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Our Favorite Sneakers (and How to Style Them)

Our Favorite Sneakers (and How to Style Them)

Heidi is sharing the 3 pairs of sneakers you need for the season—and our favorite looks to wear them with.
Fiona Shearling Jacket



Trek Pant


Let's Hang Cardi


Kiera Lace Trim Cami


Vale Ring Stack



Ella Stretch Chain Bracelets


Show Transcript
hey hey hey here we go three  days three ways we're talking  
sneaker looks and let's get real you guys we  are running around like crazy and there is no  
better time than to slip on a pair of sneakers  than right now especially if it is a holi-daily  
deal oh yeah you heard me amazing holideal  today the gola sneaker originally 80 down to  
60 and it doesn't get any cuter than this guy i  have to tell you i've seen pictures of this shoe  
and when i finally got it delivered to my house to  record for you guys i kind of lost my mind because  
it is so darn cute i'm going to slip it off so you  guys can see the details one of the things that i  
absolutely love about it is it's grounded in white  so i think this is going to make it such a fun  
transition shoe as you go into spring season so  you're gonna get a ton of wear out of this puppy  
great little leopard hits i love this gold and  then that pop of white just feels so fresh and  
like perfect and easy to wear now i paired it  back too but it's going to be one footed here  
because let's be honest we all want to look at  this amazing deal on this sneaker i paired it  
back to the riley from agolde in black new color  and the fit is absolutely dreamy you guys know why  
i love this jean it rises higher higher higher and  has stretch in it so it's so crazy comfortable and  
yes it is flattering on the back side something we  all appreciate in a great pair of denim with this  
yummy cupcakes and cashmere they call it like a  shearling i call it sherpa let's just call it cozy  
great little jacket it's a little bit shorter  length but i think it's deceiving you guys because  
this jean rises so darn high it really is hitting  me at the hip and then a brand new tee from chaser  
that i have to slip off so you can see the details  on this guy because it's so fun great little  
rolled cuff on the arm which i really appreciate  it makes it look a little bit more put together  
i did a full tuck just because it felt better in  this high rise jean helped me feel a little bit  
more i don't know kind of held in and finished  and polished and then i need to give a shout  
out for accessories so first and foremost i've  got on this great little huggy hoop earring and  
it actually comes in a pack of three a bigger  hoop a great little straight stud and this guy  
it adds just a little bit of polish to any outfit  and then of course i never go anywhere without my  
sanctuary three pack mask this is the dot set  it also comes with a great little tiger print  
and a solid black you can never have too many i  don't know about you but i'm gonna be doing some  
serious running around this weekend and i better  do it with an amazing pair of sneakers you guys  
get these while they are hot they are going to fly  out the door and i promise you they are going to  
be your new favorite so fun ah happy shopping  all right two more sneaker looks coming up  
okay sneaker look number two  now this is for those of you  
who need to elevate just a little bit for this  time of year but still want to be comfy cozy  
nailed it got it for you so we're gonna start with  this amazing p448 sneaker this has been a hot one  
and i can see why the neutral kind of palette of  this guy with just a little bit of sparkle and  
shine this is the john sneaker with this great  little silver kind of leopard print hit of just  
the white it's clean and easy but still feels  elevated now the low rise p448 is absolutely  
balanced is absolutely one of my favorites you  guys because it is comfortable easy to wear and  
it's just a low enough cut that it shows a little  bit of ankle which i love that because it's leg  
lengthening now speaking of leg lengthening  have you gotten yourself in this trek pant  
yet this is from level 99 now talking about  comfort versus elevation this is one moment  
when you actually don't need to trade this is  a jogger silhouette but done in this amazing  
stretch twill so it's just a notch up from say  like your sundry everyday jogger but still just  
as comfy elastic waistband with a drawstring  really clean lines you guys so you don't have  
all the cargo pockets that i think make it feel  a little bit more sporty like the lara jogger  
as an example this guy really clean really easy to  wear and crazy crazy flattering i do think it runs  
true to size i did not size down in this level 99  pant which sometimes i do but this one i didn't  
and then i paired it back to this great red hot  sweater which i am noticing that check it out  
my hair is covering up the best part about this  this little cut out detail so if you've got zoom  
calls during the holidays if you just want to  elevate just a little bit this is such an easy  
way to do it and it feels and looks like a sweater  but honestly it's a sweatshirt no one needs to be  
the wiser you're just going to be more comfy  now popped it on with some fun accessories i  
got this little gold stack it's simple it's easy  it's stretchy this also makes a fabulous gift  
kept on my huggies and then my little delicate  ring no necklace needed in this one because of  
this great cutout detail and i'm good to go a  little sporty little fun but i still think a  
little bit elevated so gonna get it done for the  holidays no matter what one more look coming up  
okay last sneaker look and i'm kind of digging  this one i don't know it feels like maybe holiday  
zoom happy hour maybe date night at home maybe i  just need a look that's gonna make me feel like  
a million bucks and i'm telling you this one does  it so let's start from the bottom the love affair  
of high tops continues now if you have not gotten  yourself a high top yet i highly suggest this pair  
black p448s the reason i love them is there's  something about a black high top that just adds  
a little bit of edge and i call it the scratch to  any outfit it makes feminine pieces feel more edgy  
it makes really simple pieces feel like a little  bit cooler i just love them and then i'm gonna  
be so honest with you guys the p448 high top is  like walking on a cloud there is so much cushion  
in this sneaker i can wear them for hours  and hours and just live in them so this guy  
black with that great kind of metallic gold  tongue it's not too over the top it's just enough  
to add a little bit of glam now are you sensing an  agolde riley theme yep i've got on this great blue  
pair with destruction same stretch as the black  same delightful yummy high rise so comfy and so  
flattering and i love the destruction again paired  back to the sneaker i think it gives it i don't  
know just cool factor i'm always looking for cool  factor in my outfits now here's like i think the  
rub of this outfit so i'm taking a cool sneaker an  edgy destructive jean and i'm pairing it back to  
some more feminine pieces on top did you see what  i don't know why i just will go this way on top so  
this great sanctuary cardigan this is a let's-hang  cardi i love this guy because it's lightweight if  
you are looking for an easy cardigan that is not  so heavy this is a fabulous one in this great  
leopard print and then i paired it back to the  kiera cami now this is a fun way to add a little  
bit of sexiness to a cardigan i've always had a  hard time with cardigans because i think they feel  
a little too buttoned up pun intended but i love  it with a cami because i think it makes it feel a  
little bit i don't know more vavava voom a little  vavava voom in a wardrobe isn't a bad thing then  
i stacked these fun necklaces i will be honest  when i first put them on i was feeling a little  
sopranos but now i'm feeling a whole lot of love  for this i think it's a great combination my huggy  
earrings stayed on and then i just stuck with a  super delicate stack of rings and then of course  
the black mask in that dot pack from sanctuary  and i'm done such a great easy sneaker look  
that i'm promising will make your day a little  bit brighter and make you look forward to  
getting dressed because we all need that right now  sneaker looks from head to toe so easy so fun and  
i'm telling you right now that sneaker trend is  not going anywhere so it's such a fun investment  
to make because you know you're going to get a  ton of love out of it holi-daily deals continue  
hope you grab yourself a pair and hope everyone is  doing all the things they need to do to get ready  
for the holiday season in a safe way we can't wait  to see you in store shopping online and of course  
if you need help transend and dressing room to  go always here take care everybody happy holidays

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