How To Nail '70s-Inspired Looks

How To Nail '70s-Inspired Looks

The '70s are back—with a new '22 spin, of course. Tune in as Heidi shows us how to nail '70s-inspired looks this spring!
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okay gang here we go three days three
ways and this is going to be
a good one we are talking about one of
the biggest trends that is happening
this spring in fashion
and that is 70s now
let's not freak out
you can do this without looking like
you're wearing a costume it can look
chic and cool it's taking the best part
of the 70s
which is colorful
relaxed and crazy powerfully sexy
and adapting it in a way that feels
and easy and not over the top so i've
got three great looks to mix and match
that'll embrace this trend perfectly
starting with
no surprise
a fun floral print yep and your flare
now from the beginning
great little blouse this is a pullover
has this nice neckline and more of kind
of that poet sleeve now the floral here
i think is what makes us so fun for this
trend it's a little bit of brown a
little bit of orange a little bit of
blush those are all really key colors
for this trend now
i tucked it in
to a great pair of kick flares and
notice i said kick flare and not
traditional flare now
if you are not ready to get on that
flare train yet this is an easy one to
try when you've been embracing that
straight and you want to get just a
little touch of this trend this is from
seven lots of stretch in the sky this
fun button fly a little bit of
destruction so it doesn't take itself
too seriously and a raw hem
ankle length on me it hits just at my
ankle if you're a little bit taller or
have longer gams you're going to get
above that ankle bone now i paired it
back to a fabulous shoe this is a nod to
that clog style without going over the
crazy crazy comfortable in this yummy
brown suede which picks up some of the
kind of earthy fun tones in this blouse
and of course you cannot forget the
quintessential accessory piece
your gold hoop i've got a really fun
dress coming up next
okay look number two another way to
interpret that 70s trend
natural natural fabrics this is a
fabulous example
from rails a button front spin on the
slip dress shirt dress kind of combined
it is a wonderful lightweight linen so
easy easy to wear and yes if it wrinkles
that's okay it doesn't need to be
perfect and crisp that is definitely not
what this is all about i kept mine and
button just a little bit to show off a
little bit of lag it also has this
fabulous side slit and adjustable cami
straps now i'm envisioning this for
a fabulous shower or a graduation when
it is hot hot hot it's an easy one to
slip on it would also be great with a
little jacket over now accessories i'm
going to keep on that natural trend i
popped on one of my favorite new rings
that little bit of resin and then a
touch of pearl and a bracelet and these
fun shoes this woven detail in these is
so great another spin i'm kind of a
sister to a clog with that raffia and i
headed out the door
i've got one more look coming up and i
promise you this one is all the things
okay last but not least you had to know
i was going to put on a jumpsuit there
is no better way to embrace the 70s and
to put on a fabulous
flattering jumpsuit now i'm going to
tell you
there is no bigger power piece than a
incredibly stretchy
flattering jumpsuit it brings out all
the charlie's angel vibes in the very
best way possible now this is from paige
this is an iteration of that incredible
jumpsuit we've been loving it's actually
hanging right here behind me but this is
the carly
you know that pant you love it same
stretchy fabrication as the og paige
jumpsuit but done with that amazing
carly waistband and leg from the pant
that you love
cleaner shoulder so none of that puff
sexy neckline
i just adore this guy now how to
accessorize it
gold gold is my favorite material and
metal when it comes to embracing the 70s
i popped on this great little double
fun little easy cigar band and i am
ready to go from a jewelry standpoint
but let's talk about the shoes now we
know that that clog is absolutely the
way to interpret that 70s trend this guy
from corki's a it's crazy comfortable b
it's crazy chic
yummy yummy gives me a whole bunch of
height which of course elongates those
legs and makes you stand
just a little bit taller
this guy is coming home with me
for sure
so fun and a great way to get on board
with this trend that is absolutely
shooting through the roof
70s who knew many of us were born in
that decade and now we're embracing it
in a fun fashion way it doesn't have to
feel costumey it doesn't have to feel
hard there are easy easy ways to do it i
hope this gave you three fun little tips
on how to interpret it thanks so much
everyone and we will see you soon take

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