New-In (Don't Miss These)

New-In (Don't Miss These)

A new week means new arrivals, and Kristina is LIVE from our flagship store with the just-landed pieces we're obsessed with (don't miss these!).
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good morning every friends hi everyone
happy monday i am christina clappers i'm
the vp of merchandising here at every
and i just to give you a little bit of
background on what i do i help basically
make sure that the buying team their
vision for product gets executed across
our company and um i help lead our
visual merchandising team our styling
team and our product education in the
store so i actually just got done
styling the august catalog last week
which is so fun so give you a little
sneak peek of what we're doing behind
the scenes i am here in minnesota on a
very dreary monday trying to channel
some like patio happy hour because it's
so depressing it was like 70 degrees on
saturday and it's 30 this morning so um
definitely going for the patio vibes and
hopefully that will be coming sometime
soon and hopefully you are somewhere
where it's actually nice and warm and
feels like spring today we are going to
be talking all things color so the
colors were super excited about this
season sneak peek a little bit of
neutral and a little pop of blues and
pinks so lots of fun happening from a
color front this season there's lots of
brights all of that happening but one of
my favorite things is a way to infuse
color into your wardrobe with a little
bit more of a neutral tone to it so
thinking some of those pastels but not
in like a little girl way pastel like in
a grown up really cool elevated way to
wear some of these pastels so we're
gonna be talking through that
first i want to give you the behind the
scenes on my look so i am wearing a
brand new dress that we just got in from
opt i have been waiting seven months for
this dress to come in because i saw it
last fall when we were choosing it for
our spring collection
super excited about it i love i'll take
off my jacket in a second so you can see
the details of it but love the tearing
love the print and then i have on our
classic every double breasted linen
blazer over it this blazer comes into
several different colors so we've got it
in white we've got it in tan we have it
in black it's awesome one of my favorite
pieces it's super stretchy i don't think
anyone does blazers better than every
and this is definitely a fan favorite so
if you don't have this in your wardrobe
you should pick it up it's really fun
and very cool all right my dress i want
to show you the sleeves a little bit so
that you can see how fun this dress is
for when it actually does get a little
bit warmer out so wonderful great little
cinching on here the ruching for me
being an hourglass and having a bit of a
bust i love this because it creates
shape and shows off my waist and gives
me waste and then i love this little
flutter sleeve as well it's sort of like
having a sleeve without having one so
it's super fun just definitely gives
that little bit of a feminine touch to
your look but not necessarily going
overboard with it and then i'm going to
come a little bit closer before i put my
jacket on so that you can see the print
so the print on this is this really
beautiful almost like a menswear full
large print but it has a little bit of
femininity to it and floral aspect to it
so it's really pretty it's got blues
browns and then um my favorite color in
the whole entire world ivory i threw on
just to get a little bit of the pop of
the blues i threw on these little shirts
shoes that are a bright denim blue which
i think is such a fun trend for the
season with a little bit of fringe and
just adds a little bit of pop so that i
get some color in my look even though
i'm definitely mostly a neutral type of
all right we're gonna get into the rack
here because i have so many fun things
to talk about but wanted to shout out
there if you have questions about
anything feel free to type them in i'd
love to answer any questions that you
have whether it's about every whether
it's about product anything like that
let me know what you have questions on
um and i'm gonna go ahead and cut this
one off at the past because i got
questions the last time i was on live my
lipstick color is an honest company
color it's a lip stain from them and now
i can't remember the exact name of it
but there's not many colors that they
it's a really pretty pinky brown we'll
see if we can get that later into the
feed so that you guys know which exact
color it is but it's kind of my tried
and true i wear it pretty much every day
um all right product let's talk product
this is another one of my favorite
dresses of the season i think this is so
fun it has that same smocking detail
that the dress i have on this is from z
supply but what i love about this is
that tan base and then getting those
tops of the turquoise and then it's sort
of almost like a coral and a really
darker coral red in here so one thing
that's really fun it looks a little bit
sherberty but in a really grown up
really fun sophisticated way for you if
you are traveling or if you are in a
warmer weather environment i love this
dress for a date night because
the back of it's a little bit more bare
so it's um one where you could do a
little bit of a strapless bra underneath
that would be really easy or if you have
a bralette that's eraser back that has a
little bit more of a lace trim or
something like that to it that would be
really fun as well to pair underneath
this with just an easy slide flip-flop
anything like that great dress it's so
fun for patios
and just little easy weekend throw on
dress i love this one from z supply
next up we have this cloth and stone
romper so cloth and stone is a go-to
brand for us it is their fabrics are
amazing they do a lot of chambray they
do a lot of linen this one is sort of a
wash poplin it's a great little fabric
it's so easy lightweight if you are
petite rompers are one of your best
friends so i love this because i love
the tan color on this i think it's a