Hot Drops from AGOLDE

Hot Drops from AGOLDE

If you own a pair of jeans from AGOLDE, you know this brand knows what they're doing when it come to denim fits—and Mel is here with their new-in (and crazy flattering) silhouettes you don't want to miss!
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hi friends of every bit smell i am back
in our oak break store today and we are
going to talk about jeans i don't know
about you i live in illinois i'm still
dealing with that midwest transition to
spring and mother nature is taking her
sweet time uh so i want to tell you a
little bit about a favorite brand today
a goldie uh show you three different
styles that are a few of my favs and
talk a little bit about how to style
them so let's start jeans first
again the brand is a gold e this is the
mia straight she is an easy go-to if you
are trying to transition to a straight
leg jean this is a super easy one to
wear it's a mid-rise so if you want to
get away from a higher rise it is
definitely a mid-rise
it is definitely a firmer fabrication in
denim okay it does not have a lot of
i am sized up to a 32 uh you know size
up one from your typical size and i
think you won't regret it
it does take a little time to give but
it shoots straight from the hip i am
five seven again for reference and it
comes right at my ankle you can wear it
straight with a heel um well i talk
about these tubbas in a minute they're
just kind of fun casual
sandals so i've just done a little bit
if you can see of like just a little
messy cuff one cuff up
just to give it a little attitude
but again style back to a super casual
this is a great little gauze jacket by
bb dakota i'm in a violet
the color name is violet but i'll tell
you it kind of shows up a little bit
more blush i think which i love
if you want to go to kind of a neutral
we have it in black we also have it in
white so two great options
it is a little bit of a bomber style
right with the neck
and then
down here at the bottom a little bit
cropped and then you've got these great
little kind of ruchings that you can
play with and get it to the length that
you want i just have the sleeves you
know kind of ruched up a little bit for
fun but it's easy it's casual again it's
that gauze material that's so popular
right now
really really easy to wear and easy to
pack um underneath it i just have it
layered back to the sundry tea i'll show
you a little bit though because this tea
is so pretty
so again this is by sundry it's just the
neckline tea in white
very very flattering neckline for those
of us who are curvy gals or white or
broader in the shoulders
and then it has a nice little kind of
puff on the sleeve great sleeve length
this is definitely a great little tee
i'm going to take home with me today
love this one
and then again just back to tevas don't
you just love that tevas are coming back
um what i love though is so far we've
had black and we've had white but this
is in a really pretty metallic gold
platform for ninety dollars like
incredibly comfortable it gives you a
little height you know and
sophistication and your casual look so
that is the mia straight um let me try
on the next gene more a goldie denim for
this is the merrell straight not to be
confused with meryl streep merrell
but unlike the mia this is a slim
straight okay so this obviously fits me
a lot more fitted through my hips and my
thighs and then that straight kick out
is right below the knee um this is also
this is a long jean again i'm 5'7 but um
for you tall gals this would be more of
an ankle length on you and be absolutely
perfect for petite gals this is going to
be a full-length jean the merrell's
straight um and i don't know about you
you know when i'm wearing something like
the mia which is like a traditional
straight from the hip down i tend to
lean a little bit more into casual
styles and i just kind of styled this
one a little bit more back to like a
date night i think a slim straight
really reads date night although you
could throw your sneakers on you could
do anything with it um a couple more
details about this this is another
mid-rise okay so super easy to wear
nice little medium white lot wash for
spring and first summer
and then this one unlike the mia has a
little bit of deconstruction at the hem
okay so you've got some of that kind of
fun play at the bottom other than that
it's clean clean at the knees all the
way around
did a front tuck with this little velvet
blouse so velvet is a new brand for us
and i am becoming a huge huge fan
of this brand it is an easy gauze fabric
okay so just like the bb dakota jacket i
showed you
easy easy gauze fabric i mean you don't
even have to steam this thing you could
pack it and just throw it right on
and so it's comfortable but it has all
this great shape and structure like i
think it could be a date night top too
so it's a little bit of ruching here
high at the neck
ruching here at your sleeve and then
like i said i've just done a full tuck
with the blouse because it's kind of a
higher smock to it i thought fun to put
on a little statement earring this is
the new eleanor
she's really really pretty gold and kind
of pops of white beading again perfect
little statement
for spring and into summer little bella
belt i can always use a little help i'm
a rectangle so a belt
back to this a slim straight gives you a
nice little waistline i love that for
and then this shoe
again it's date night here so i popped
on a little slide with the heel this is
the higher heel hi yeah
and i'll show her to you she is suede
it's by corki so it's incredibly
comfortable but you get this sassy
kind of sueded
tie in the front stacked heel wood heel
in the back and so she's all the fashion
and fun
but incredibly incredibly comfortable
okay third a goldie style for you
totally different now putting on the 90s
pinch waves just kind of vintage 90s
i know this is a risk for some i
actually bought my first pair last
october when we first started bringing
them in and i've been so pleased one
thing that i love about 90s denim is
like it gives you
legs for days if you wear it with a heel
this is obviously high-rise so it sets
you up wonderfully to tuck in a great
blouse like this
but this is i will say one of the easier
styles to wear in the 90s inspired denim
super super easy
i've got it on with heels and a way to
kind of dress it up for date night but i
will say with my 90s denim i just do a
cuff at the bottom when i want to wear
it casual and slouchy i just do a little
kind of like you know undone cuff and
put it on with sneakers and i get a lot
of versatility out of it um so if you
have not dipped a toe in this trend yet
i would really encourage you to do it um

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