Mother's Day Plans? Wear This

Mother's Day Plans? Wear This

Mother's Day is this weekend, and we've got the dress that will take you anywhere. Tune in as Mel shows you 3 ways to wear this dress—from sidelines to brunch to dinner reservations.
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hi every friends it's mel i'm in our
oakbrook store today and i am thinking
about mother's day weekend and what you
all are wearing and just want to make a
suggestion for you wherever your
mother's day takes you um this is the
anywhere dress it is by sundry
i'm in the cherry color which i really
think is this beautiful coral
as you see it's got a little split neck
to it so you can do a little layered
necklace it's got a little tiered bodice
another tier down here at the bottom
super easy to wear bra friendly fun
little puff sleeve really it fits all
body types and you can do this little
cherry color um which is my favorite you
can also do this in black so solid black
and then this is the ditsy floral really
fun print it's got the coral color but
also pulls in the pinks um so three
different options again the anywhere
dress by sundry very very easy to wear
but i think what's great about this
dress is it truly can take you anywhere
so i've got it on with sneakers i would
say pop on a little think roilin
bum bag and let's say
your mother's day is taking you out to
sporting events or somewhere where
you've got to do a lot of walking you
want to be comfortable you can easily
dress this down
by just putting on some fun sporty
accessories so again if you're not
familiar with think roilin they make
these really fun nylon bags they're
super easy to wear they've got great
little compartments there's one here in
the back for your keys
and they're just great to have all the
things the phone the chapstick like all
the things when you're on the go right
here you can also wear it as a fanny
pack so love these think roilin
and then again i have it on with
sneakers um so these are just some white
new balance 210 sneakers
i'll show you up close and personal if
you need just a little basic tennie to
get you through the rest of spring and
into summer 69
as well i think this is a great one
and then for fun this is our little
ellie stack bracelet this is all one
piece you can get these all together
she's gold multi-color multi-strand just
super super fun
so that would be on the go
okay it's mother's day i hope your
mother's day takes you on a beautiful
brunch so let's say we're out of the
casual we're on to brunch with our
family change out the accessories for
this dress and you are ready to do a
great little brunch
are you familiar with teaks i just
changed out my shoe it's kind of hard to
all the way down there at the bottom but
you can see completely nude this little
color is called pout which is beautiful
this is the allegra double strap slide
by teaks antiques are just so easy to
you can see they're really really thin
but they've got great cushion to them so
they're easy to wear as well
but just a beautiful
simple flat sandal highly recommend
teeks if you haven't tried them throw on
a little summer hat this is by harriet
isles this is the jewels hat
and then added just another accessory so
i kept on
this beautiful little multi-strand and
then i added a multi-strand necklace
this is the posy beaded double or triple
strand necklace and this one here i know
it's hard to see but this has a little
bit of color through the beading as well
so new shoe new hat popped on an extra
accessory and we're ready to brunch
okay let's talk mother's day date night
if mother's day did not have you on the
run for the day
or take you to brunch i hope you are
getting a nice dinner and a little date
night out of this so again same dress
sundry anywhere dress i forgot to tell
you i'm in a two
if you're unfamiliar with sundry sizing
one two three sizing i'm in a size two
it's my typical size true to size
on this dress
and all i've done again is just changed
my shoe and my accessories so if you
have not tried this shoe
i bought this last year we brought it
back in because it was a bestseller it's
so fantastic it's dolce vita
this is the paley sandal the colors cafe
so it's just a beautiful nude
if you followed me before you know i'm
not in a heel unless it's comfortable i
will tell you this little stacked heel
is incredibly comfortable
and like i said this has been in my
closet for a year and i absolutely love
it it just kind of disappears on your
leg so if you're going out to dinner you
really want to dress this dress up dress
this dress up a little bit this is a
great shoe to do it
change the accessories i just took off
the layered kind of fun colored pieces
and i added just a great statement
earring so this is the paris raffia
earring little double strand kind of
ovals here really playful and that
raffia kind of texture
very fun definitely for spring you're
going out in the evening i'm still in
chicago i know i would definitely need a
so i would just say as always a super
easy add-on to this playful little dress
is a nice denim jacket so this one's a
little bit different obviously there's
some volume right to the sleeve on this
dress so you're going to want to do
something oversized
this is the sanctuary
cropped shirt jacket i love the wash
it's also kind of like stone washed a
little bit
so you'll see this is just nice
oversized but still a little bit cropped
so you can still get the nice shape of
the jacket
and it just falls
really really easy
and well
kind of roll up your sleeves here a
little bit
and then if you need a nice little layer
you've got it happy mother's day to you
i hope this

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