Need Now: Spring Layers

Need Now: Spring Layers

Show of hands—are you in full spring mode, or only seeing glimpses so far? Either way layers are a must, and Charla is here with the pieces to get you through the up-and-down weather.
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hey friends i'm so glad that you tuned
in today because on the right side of 50
we are talking about spring layers now
whether you are already living somewhere
where that's like full into spring or
you're like us in minnesota where we're
getting just a tease of spring here and
there we do know that sometimes you're
going to need that little layer just to
get you through some of those days that
are in like the 50s and the 60s when
you're not quite ready for tank tops
well i'm going to start with this great
little sweater here from 525. um it's a
great little like a shaker style sweater
if you're a kid a child of the 80s
that's kind of what it reminds me of um
this beautiful little like robin's egg
blue which again perfect for spring a
little bit
longer so those of you that maybe are
more comfortable wearing something long
that kind of runs a little lower you
might like this or if you're tall gal
like me
wearing a long sweater like this
actually looks like something that would
be just a normal size on a a little more
petite person okay
i layered it this is my layer um
underneath with a crisp white shirt from
good american now it that takes you kind
of back to like the men's suiting crispy
white shirt why i love the fabrication
of this good american is it's a little
bit stiffer which i love because when
you style it then and you pop that
collar because you know i'm a collar
popper it stays up you don't get the
floppy floppy it stays up it stays
really crisp and really just seems a
little more elevated um than your
typical layer okay another styling tip
um you know me i like to like pull out
those cuffs a little um and then just
cuff them up a little bit like one
little layer and then just pop the
sleeves a little i mean look at that
that movement is so great and really
shows off the fact that you've got those
layering pieces on
together okay
so fun now i put mine also um with these
great little citizens of humanity shorts
um they run a little bit longer again
now i'm 5'9 so you can kind of see where
that hits on me again even with that we
got the shirt and the layered sweater
that will just cover in the back if you
need a little more coverage it is a
high-rise denim why do i like high-rise
denim i like high-rise lung because i
don't like muffin tops high-rise denim
hits a little closer to your waist and
it keeps everything in so if you are at
any point wearing like a more
form-fitting shirt you're not going to
get any of that muffin top showing which
i love
okay um great little distressing on
there which makes it
a little more casual i love kind of the
juxtaposition of the crispy white
tailored men's shirt with the fun little
distressed shorts and then of course the
shoes i mean can we even with these
shoes mark fisher fun little strappy
sandal they go all the way around your
ankle the thing i love about this too is
it has a little strap on your toe so
those of you that you know sometimes
those summer sandals that go between
your toes can rub a little bit and not
everybody is comfortable wearing that
this one's perfect it gives you a fun
little look but it's just that one that
one little strap over your big toe um in
a real neutral shade so it keeps
everything again real neutral and calm
for spring
and then jewelry you know i always have
to have little jewelry on these fun
little um
opal earrings which i think are so great
little acrylic ones
fun little bracelet stack and the team
will link those um for you in this and
bags i always have to have a bag i am a
bag girl i've got all different kinds
because you just need a bag to complete
your outfit this is a fun little bag
that we have in it's a new brand for us
called mercado that we're carrying um
fun little i mean look at this this fun
little leather strap on here that ties
you can use it as a tote
and just throw it over you can also tie
it in the inside so it's a little more
structured if you want to i mean i mean
so many options and then the tassels the
detail on here just really completes the
outfit so
so many layers so many fun pieces all
together you are wearing this out you
were wearing this about you are running
errands you're meeting friends for maybe
a lunch or something you're getting
outside because the weather's so
beautiful okay that was look number one
for spring layers i'll be right back
let's look number two i remember as a
kid my grandma each year would give me
money to buy a new spring jacket and if
i was still doing that tradition this is
the jacket i would get it is a great
little trench coat it's called the ever
trench by every eve
it is kind of like the classic shape of
a traditional trench coat fun little
pockets it's got the detail of the
little strap on the sleeve the little
tortoise shell buttons but it's an
upgrade from the traditional
uh kind of like london fog style it's a
little more loose fabrication um so it's
much more um on trend i would say and it
really moves when you walk it's very
very very soft
i also like the fact that it's not like
a stiff heavy fabrication um so that you
if you just need that light layer you're
not going to get too warm and it also
keeps it really easy so for you to keep
moving whether you're picking up kids or
loading the car or having to carry
different things you've got plenty of
moving and it's never too tight um also
if you remember like the old school
trench coast coats always had like a
buckle a little belt that came around
with a big buckle and everybody kind of
didn't know what to do with it they were
either tying it in the back or tucking
it in the pockets so we solved that
problem for you in the back it's got a
little panel that's ruched so it already
gathers right in the back for you so you
don't need to even deal with the fussy
fuzzy belt okay
um again this has that that look of a
trench coat and like a raincoat feel
it's not a raincoat per se again which
keeps it not such a heavy fabrication
it's softer and again really on trend
okay um now what i layered underneath
this was this cute little top i'm
actually gonna take the jacket off for a
second this cute little top from goldie
um it looks like a basic tee but when
you take the little jacket off i mean
look how special this is this fun little
gathered ruching that goes all the way
down from shoulder to elbow which makes
this just so special it's a nice thin
again that you can just easily put
underneath the jacket or a blazer even
but it's special enough to wear on its
own should you want to do that um and
then the jeans
five nine i'm always looking for a jean
that's long enough for me and it doesn't
look like i'm always wearing cropped
this is the one for you my friends this
is by a.g it's the alexis straight so a