New & Now: Summer Style

New & Now: Summer Style

Already planning your summer bucket list? Kristina is LIVE with just-landed pieces that have us dreaming of all our summer plans ahead!
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hi good morning
happy monday every friends i am
christina i'm the vp of merchandising
here at every and i am here to chat all
things new arrivals with you this monday
i hope you had a great weekend in
minnesota it was actually finally
beautiful so i may have overextended
myself with how much i did outside so
hopefully i can keep my words straight
this morning because i'm a little tired
um but i'm so excited because we have so
many fun things to talk about as far as
new arrivals product um so many great
things first i want to talk about my
outfit because both of the items in my
outfit that i'm wearing this beautiful
every top and these um good americans
see i'm already already stumbling over
my words good american good wasteful lot
so jeans are both hot hot hot sellers so
if you like what i'm wearing you need to
go and grab them and get them right away
this blouse is from our make catalog it
is gorgeous we are loving the color jade
right now it is definitely having a
moment and with i love how this does
this in a subtle way and this print is
so fun it's got this beautiful sort of
like floral paisley print and it is an
amazing top i love the fabrication it's
got a little bit of a drier hand which
means for me i like that it creates a
little bit of crispness to the look and
makes it look a little bit more elevated
and dressier
so super fun easy office outfit if you
were going back to the office and you're
there i think this is such a fun little
look for that
and let's talk about these jeans okay so
these good lace flats so jeans from good
american are by far one of my favorite
jeans i've been waiting months for them
to come in and was so excited the day
they came in i was actually visiting our
chicago stores and made mel our chief of
stores tried them on that day and buy
them that day because they're so so good
they fit so many different body types
the palazzo um wide leg
flare boot cut all of that is going to
be continuing into fall so i'm super
excited about that i think it's so fun
and feels really summery i have them on
with a little platform so quite a bit of
a heel but you can also wear them with
flats they look great like that and the
fun thing is that they have a raw head
so if you are on more of the petite side
you can actually hem them yourself we
have a great little reels on our every
social about that so make sure you check
that out it teaches you exactly how to
do that at home if you need to do it but
a raw hem is really fun because it
allows you to do that on your own and
really really easy so love these again
lots of body types that they fed they
are so exciting so um just a really fun
jean so again that's a little bit about
my look and oh i also accessorized with
these little cute jade earrings too so
really fun to pull that off and try
something new i'm not necessarily
normally an earring person so i love
actually having that little pop of jade
because it kind of pulls everything
together so
that's a little bit about my look now
let's get into some of my favorite new
arrivals that hit over the last week we
have first off this is an amazing little
sanctuary sweater vest i love sweater
vests those also very on trend right now
for spring and summer so many fun ways
that you can wear them i think they
would look great with the palazzo jean
that i have on they also look awesome
with shorts so cut off denim shorts look
great with they look great with more of
some other fun like skirt options which
i'll talk a little bit about later but
you can do a lot with sweater vests and
they're just so easy so what i love
about them is the versatility of this
you can throw a blazer over it a denim
jacket anything like that and they're
easy and on the go and super comfortable
and really really flattering so that is
from sanctuary
next up i want to talk about paige so
you know and love paige for denim but
did you know that they also do a lot of
other clothing items so some of my
favorites that they have in right now is
this beautiful top it is a wrap top it's
in this gold color which i think is just
so gorgeous and this floral print
super super flattering so love this
waist detail here i think if you are
somebody that's more of a rectangle body
type so a rectangle is again where your
shoulders your waist and your hips are
all the same all the way down so you
don't go necessarily in there you just
go straight all the way down this is an
awesome top for you because it will
create a waist and actually highlight
that and give you a little bit of shape
so super fun this fabric is beautiful
it's super silky it feels really great
and i just think this is wonderful this
is a great look for anything that you
can wear with like um again these jeans
would be super cute because you could do
it a little dressier with a pant just a
lot of different options with this top
and i think it's very versatile and can
kind of go anywhere so that's from paige
as well as this sweater this one i'm
personally obsessed with i love the
crochet trend i think this is so fun how
it's got this little bit of an open
weave you will need to wear a tank
underneath that so just keep that in
mind that this is something that you
want to grab a tank for it is gorgeous
it is again really soft it's got this
little bit of a ruffle here with the
and i think this is so much fun again it
looks great with my pretty much
everything is going to look good with my
palazzo jeans that i have on today but
this also would be really cute with a
little cut off short so another fun
option there i like doing that
especially for summer nights i think
that's a really fun option is doing a
great little sweater with a cut off
short is really fun so
love this from paige so i think that's
so fun that we're starting to carry some
page that is outside of denim so really