New for the Long Weekend

New for the Long Weekend

The countdown is on to the long weekend ahead of us—and Jamie is LIVE with just-landed pieces to snag as we kick off summer.
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hello a happy monday welcome back from
the weekend i'm jamie nelson here for
your new arrivals this morning i am the
producer here at every super excited we
have memorial weekend coming up let's
chat what do you have going on this
weekend to me
memorial weekend
is kind of the kickoff of summer today
for new arrivals we have put together
you're like summer basics to me
you need all of these in your closet
they're going to be your go-to items
that you keep grabbing they're your
casual summer basics
can you see my shoes we have some really
fun brands to talk about today to kind
of get started i want to take you
through my look
top and bottom let's talk
this penny button down
so delightful i was just talking to the
girls here in the studio is so soft you
know those little baby blankets like
that muslin fabric
it's double layered has a really pretty
kind of soft blue stripe down the side
it is double line so there's no crazy
see-through-ness you have to worry about
a little bit more of the open
sleeve detail for that for your arms
i love it it has a nice it'd be perfect
for a little necklace here
tucked in again this is the citizen
penny i'm wearing a small
on top
it is so delightful for your summer and
it's a great way if you like those
button-ups to put something that's a
little bit more casual for the summer
but still keep you dressed up these
are delightful they are the citizen
long short they are a four and a half
inch seam courtney will correct me if
i'm wrong but we just looked it up
look at these
they're so comfortable and they fit so
nice at the leg they're not too tight
they have a raw hemline here high waist
with the button detail going up top you
i'm loving them
sometimes citizens have felt a little
tight on me but these are 28 and they're
drea me really dreamy okay can you see
my shoes
can you see them
they're so fun
arizona love
these are a must-have for the summer
they're so so so comfortable
that comfort base of a sandal
wrapped in a vintage bandana look at how
cute these are that bandanna gives it so
much comfort plus a fun fashion
little staple
to me these are like you don't just get
one you get a couple because you're
going to like want the denim that i have
then you're going to want the white ones
throw them on with some shorts
throw them on even with a really cute
tiered dress dress it up a little bit
really really really fun
so much stuff to talk about but these
the arizona love would go with anything
that i'm showing you and they come in
lots of different colors we also have
i'll show you this black and white
look at how cute these are
and i'm telling you they're so
comfortable these are you're wearing to
the lake you're wearing to the farmer's
the baseball games you have coming up
the kids soccer games different events
you have it's perfect because they're
comfortable and they're cute so it's
like you're not just wearing like a
black sandal they have something to talk
all right let's go through
some of the stuff we have for you today
basics we all need a tank if you haven't
gotten the michael stars vtec or v-neck
tank you gotta have it look at these
beautiful colors it has a great knit to
it a little thicker wear it with a nude
bra it's not too sheer
this is like
you throw it out with a pair of shorts
you use it as a layering tank
beautiful blue color
i love this i love all the colors that
we have going today they're just kind of
like your perfect
summer breeze
i also i love a good stripe frame look
at this it's a little bit more of like a
razor neck so this one you might want to
change your bra a little bit or wear a
strapless bra with it
you definitely want to go nude it's a
little bit more of a see-through but
again is if you go nude you'll be just
this is the frame
ringer tank i want to make sure i got
the name for you
i love it look how cute this would be
paired with a short tucked in with your
denim arizona love
i love it these shorts these shorts are
the citizen annabelle
they are the long short four and a half
inch seam but i have shorter legs and
they're not too long on me my length if
i have it is in my in my mid section uh
my legs are definitely shorter i'm about
five four
these are size 28 they're really really
comfortable they're not it's not like
crazy stretchy but they're not stiff so
like a really good
solid denim
summer we have to do the tanks but we
also need those layering pieces because
at the end of the night it gets a little
cooler so you might want something to
cover up
i love i have been eyeing this sundry by
every forever
this is the pop stripe button down
one thing i love about it you've heard
me talk before i love pink so this fun
little stripe of pink on the side is
great to me you wear this with shorts
you could wear it with white denim or
you wear it as a swimsuit cover-up if
you're at the lake i recently traveled
and decided

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