Just Landed: Summer Musts

Just Landed: Summer Musts

School's out, summer's on—and we need looks for doing it all. Tune in as Kristina walks us through our hot new drops for packing in all the summer fun.
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good morning good morning good morning
every friends happy monday
i am christina clockers i'm the vp of
merchandising here at every and i am
joining you this morning to talk about
all things new arrivals so we have so
many fun things um coming into the store
and online for us this season
so many new things that we get to talk
about from a fashion perspective and it
is so much fun so let's get started i'm
going to start by talking about my
outfit um i want to talk about this top
so obsessed with this top it is by a
brand called nation which does amazing
t-shirts they do sort of upscale
elevated t-shirts but yet still super
comfy and casual which i love they kind
of go either way this is the paraboxy
tee i love this because it is a t-shirt
fabrication so i'm gonna come a little
closer so you can see it so t-shirt
fabrication here but then a poplar
fabrication here so it gives that sleeve
a little bit more of a crispness really
fun i love this as an idea for wearing
out um if you work in a more casual
environment like i do i can wear this to
work which i love um but so much fun and
i paired that with the paige anessa wide
leg so this is an amazing jean it is
super duper stretchy i wish you could
feel this fabrication i feel like i'm
wearing my pajamas right now because i'm
so darn comfortable but love this jean
the wide leg is definitely happening i
think this is so much fun it is a very
flattering jean i'm a little bit more of
a curvy shape so i'm an hourglass which
means that my shoulders and my hips are
about the same distance if you drew a
line down but my waist goes in so i love
paige because it's a brand that really
highlights my shape
comes and knits in at the waist and one
other thing that's really fun about
these jeans is the fact that they are a
raw hem so with the wide leg trend being
a thing and boot cut flare all of that
coming back y'all are gonna have to get
real comfortable with your tailor again
which i know it has been something we
haven't had to deal with in a really
long time however one of the things
that's really fun is if you have a jean
like this where it has a raw hem you can
actually cut this at home by yourself we
actually have a really fun little reels
on how to do that so check out that out
on every official but this is a great
jean it works well for all body types
different heights one of the things that
i love about it is just how flattering
it is and again how darn stretchy it is
so much fun all right we talked about my
outfit let's get started in the rest of
our new arrivals which are really cool
so want to start off with this top by
every i love this top it's got a little
bit of a rocker vibe which i think is
really fun um it's a ribbed material so
it's a t-shirt fabrication super
comfortable really lightweight for
summer but it's got these really cool
cutouts so it's got shoulder cut outs
and then it's also got this front cutout
right here which is definitely something
that is trending gives it a little bit
of a sexier feel and yet it's still bra
friendly our design team works really
hard to make sure that we make things
that are bra friendly so that you can
still wear a bra with it i think this is
so much fun so yay shout out to our
design team but such a great little tank
really easy with a pair of
jeans like the ones i have on so many
different options that you can wear with
and i actually love it paired back to
this little skirt from rails so a fun
print for the summer floral is
definitely happening i love this floral
print it has so many different colors in
it and it's got this great little
ruching here so again super flattering
if you are more on the petite side this
skirt is going to be killer on you just
so much fun it's got a little ruffle on
the bottom so still feels feminine but i
love the idea of pairing these two
together because you get that little bit
of a rocker vibe here with a little bit
more of a feminine vibe in the skirt so
a really fun option for you as well as
next up we've got another nation top so
you may or may not have guessed that we
really love the brand nation here this
one i love so smocking another big trend
for the summer season this one is so
much fun i love the sleeve detail on
this with that little bit of puff and a
little bit of ruching really flattering
if you are somebody that doesn't love to
cover your arms for the summer and lots
of great snaps on here so again it's
super flattering it gives that idea
there's a lot happening with a more
fitted layer that trend is going to
continue into fall for sure um but what
i love about this one is it gives you
that look of a fitted layer without
being so constricting and not
necessarily um
showing off all of the things that you
don't want to show off i guess um so
this one is a little bit more flattering
it gives that little bit of relaxation
through the waist but really fun here
love this also tucked into a pair of
jeans they look great with shorts it
looks great with a skirt a really cool
option is a wide leg pant and you can
wear it to work so a little bit more of
a dressier feel for it so lots of fun
here with that top
another nation top so
right back into the same color that i'm
wearing if you are somebody that wants a
little bit more of a sleeve and doesn't
love to show off your arms i love this
one this is kind of i think we're
calling it a caterpillar sleeve which i
think is kind of a fun way to call this
but it's got that ruching here so again
it's going to give you a little bit of a
shoulder so if you are more petite up
top if you're more of a triangle body
type which means that you are narrow and
probably a little smaller chested on the
top and then you get a little bit more
out as you go down towards your hips
this is an amazing top it's going to
balance that hip to shoulder ratio which