmere  
tunic sweater dress so cute i love like the orange  is so rich and it doesn't feel like too seasonal  
so it doesn't feel like too too holiday it kind of  just feels cozy actually kind of cute destructed  
skinny jeans and a little brown booty too but i  love like this little sleeve detail just a little  
bit of that balloon sleeve so pretty so this  guy just came in i'm talking so fast because i'm  
so excited okay new year's new year's is coming  up i mean again how cute is this little um button  
down by rails rails is really crushing it today  they got like so many fun new things this would be  
cute with a little destructed jean how fun would  this be with the white jean i know i'm gonna say  
it you can even wear white for the holidays  how cute is this but just like their classic  
button down and this little fun star and then you  guys could do i'm i'm missing makeup can you tell  
because i keep talking about a red lip but this  would be really fun with like a really bold um i  
don't know pink lip aren't we missing it i feel  like i don't do lip stuff because i'm just like  
want to keep my mask clean so i try not to wear  makeup but i'm i think when i'm home for the  
holidays we're just going to pop it up a little  bit go a little hog wild with our makeup but this  
would be so fun for new year's eve you guys and  then i just think it's just a great transition  
into the spring okay these are not new but these  are a bets best seller they're back in stock  
heidi wore this for her three days three ways  on saturday um check that out in our little  
highlights or it's going to be on eetv she wore  the cutest outfit and it makes me want to buy this  
sweater um these let's hang cardigans by sanctuary  back in stock these are our best seller you guys  
love this little leopard this would be an awesome  little gift because it works on so many different  
body types and i just feel like they're in the  best neutral color and so lightweight so no matter  
where um you are from a weather demographic hot  cold this is such a great little piece we got the  
leopard so cute and then this beautiful camo which  just kind of goes with everything and heidi had um  
this guy in her stories with the riley's that i  have on with a pair of sneakers um they actually  
be cute with these little tan marc fisher boots  and then the same goes for this camo what a cute  
little outfit but that actually would be really  cute with joggers too if you guys are keeping like  
low do you guys get dressed up for the holidays  are you guys just like we're jammies i mean the  
year of 2020 is jammy slippers and sets  but i'm kind of feeling festive what are  
you guys gonna do you guys dressing up for  you guys let us know what you guys are doing  
okay and then the last minute stocking stuffer for  myself because these are absolutely so so so fun  
check out these new rome slippers i don't know  i mean i these make me so incredibly happy you  
guys i can't even take it they are just the rome  slippers are a little bit more of an investment  
but hot dang they're fun they have like this  little shearling fabrication but the colors  
i'm obsessed with it just this please know  that i mean this in the best way it reminds  
me of sesame street just like colorful fun  happiness i need these slippers these are my  
stocking stuffers so again if my husband's  watching i love these in my stocking and  
it's empty right now so let's we can fill  her up but you guys um thinking about you  
this week it's gonna be a crazy week i hope  you guys are all safe and healthy and happy um  
our stores shipping cutoff has ended but our  stores are open so if you're just trying to  
save some time head into one of our stores you  guys can do stored pickup or dressing room to go  
we will be open on christmas eve um so head  in there and our teams will definitely help  
you out also heidi is going live on wednesday  this week and she is in our flagship store so  
it should be really fun kind of helping you  guys find last-minute outfit ideas and maybe  
some gift ideas but anywho have a great holiday  i don't think i'm gonna see you until next week  
and yeah happy happy holidays to you and your  family and i'm gonna see you next week bye guys

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