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New Brand Alert: Think Royln

New Brand Alert: Think Royln

Tune in as Heidi shares the versatile new accessory we can't live without: Think Royln belt bags.
The Original Patent Bag


Camo Skyfall Jacket


Boatneck Tank


Everyday Pocket Jogger


The Original Patent Bag


Love Ring


The Original Camo Bag


Zina Sneaker


Show Transcript
00:00 [Music] 00:07 hey gang 00:08 three days three ways so 00:11 fun we are talking all things 00:14 new accessory you got it this is think 00:17 roy lynn one of my 00:18 favorite new pieces we've gotten into 00:21 every it is a crossbody it's a bum bag 00:24 it's a shoulder bag 00:25 and it is the piece that is going to get 00:28 you through 00:29 this hands-free world we live in 00:32 absolutely love it 00:33 and it's 78 so yeah yeah you need it in 00:37 your closet 00:37 i've got some fun ideas on how to style 00:40 this kind of sporty kind of casual 00:42 and then something in between no matter 00:44 where you're headed to 00:45 so let's start with look number one 00:49 so i've got on this fabulous jamison 00:51 sweater you heard me right it's a 00:53 sweater 00:53 kind of looks like a sweatshirt but it's 00:55 got a really 00:56 fine gauge translation lightweight 01:00 really easy to pop on even if you need 01:02 to wear a jacket over it it's got a fun 01:04 little hood 01:05 drawstrings but i'm really into this 01:08 great tie-dye because i think the 01:09 neutrals are so pretty 01:11 and that hit a blue looks amazing with 01:14 denim now you know this fit this is the 01:17 hudson 01:18 barbara high rise this is a much 01:22 beloved fit and we brought it back 01:25 in this incredible incredible light blue 01:28 wash now this is an ankle skinny you can 01:30 see it's hitting me right 01:31 at my ankle so for those of you who are 01:34 blessed with longer legs it's going to 01:36 be a little bit above your ankle which 01:38 is going to look 01:39 perfect now i have it on with my gola 01:42 sneakers now i talked about these 01:44 sneakers last week 01:45 brought them back this week i like these 01:48 guys because they're so 01:50 neutral and easy to wear with anything 01:52 they're kind of a nod to that athletic 01:54 silhouette but not too over the top 01:56 and i think they're going to be great 01:57 even with like a little skirt 01:59 or a pair of shorts as we get into 02:02 warmer weather 02:02 now let's talk about the star of the 02:04 show the think royal 02:06 bag now this is the white patent version 02:08 it comes with 02:09 not one but two straps so you can wear 02:11 it all the ways now i have it worn as a 02:14 crossbody and questions about where to 02:16 pop it 02:16 i actually like my crossbody to hit me 02:19 above the hip and not below 02:21 i think this is a very personal choice 02:23 where you're most comfortable but for me 02:25 i like having access to it and when it 02:27 gets too long i think it starts to swing 02:30 around and i don't want my crossbody to 02:32 be in the back i want it right where i 02:33 can see it now 02:34 some people like it even shorter so 02:36 here's the good news about the strap 02:39 adjustable just give it a little pull 02:42 and now you've got an even shorter bag 02:44 still which i think looks really 02:46 really chic and fun i've got two other 02:49 ideas on how to wear it i'm going to 02:51 show you next how to wear it 02:53 as just a little shoulder bag but how 02:55 you can pop it on as a 02:57 crossbody after that coming up here we 02:59 go 03:00 okay look number two sporty 03:03 oh yeah this is running around knocking 03:05 around doing 03:06 all the things so many favorite pieces 03:08 here it's hard to know where to start 03:10 so let's just talk about the bag for a 03:12 second now this is the easiest way to 03:14 wear it of course 03:15 just as a sweet little shoulder strap 03:17 bag now this 03:18 is the longer strap that i have on the 03:21 patent 03:21 bag you guys look at how long the strap 03:24 gets 03:25 which is delightful if you are taller or 03:27 if you just like a longer crossbody 03:30 you can imagine on me all five four of 03:32 me look how long this puppy gets 03:34 but all you have to do is tighten up 03:36 that strap and find the right spot for 03:38 you 03:39 i also think the short strap is great 03:41 when you want to wear the bag as a 03:43 shoulder bag but i wanted you to see the 03:45 crazy 03:46 length you get from this now this is all 03:48 the way shortened up 03:49 over my shoulder and good to go now 03:53 paired this back to some of my favorite 03:55 new pieces we've been obsessing over 03:57 obsessing over these sorels ash wore 04:00 them in her 04:01 live or showed them off in her life a 04:03 couple days ago 04:04 so comfy like walking on a cloud and i 04:08 love this little hit 04:09 of yellow and khaki now paired it back 04:12 to 04:12 my everyday jogger from sundry 04:15 have you gotten it yet guys just 04:19 get this in your closet i'm telling you 04:22 it is 04:22 soft as a dream really really comfy now 04:25 here's a little style tip for you on 04:27 this one 04:28 at the end of the day you guys this is a 04:30 jogger it's a knit it's relaxed it's 04:32 comfy 04:33 make sure when you pop it on that you 04:34 put your hands in those pockets and pull 04:36 the pockets forward it just 04:38 helps to slim this part up just a little 04:40 bit when you got those pockets poking 04:41 out 04:42 it adds bumps where frankly we don't 04:44 need the bumps so 04:45 that's my little tip i just always make 04:46 sure i do that because sometimes i 04:48 forget now 04:49 favorite layer of the year the michael 04:52 stars boatneck tank 04:53 you know this tank and if you don't 04:55 you'll come to know it soon 04:57 one of our most reviewed items on the 04:59 site and our most 05:00 beloved by our customers perfect length 05:04 perfect weight not too tight not too 05:08 loose it's kind of the goldilocks of 05:09 tanks and you're going to wear it a 05:10 million ways so i 05:11 just encourage you to get this in your 05:13 closet because it's going to be a staple 05:15 all spring and summer 05:16 and then this fabulous new blank newer 05:18 jacket 05:19 sporty fun look at this super cool kind 05:22 of tech nylon 05:24 lining which is why i wanted to show you 05:26 you've got this great thumb holes here 05:28 and then this dark camo which i think is 05:30 so fabulous and check it out 05:32 a great little hood on the back as well 05:35 runs true to size 05:37 so easy to wear i'm going to do a quick 05:40 little zip just so you guys can see 05:42 what it looks like zipped up and snaps 05:44 thank you very much now if i wanted to 05:46 throw this on 05:47 as my crossbody good to 05:50 go so fun right can't you just imagine 05:53 running around in this 05:54 it's a yeah i don't know this might 05:57 actually inspire me to do some errands 05:59 we'll see okay one more look coming up 06:05 so hoping that my growling stomach was 06:07 not heard on the video fingers crossed 06:08 and if it was you guys know i just i 06:10 need to get myself some lunch 06:11 so look number three yeah baby 06:15 the bum bag here it is this is not the 06:18 bum bugs of yesteryear 06:20 they are slim they are sleek and they 06:23 are 06:24 so chic they're rhymed not even 06:27 intentionally but there you go 06:29 i love them because this is the true 06:31 hands-free solution 06:33 they don't get in your way if you are 06:34 still in colder climates you can throw a 06:36 jacket on 06:37 over it easy easy easy now a little 06:40 styling tip about 06:41 the bum bag i like it best paired with 06:44 something tucked in 06:46 or a one piece look so imagine you guys 06:49 a little jumpsuit 06:51 an easy knit dress i just think they're 06:54 easier and then you're not 06:55 fussing with like something thick and it 06:57 has something a little bit more to kind 06:58 of grip on to 06:59 now speaking of the two straps here is 07:02 an 07:02 amazing solution now i have on the 07:04 shorter strap and i just kind of 07:06 adjusted it 07:07 to hit me perfectly kind of got it as 07:10 big as it would go 07:11 to hit around my waist but i've also 07:12 tried it with that bigger strap cinched 07:14 all the way tight works beautifully so 07:16 you've got two options here to find that 07:18 right 07:19 spot for you and sometimes it depends 07:20 too on what jeans you're wearing if 07:22 they're a little bit lower rise maybe 07:23 you want the bigger strap if you're 07:24 wearing a higher rise and you want to 07:26 come up a little higher 07:27 you wear that shorter strap now why i 07:29 love it as a bum bag well you've got 07:31 that great little side pocket don't 07:32 forget it's got a top 07:33 zipper too so really holds in all the 07:37 things we're talking mess we're talking 07:38 hand sanitizer we're talking wallet 07:40 we're talking phone 07:42 what else do you have in there and i 07:43 don't carry your lipstick anymore 07:45 because of the math situation but maybe 07:46 it's some lotion because your hands get 07:47 dry and then you know something of your 07:49 kids because 07:50 life so holds it all in quilted soft 07:53 easy to wear now 07:54 paired it back to i wanted to pick up a 07:56 little bit of pink 07:57 in this strap so this great rails top 08:00 you know rails this top is no exception 08:02 i think they run a little 08:04 small so i am wearing a medium in this i 08:06 went up a size 08:08 i wanted more room especially in the bus 08:09 so i wasn't feeling that pull across the 08:11 chest 08:12 i popped on my jenny necklace my little 08:15 paper chain necklace which i love love 08:17 love this guy 08:18 adds a little bit of glint and glam to 08:20 any look and then i've got on my niko 08:23 jeans from a goldie remember these are 08:24 the sister to the riley 08:26 a little bit slimmer leg i cuffed them 08:29 because they are 08:30 a longer length i think than the riley 08:32 just a smidge on me and it might just be 08:34 because 08:35 of that straighter leg so 08:38 comfy so flattering that high rise that 08:41 just holds you in 08:42 and then these brand new sneakers that i 08:44 am 08:45 absolutely obsessing over they've got a 08:47 little hit of pink 08:48 you guys have to see them up close 08:49 because they're just that cute i mean 08:51 come on the metallic 08:52 the blush the silver the black 08:56 i mean these are a must must must such a 08:59 fun 08:59 piece as we usher in what should be a 09:02 new season coming up soon 09:04 don't forget this weekend is our last 09:07 weekend 09:07 of the denim trading event bring in an 09:09 old pair of jeans get 15 09:11 off a new pair in store only we can't 09:14 wait to style you 09:15 including in these i mean how amazing 09:17 would these be on you 09:19 trust me they'd be amazing i hope 09:21 everybody has a fantastic day i hope 09:23 this gave you some good ideas on this 09:25 great bag that i cannot wait for you to 09:28 get your hands on 09:29 see you soon everyone happy three days 09:31 two weeks 09:40 you

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