New Collection: Love Squad x EVEREVE

New Collection: Love Squad x EVEREVE

Meg is here introducing our new design collab with fitness icon and Founder + CEO of Love Squad, Ally Love. Each exclusive piece was designed with heart—and the best part? 10% of each purchase goes to Armour Dance Theatre. Tune in now to see how we're styling each piece this season!
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00:03 [Music] 00:09 kind of geeking out because talking all 00:11 the awesome things of love squad which 00:14 is allie loves apparel and her brand 00:17 and ever eve collaborating together some 00:20 great new pieces coming in stay tuned to 00:22 see how we're styling it so you may be 00:24 asking who is allie love well 00:27 she's amazing that's who she is a boss 00:30 lady 00:31 she was the ray of light for our 00:33 september catalog here at ever eve so 00:35 she's an every brand ambassador she is a 00:38 peloton instructor so if you peloton you 00:40 have seen her because she has 00:42 been there for five years she just 00:44 celebrated her fifth year and she is 00:46 phenomenal so much fun and she is the 00:49 ceo and founder of love squad which we 00:52 have collaborated with and the premise 00:54 behind love squad is to empower 00:58 you through conversations to educate 01:01 motivate and inspire so she's just 01:05 she's just a phenomenal human being and 01:07 i'm so excited that i get to share 01:10 all the fun things that we have together 01:13 with love squad first up is the better 01:16 together this is the love squad camo tee 01:18 and you'll see that they will all have 01:20 love squad on there i did size up to a 01:22 medium in this so just for a little 01:24 reference i wanted a little bit more 01:25 room if you like a bit more of a fitted 01:27 look to be a little bit more tailored 01:29 totally stay to your true to size i just 01:31 wanted a little room to groove gave it a 01:33 front little tuck here i'll show you the 01:35 length of it it's not too long not too 01:37 short it's like the perfect tee we all 01:39 need that just great go-to tea just gave 01:42 it a little front talk into these are 01:43 the edwins it's the breeze straight 01:46 so it's a great little gray wash can you 01:48 see that little gray wash fish looks 01:50 good right guys it's because of the 01:51 peloton 01:53 and then um what i love about this it's 01:55 a slim straight so it's going to be 01:58 still slim through our thigh and relax 02:00 just a little bit at our knee and have 02:02 just a little bit of a wider leg opening 02:04 and this is the 02:06 i think it's the mallory girls help me 02:09 here it's the mallory sherpa 02:11 um sneaker from mark fisher these are 02:14 really really cushiony and soft they do 02:17 feel a little roomy in my eight and a 02:18 half so i might have to try on an eight 02:21 just for cyber size reference there i'm 02:24 pretty much a hardcore eight and a half 02:25 these just feel a little roomy for me 02:28 but this is just like an easy go-to 02:30 outfit let's talk about jewelry 02:32 i love this little 02:34 toggle necklace here i have been wearing 02:37 this pretty much every single day and it 02:39 does stay it has not fallen off and it 02:41 just gives a nice little weight there 02:43 and then this is my try and true 02:44 favorite ally also wears it on her bike 02:47 rides and it's just a simple dainty 02:50 little half crescent also comes in 02:53 silver too if that's more your speed and 02:55 jam so matching sets aren't going away i 02:58 feel that they're going to be here 03:00 for the end of time and i'm okay with 03:03 that you all know my love for matching 03:06 set i always encourage you to grab the 03:09 full set because of the so many 03:11 different outfit combinations that you 03:12 can do 03:13 this is the love squad half zip first 03:17 off my favorite detail of this whole 03:18 thing couple of things love squad 03:20 obviously i love this gold 03:23 zip right here going on half zip and 03:26 then because that can be your necklace 03:28 but of course i like to be a little 03:30 pop of extra i just kept on the same 03:32 jewelry i will have the same jewelry on 03:34 for the entire 03:35 the entire show if you will but look how 03:38 fun this little fun 03:40 pleated puff little sleeve there i left 03:44 my collar up because i like to have my 03:46 collar up with these things 03:48 i did size up to a medium and both the 03:51 top and bottom for this just for size 03:53 reference i just felt it was running a 03:55 little bit narrow for me 03:57 and i feel that the medium it's still a 03:59 nice fitted to show off the curves 04:02 but i just really liked 04:04 how the medium felt so keep that in mind 04:06 i gave it a little front tuck into the 04:08 love squad this is just a cute little 04:11 pant right here it is a little bit more 04:12 of a crop length going on right here and 04:15 it has a little bit of kind of like a 04:17 pop of kick there going on 04:20 it also has love squad can you see that 04:22 yeah you can see that it has the love 04:23 squad 04:24 emblem going on right there as well so 04:27 again totally fun to rock the whole set 04:30 i think that this would be a great one 04:32 if you 04:33 are 04:34 i don't know wrapping gifts cooking 04:36 dinner 04:38 lounging around on saturday or sunday 04:40 afternoons 04:41 did you see the new minnetonka side 04:44 slippers here these are the lilies this 04:47 is an eight they come in whole size only 04:49 so just keep that in mind i'm an eight 04:51 and a half i did size down to an eight i 04:53 tried on the nine and i felt i was going 04:55 to um flip my shoe over and then i would 04:58 fall because i'm not a super graceful 05:01 human being this makes a great gift it 05:04 is 45 so keep that in mind this set both 05:07 the top and bottom are both 89 so under 05:10 90 i think that is a steal 05:13 so wonderful looking chic this would 05:14 also make a great little travel look and 05:17 you can pop on 05:19 just like a good white sneaker this is 05:21 that 05:23 zebby that jack zeby one with a fun pop 05:25 of pink at the bottom i think that would 05:27 totally translate well if you were to 05:29 travel in this kept on the sweatshirt 05:31 popped on a pair of jeans and a heeled 05:34 booty and i'm now ready for 05:36 dinner drinks lunch 05:38 whatever because it's just a little bit 05:40 more elevated but the sweatshirt is 05:42 still super comfy 05:44 again that little puff right there just 05:47 just 05:48 ups your game there in the sweatshirt 05:50 department so left everything the same 05:52 here popped on these are the riley's 05:55 from a goldie in the new darker wash and 05:58 i love them they're so awesome a goldie 06:01 is my denim like it fits my body so 06:04 nicely i like the little bit of rigid 06:07 feel to them still has a nice little 06:09 some stretch there but i just feel with 06:11 a rigid denim 06:12 it molds to your body's 06:15 curves so 06:16 much 06:17 it's just so nice it's just it fits like 06:20 a glove every single time so love this 06:22 for so many reasons love the little bit 06:24 of a darker wash it's pretty clean all 06:26 the way down there is just some like 06:29 distressing and abrasions going on here 06:32 that's a fancy word for y'all to do to 06:34 use and add to your vocabulary 06:36 denim has abrasions to it um pockets 06:39 look good tush is up and lifted has that 06:41 apple bottom 06:43 that i get again from all the classes 06:45 that i take from ali this has it is a 06:48 little bit of a crop but it's not too 06:49 bad or anything it has a little bit of a 06:52 wider leg opening to pop on do you see 06:54 these awesome new corkies this is the i 06:57 think it's the pillar hilled booty these 07:00 are amazing i can do an entire eight 07:03 hour shift in these and my feet are fine 07:06 my back is fine i feel really good there 07:09 is actual cork in the heel and they're 07:11 just like a super flexible let me take 07:13 this off without falling um super 07:16 flexible 07:17 toe bed right there so 07:20 these are and it's just a real 07:22 pretty 07:23 suede going on there so it just elevates 07:25 the look a little bit love the 07:28 brown tones there too you can totally 07:30 mix black and browns together don't let 07:32 anyone tell you you can't and i love 07:34 that with a straighter leg opening 07:36 it just fits right over the boot so 07:39 nicely so this is just a fun easy 07:43 casual but still 07:44 sophisticated up to a sweatshirt and 07:47 jeans look all right last look is a 07:50 great little sporty vibe going on you 07:52 know i gotta sneak that sporty look in 07:54 there some way somehow and we did it 07:56 with this great create your own 07:58 narrative 07:59 tunic little lightweight sweatshirt 08:02 slash t-shirt i wouldn't really call it 08:04 a sweatshirt it's a long sleeve hoodie 08:06 shirt 08:08 that was a lot of words right there 08:10 apologies this is what happens when i'm 08:11 out of practice but just popped on this 08:14 great this is the sanctuary um the midi 08:16 jacket i believe it's called great price 08:18 point it's 118 bucks i think that is a 08:20 swell price point for shackets i did 08:24 size down to an extra small just because 08:26 shockets are really 08:27 they're meant to be large but for my 08:29 frame and my body type i need to have it 08:31 a little bit more tailored to me so it 08:33 doesn't wear me 08:34 and i need to wear it so it just gave it 08:37 a little rolled sleeve there i love the 08:39 colors do you see that fun little purple 08:41 right there 08:43 i'm going to take this off so i can talk 08:44 about the rest of the look this is the 08:47 tunic i'm in a small true to size on 08:49 this true to small with that love little 08:52 drawstring you can pop on your denim 08:53 jacket with this too but let's talk 08:56 these commando leggings this is the faux 08:59 78 commander legging 09:01 these are phenomenal they keep me in but 09:04 i don't feel like i'm hanging out all 09:07 over the place it has a good length 09:09 popped it um inside the linux boot from 09:12 sorel's these are 09:14 it is the perfect boot that you 09:17 can wear all year round remember sorel's 09:19 are waterproof so when that time comes 09:22 and the weather does change to that that 09:25 white stuff falling from the sky 09:27 these are going to be great little boots 09:29 for you to get because they can dress 09:31 anything up or down make it casual do 09:34 all the things this is your 09:35 quintessential good black boots right 09:37 here when you are getting someone a pair 09:39 of shoes i always think it's fun to give 09:41 them a pair of socks to go with it and 09:43 we have those bone buzz socks that 09:45 that's a three pack and there's a couple 09:47 other options too i hope you loved 09:49 everything about the love squad that is 09:51 coming through the stores 09:52 super super excited that we are 09:54 collaborating with love squad and ali 09:56 love for such an important message and 10:00 just feel good attitude if you see 10:02 anything make sure to swipe up and grab 10:05 it and snag it quickly remember things 10:07 are going fast if you are local to an 10:09 evereef come in and visit us we would 10:11 love to see you if you are not check us 10:13 out on we would love to 10:15 style a box for you 10:17 and 10:18 i hope you have a great rest of your 10:21 week i will see you next time

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