Holiday Kickoff

Live Style: Holiday Kickoff

'Tis the trends! Heidi is bringing all the fun, festive feels with a seasonful of style you'll love. From looks that add luxe to your leisure, gussied glam for rockin' around, and cozy layers with an alpine attitude. Get ready to get into the spirit...then grab your favorites to kick the holidays off fashion-forward.
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0:06Here We Go Gang I'm going to tell you right out of the gate I had a really really fun weekend with my college0:14girlfriends two of the four of us were sick I'm still holding on but the voice is hit and miss so hot chocolate to the0:21rescue this morning bear with me I'm going to take my Cathleen Turner voice and really turn it up for you today it's0:28such a fun live so you might have caught last week Ash stood in for me on Thursday because she is headed T early0:35early this morning because we are shooting our February catalog we're never in the right season but today I0:42get to talk about our November catalog that just dropped and if you haven't seen it holy smokes gang this thing is0:50chock full of every single thing you want you need and to gift for the0:57holiday season Halloween well behind us now we are in the thick of it and every1:04is here to walk you through all the things including that fun girlf friends guide if you haven't checked it out Ash and I are tuning in with you every1:11single week to give you all the tips and tricks to survive let's just talk though about the November catalog it's full of1:18fun things to dress up it's full of some cozy elements and of course it's full of great gifts so we're going to start with1:25some of my absolute favorites of this amazing Blazer to begin with from blank1:30it is Velvet it is soft it is stretchy it is so great because it's so so1:35versatile not going to lie popped it on I was like oh look at that when you put it on a 510 model and then you put it on1:41yourself you're a little surprised how long it is so a little longer than I remembered it love it just as much so what I think1:49is so great about it is this rich rich forest green I'm wearing with denim you guys could it be any easier pairing it1:55back to this fabulous tea with this great little studs gives it a little rocker feel and then again High2:01challenged we were laughing about the fact that I popped it on with these page jeans that are described as ankle length2:07as you can see on me they are a fullon ful length Jean they're supposed to be2:13more of an ankle so for those of you that are a little more long-legged these are going to be an amazing little crop2:20Jean now let's talk about the shoe because I think this is like the unsung hero of all holiday Footwear this is2:27from Splendid it's a velvet slide now why I love this acts like a2:32slipper looks like a dressed up shoe so comfy so easy works with dresses works with jeans dress it up dress it down I2:39would wear this with sweats on Christmas morning I'm going to wear this on Thanksgiving for sure when I need to2:45actually have shoes on but I don't want to have shoes on and I can't wear my Uggs I mean I could wear my Uggs but I'm2:51going to get the side eye from you know the elders who are sitting at the table so I'm going to put on the nicer shoes2:59it's going to be these for sure dying to know what you guys are doing this holiday season because I know you need3:05to get dressed for it right can you share what siid you're wearing in the Blazer and we're in a small gang so it's meant to be a little bit more relaxed so3:11this kind of boyfriend fit that we've been seeing in jackets definitely continues in this Blazer but you can see3:17what's great about this even though it's a boyfriend fit it's not really oversized in the shoulders and I think3:23that's when some of those more boyfriend Styles can really swallow you up and make you feel like you're just swimming3:28in your clothes great fit through the shoulder it's not super wide across the back but it does3:34have that more roomy body and a little bit of that longer length which makes it so great okay I'm going to put my my hot3:40chocolate down in the holiday cup I love that when that happens like all of a sudden it's like okay time to3:46be festive okay so we're going to talk about a few more of these fun kind of holiday pieces that I've been loving3:51loving loving if I wanted to go a little bit more bare and take this exact look and dress it up a bit I would grab this3:58tea right right out of the gate this has been a hot hot seller this is from every4:03metallic tea why I love it it's a tea can I say tea one more time meaning no4:10fuss no mus no ironing nobody has time for that right this time of year so love this guy because you just do a little4:16half tuck if you wanted to dress it up a little bit more than like wearing a great little Jean and I would grab a satin pant4:24there's a couple of versions of a satin pant we have on our floor right now I'm a big fan of this one from CL and stone4:30it's a wider leg a little bit more fluid I'm going to tell you these are going to be way too long on me but4:37because they're that wider leg you can just chop them off this with my little velvet slide this metallic top it's like4:43I don't know it's like a Jammy Vibe kind of but in the very best way so if you're having a holiday party at your house I4:49would rock this all day long would look so so Chic if you wanted to take that same top4:56though dress it up a little bit then I would grab that good American vegan skirt now you might have caught me wearing this last weekend in my 3 days5:03three ways why I love this I'm thinking about all of my friends who live down south when it is still like 75 degrees5:10on Thanksgiving and very very lovely but you want to get you don't know kind of festive more seasonally dressed up5:17really really lightweight and sexy slit in the back makes this skirt a total5:23home run so I love this because of the weight not so heavy would be so Chic again back with this or you could have5:32some fun with it dress it up maybe a little bit more and pair it back to this pistola sweater which I'm showing you this because it is selling out5:39gang this feels a little bit like The Price is Right meets like QBC but I'm telling you right now if you have been5:46eyeing this sweater if you saw it in the catalog and you fell in love with it maybe you CAU it in our email blast last5:51week get it now it is almost gone which is crazy I could like feel the ticker5:58happening as I'm talking but so so fun so from pistola it's got this foil treatment on it you can6:04actually see it's this like beautiful camel underneath which I think is so cool and so fun so an easy one again6:10like paired back to black kind of casual but then if you wanted to turn it up a notch you could easily pair back to a6:17great little coat of denim how beautiful is this this is from Cut in this pearl color makes it more mod chromatic so so6:24Chic we also have another kind of creamy version of a coated coming from p page6:29which if you're a page girl you're going to love it I love this cut version but this is an absolute must have get it6:35while you can from pistola true to size on this one I know it's going to be gone so if you've got your eye on it snag it6:41snag it snag it I know that many of you have like fullon let's get dressed go out do the6:48big night out here is your answer so for those of us who are not blessed with6:54living in a warmer climate it can get really chilly and or you're just somewhere where the air conditioning is7:00pumping pumping pumping and it is cold so you want to feel dressed up you want7:05to be a little bit more covered a sheer sleeve for the holidays is your answer so flattering and so fun I absolutely7:12love this blouse it's like kind of a nod to animal kind of a nod to camo it's7:18like a canimal but done in black and gold which is so beautiful this is from ever true to size on this one an easy7:25one to tuck in this would look great with that vegan skirt I love it with those beautiful satin pants but I also love it7:32a little bit more casual and Rocker with a pair of black jeans like I would wear it for sure with these but again I think7:37it's that sheer sleeve that really makes this blouse so so stunning it is a showstopper and7:45gorgeous and then for those of you who just want to wear a dress I see you I7:51hear you I understand it if you're going to get a dress it better be one that is crazy crazy versatile this to me is the7:58answer so from Michael saurus you know for sure it's going to be a perfect fit8:04right this v-neck detail with this fun rib trim around the neck and the arms8:10makes it so so flattering it is also cut on the bias so it skims the body but doesn't hug the8:17body so flattering but not over the top and again gain that v-neck makes it tray8:22sexy now we're going to take it we're going to give it a little rock and roll edge with you know it that Marin Moto my8:29favorite favorite vegan jacket if you have not gotten your vegan jacket yet this is the one to get throw it over8:36your shoulder put it on wear it with a boot wear it with a heel wear it with a slide this is your versatile dress and8:42your versatile jacket they meet they outfit cute I mean how fun is this cannot go wrong with this and then last8:50but not least and I saved this one because I think this is like kind of an unsung hero in our holiday assortment8:57you guys have to see it so we know that it's the holidays we know that there's some traditional pieces right that we9:03just have to wear PS how cute is this t-shirt it's so cute right so fun don't9:09underestimate the power of plaid now I talked about this during my three days last week I wore this fabulous rails top9:16Buffalo plaid black and white I'm going to take that and I'm going to like double down on it because this shirt is9:22so fantastic it's another blouse from rails it has this beautiful lurex thread9:28running through it so so great and this is the top you can totally dress up I'm going to show you9:34how so we're going to old school today guys we are trying stuff on I mean it's been a while right I got to do the broad9:39check make sure okay doesn't want to flash anybody you never know you never know what's going to happen when we go live things can get a little nutty okay9:47so I'm going to take this fabulous shirt from rails so great now my thing with9:52rails always they are meant the shirts are meant to be a little bit more relaxed I9:57wear my normal size sometimes I even go up a size and the button Downs so in that this great drapey fabric that10:04they're known for I'm wearing my normal size in this okay so little bit of black little bit of green feels kind of10:10festive feels kind of fun but you can see how easy it is to take kind of a10:15classic look but it just has that fun holiday feel so here's the secret to making this feel kind of chic holiday10:23festive number one show some skin that is like the number one rule of the Plaid you don't want to go Lumber back you10:29want to go like Lumber Jane but like Lumber Jane in a bar like a cool bar you10:34know not one up north I mean I love a good up north bar I was at one this weekend my girlfriend won a 100 bucks in pull tabs and I bet many of you are10:41wondering what's a pull tab well she didn't know either one of our dear noob's best friends that we met this10:47weekend showed us exactly how to do it and my like my girlfriend's like third poll she wins 100 bucks our new friend10:53Jan was not thrilled because she had an entire basket full of pole tabs and had not won any money and there are so many of you who have no idea what I'm talking10:59talk about and that's what's making this so funny okay so here we go rails top11:04little bit of black little bit of hunter green a little bit of silver dresses it up now if I wanted to like turn up the11:10volume even more I'd switch out my flat put on those amazing silver heels now I'm picking up the metallic I'm going to11:17turn up the volume one more time because you're going to absolutely fall in love with this jacket this is from blank can11:23we just take a minute for like holiday dreams look at this this chicken is is11:30not so fun it's like the coziest of cozy so darn cute and now I'm like holiday11:37ready and it wasn't hard gang so keep those amazing black jeans you're going to wear all the time take the shirt with11:44just a hint of Lorax to dress it up and then this fabulous like chubby wubby was11:49a bear kind of jacket and I am set now this thing is not super heavy so even if11:56you're living somewhere where the temps are a little bit warmer this is perfect for a little bit of a nippier night you12:01can also just throw it over your shoulders it would be so Chic back to that Michael star's dress no brainer12:07right so so cute true to size in this jacket again it's from blank so darn fun12:14I love this jacket I love it I love it feels extra good when I have a cold okay so holiday dressing 101 right got it we12:22got you cover what's happening this month we've got friends giving events we've got actual Thanksgiving the start12:28of holiday party are upon us or I'm just throwing this out there The Craze is12:34coming you're going to be doing the things especially come December so you might as well get the outfit now so you12:40don't have to think about it when it actually happens I'm talking about the holiday concerts I'm talking about like12:46Christmas caroling situations I'm talking about um maybe like a fun little12:51like gathering with your girlfriends book club gift exchange whatever it might be you need a cute outfit for it12:57so get it now before it's done okay now on the flip side of holiday13:02there is the Cozy version right that's the like running around getting it done wanting to look put together but not13:09wanting to be crazy crazy crazy with all the things so here's the deal so many13:16fun great pieces and we're going to start with what I think is like the quintessential holiday Trend which is13:21this Fair ale sweater right so many great ways to do it we're going to start with that front cover sweater that you13:27have all seen and loved so gorgeous this is from everie it is cozy I've been13:34getting a lot of questions as of late about the weight of sweaters how heavy is it how light is it here's what I13:39would say about this guy it's not heavy as in Wool scratchy heavy but it has13:45some like heft to it I say that because it's the perfect kind of sweater to wear over just a t-shirt or a tank you don't13:52need to layer it up multiple times and on a day like here in Minneapolis when we were getting this freakishly beautiful like almost 6 two degree13:59weather November I'd wear this with a T-shirt and this is what I would be running around in to get things done so14:05so pretty I love it with a blue jean cuz I think it really brings out the richness in this pattern so yummy slip14:13on your Uggs good to go another sweater that I'm loving that's a great little fair is this14:19fabulous turtleneck now we had a version of this last year that was in shades of green this is in these gorgeous neutrals14:28I love the oatmeal I love all the shades of brown another great one that is not heavy but definitely feels cozy so if14:35you've got a ski trip in your future if you have family pictures you haven't gotten to you yet and there's no shame14:41in that by the way no shame if you have not gotten those this would be a great grounding piece to kind of start14:47everybody else with because it's got some pattern to it but it's not crazy so you can work in plaids and stripes and14:52it would be just fine love love love this guy now we were talking we're like oh black with this is kind of unexpected14:58it brings up the the richness of the color of course you could do blue jeans but I'm I don't know I'm kind of digging this like black combination I think it's15:04really fun and then another really great way to do this and this is I'm going to show15:10you this is my favorite Fair ale we're just it's all the options today is this15:16gorgeous gorgeous sweater from every so here's the deal why I love it well number one it's Navy so we haven't15:23really seen a ton of Navy this season and the reason I'm digging this is because it does feel a little bit bit15:29different right it's got the shades of cream Navy almost this olivey green brown and for those of us who like just15:37a little bit less length in their sweater one of the reasons I think this is fantastic is because it's not so long15:45so I know for me I tend not to wear a lot of longer jackets just cuz they kind of tend to15:51swallow me up and if I do I'm really selective about them and so I want a sweater that I can wear with a shorter15:57jacket or a longer jacket the static cling is like really happening now so I can't see myself so you're just going to16:03have to tell me if my hair looks like one of those kid science experiments you know like when you bring your kids to the like the science museum they put16:10their hand on that thing and it's like I I feel I can hear my hair doing that so here we are okay so Mack neck16:18sweater from ever little bit shorter in length than my my other two faves here16:23in the fair aisle I also love the more all over pattern of this one which I think is so rich and beautiful this16:29great shades of white again with this like yummy yummy brown it's just so16:35great now this is an extra small little bit more shape to it if I wanted it to be a little more relaxed I'd probably go16:41with a small but I like the shape because I am for sure going to layer16:46this because you got to see this jacket this is statement making where did you16:53get this it's the best jacket you've ever seen I got to get one myself kind of Jack jacket you're going to wear this16:59to the sidelines you're going to wear this to dinner and everyone's going to be like where did she get it where did17:05she get it it's another blank favorite it's amazing mountain coat17:10Channel and Yellowstone I suddenly own a ranch I'm a ranch Rancher ranchy Ranch Rancher17:18Rancherito I'm a somebody I don't know but I'm I'm somebody in this jacket and it's amazing look at how great this is17:25and this so fun I mean you guys it looks like a Sherling coat but it's like a quarter of the weight I say this because17:30my mom has this amazing sheering coat that I've been asking her to give me for 20 years and she won't I get why it's so17:35gorgeous but the thing weighs as much as All My Children combined like my 14-year-old 6 foot tall son is how much17:42this jacket weighs this guy is so lightweight and it's so cool I mean how17:48cute is this is this not just incredible so this is a must have wrap this puppy17:53up and put it under the tree for yourself absolutely love this jacket and and I mean done right with this whole18:00look could we like anything more I don't think so so great so a really fun way to do this gang the other thing I'm going18:07to tell you about this jacket kind of like that fun fur jacket don't bring it out for special occasions make this your18:13everyday coat wear it with sweatshirts you know what season it is it's the jammies under the coat walking the kids18:20to the bus stop with a mug of coffee in my hand season I know you I see you I18:26feel you I was you this morning dropping off at Spanish this coat covers all the18:31things no one needs to know that you've got your jammies from Target underneath here no one needs to know and then you18:36put on like your cute little Beanie and like you slide on your Uggs and you look totally put together and then you know18:43if you flashed it would be a totally different situation but you know you're not going to do that because you've got this great coat on and everyone's be like oh my gosh look at her she's got18:49this great coat on she's so put together done so here we go the coat you need get it now amazing what size are you wearing18:56that I'm wearing a small right yes I'm wearing a small yes enough room underneath I think you know you want to19:03have be able to layer this so while I think this sweater is a little bit more shaped I wanted to make sure I had19:08enough room if I was wearing like the cardi underneath or something a little bit chier so fun okay then the last19:14little coat kind of fits in the same bill as this one is this incredible19:20plaid coat from Z Supply now why I love this is that I am thinking about again19:26all of my friends in the South were looking for a lighter weight jacket you guys so funny they washing the windows19:32it's always something when we're here like it's never just a normal day like they were jackhammering last week now19:38today they're washing the windows okay so great plaid jacket from Z Supply fully lined so you've got a little bit19:44of weight to this it's really feels really finished and it's going to give you a little bit of warmth the blue19:50plaid is so rich with denim it also has a touch of black in it so this is a19:56great one to be able to wear back to black or to cream I would also consider20:02wearing like a little Henley under this this is one of my favorite waffle Henley this is from fairity comes in cream or20:09this really yummy charcoal gray either one of these would look so fantastic20:15underneath this jacket pair of jeans done and done I think this pass the like drop off at the bus stop carpool test20:22for sure like no question about it so so great would you be able to try on that20:29plaid coat yes of course I mean you really are20:35challenging the static electricities I mean I just you should have heard what the sound that they just made it was20:40like okay okay now I'm not going to suggest you wear the fair ale with the plat okay let's let's say that we're not20:47doing that we're not going to combine these two things but we are going to talk about how darn cute this coat is I20:54mean gang look at this is this not just awesome21:00so it's I like it more of an open style now in the catalog it was really fun we21:05styled it actually with a belt and made it more of just like a f outdoor so if you are do like I'm feeling like there's21:12like still like Brewery Gatherings happening with like bonfires outside um people are still having some21:18fun like kind of yard parties going on and you want to feel a little bit more polished there's still some college21:24football happening and kids football happening where you need to be a little bit more warned up I see this turtleneck21:30sweater belted so Chic right and you've got your Yeti situation or your Stanley21:36going on I mean done done and done PS someone here at our in our store was a21:42Stanley for Halloween and it was the best costume I've ever seen like nail day she were all pink she had a headband21:48with like a straw it was so darn cute I was like oh can you see those are why didn't I think of that that's such a21:53good costume okay all right last but not least we got a talk about when you're21:58like just wanting to be cozy like the ultimate ultimate cozy you want to be22:05inside or if you're going to be outside you want to feel like you're still wearing your jammies well totally have22:11you covered gang so many great options I showed you that great Henley I'm going to run through some pants first because22:18both of these have been so so good so one from sanctuary and one from span so22:23this is I want make sure I get the name of it the marks okay so this is a split front leg from Sanctuary why I love this22:30it's like kind of a chameleon pant looks elevated feels like leggings little bit22:36wider leg on this one so the reason I love it is if you don't want to wear leggings or if you get stumped on the22:41Footwear legging challenge this is a really great one to wear because it's got that front slit where you can pair22:47it back to your favorite sneak or boot I'm going to tell you my favorite sneak is this New Balance get this on your22:54wish list if you don't give it to someone who you love they'll be so happy it's so so cute and exclusive at23:01every so this is one version the other version I'm loving you're all loving too23:07I know is that span's wideleg pant I mean I don't know where the expression23:13of it feels like butter came from from clothes cuz kind of at the end of the day that's a little weird right we agree23:19it's a little weird that clothes feel like butter but I think what we mean there is that they are so so soft like23:25the butter you use when you make cookies soft delicious that is what these are pull them on feel put together in a hot23:32second they come as a set but I'm loving them as like my leggings replacement I would wear them with a sweater no doubt23:38but I'd also pair them back to a great little sweatshirt and or a fabulous jacket oh he's coming around you're23:44going to see him pretty soon he's going to be back here you're getting the whole window washing experience this is so23:49great okay oh yeah do you see him do you guys see him yet is he in the frame oh there he23:56is I used to work in a very high-rise building and every once in a blue moon they clean the windows and all of a24:03sudden there' be people that would show up on like the 17th floor and you're like oh my God what are you doing so24:08Props to anyone who cleans windows that high okay here's your cozy jacket so we talked about that amazing faux Sherling24:14we talked about that faux fur we talked about the Plaid we talked about the vegan Moto are you catching me it is all24:20about the jacket this season this is another really fantastic one from Z Supply comes in two versions this is24:27another great Bus drop off I love the Plaid for someone who is just craving24:33something with a little bit more print and pattern I also gang love the length I'm looking at all you hockey moms out24:39there who are sitting your buns on those cold cold bleachers and the heaters that they always tell you they're going to be24:45on and they're not this is a great great jacket for you I also love the cream I'm going to pop it on for you just so you24:51can see cuz it's so darn cute I think this has a more generous fit it's Z supplies so you know 10 they tend to run24:57just a little a little bit more generous but I love that again for the layering Factor so so nice to have that I mean25:06this is so cozy it's like a puppy it's like a cozy puppy but you get to wear it25:11I mean how cute is that game so check out the length back here all the way25:17back so no problem sitting down on this one in this great cream put together25:23easy versatile love love love this guy in this great little standup color and it's got a double zip so if you want to25:29zip it up but then you need a little bit more room to sit down I love that feature this guy has it so it makes it really really easy to wear if you are25:37looking for the Quint essential I want to be in Jamies all day I'm going to put25:44this on in the morning I might wear it to bed and I'm going to wear it the next day I've got the pieces for you they're25:49all vure and they're all delicious so we're going to start with this great little color black25:55sweatshirt really really yummy kind of to taupe mauve into this Plum true to26:01size on this one meant to be more relaxed if you want to make it a set it comes with this amazing amazing drapey26:09wide like pant or you can go modoch chromatic and wear the hoodie I feel26:14like this has after Thanksgiving football written all over it this is also like a great Christmas day outfit26:21or if you guys stay in on the Eve or if you just hang out you cannot go wrong so26:27many ways to mix and match these pieces they also look fabulous on their own so just take that little hoodie pair it26:33back to a pair of jeans take this sweatshirt pair it back to a pair of jeans again this is another one that26:39people are loving loving loving so snag it while you can I have a quick question for you yeah is that plaid V Supply26:45jacket lined it is not so it's it's lined in itself Full Exposure yeah so26:53it's knocking and I actually kind of like that because it's not so so heavy so again thinking of my friends who are26:59in a little bit warmer climates who just want that one layer this is the perfect27:04one layer it almost is like an elevated sweatshirt right just warm enough to27:09kind of keep you cozy okay last but not least I just have to talk about a handful of favorite gifting things27:14because it is November and don't shoot the messenger I mean I just I have to talk about them we're going to get out27:20of the way you're going to file it away maybe you're going to pull a trigger on one or two things or you're going to start making your list for your27:27significant another so that they can get all the things done but here's the deal number one cashmere every new just got27:33it in it's a musthave they're absolutely fantastic and there's two versions number one is this yummy yummy stripe27:41this is a little bit of a loftier like knit in cashmere comes in this quintessential27:48Navy or this cream with pink so fun this is like a great little investment piece27:55and the price is m chef's kiss really incredible value for cashmere now if you28:00want to go for your more Trad gal I love this v-neck I think there is nothing sexier or more Chic than a classic28:08cashmere paired back to a trouser take this put it with that satin trouser from cloth and stone and you are good to go28:14or shabam this amazing pink I don't I don't think there is anyone who28:20doesn't look good in this color I have seen so many people wearing it now I think this tends to run a little bit more generous I would encourage you to28:27go down a size in this style in the v-neck true to size in the stripe such a28:33fun piece absolutely stunning they're going fast love it love it love28:39it can we talk about the sweater cuz it's so fun all right Fair ale I showed28:44you some beautiful neutral options obviously but this is so darn fun this28:50to me screams like cookie baking you're taking pictures again no judgment you28:56haven't done the holiday pictures yet and you're feeling like you should do the holiday pictures even if it just means you're asking the mother-in-law to29:02take the pictures at Thanksgiving and she's not a really good picture takers you have to take them like 50 times but you're still going to do it wear this29:08sweater it will disguise your frustration and your exhaustion from making all the things and then trying to29:14take the picture and getting everyone in cloes even though they don't want to wear clothes this will bring you Joy in this great little sweater from sunry29:21love the color love the brightness so so cute and then a couple little like great little gifties so fun hair day saver29:30look put together on a day when you don't have time to do the hair this little sherb hat you know my obsession29:38with think royland you cannot go wrong we have this great new metallic collection that just came in it comes29:44with all the straps and I adore this shape it's just a little bit more room29:49than their traditional crossbody such a good one and I mean how cool is that like does this not like I feel so sporty29:56in this like ready to take off on the world and then two more things gang I'm30:01off screen I know if you're looking for the perfect like wow I don't know what30:07to give you cuz you're impossible insert teenage daughter insert sister-in-law30:13insert like older sister who always gets a thing before you this is the answer30:18Prime cut handmade in Portland beautiful clutches I have multiple of these what30:23do I use them for well I one of them I just keep all my cords in travel like I just shove all my cords that I travel30:30with that I don't have to pack and repack amazing I use one in my work bag and I put like my lipstick in here and30:36my pens and my several pairs of reading glasses cuz I'm always missing one I also have one that I use just for like a30:42night out clutch because they're so beautiful so this great little multicolor I love love love this pink30:48again teenage tter and then these gorgeous checkerboard neutrals such a30:54fun Trend and a really easy one to embrace this is an absolute must have for the31:01season hly smokes we haven't done a live this long in a long time and my voice held out so I am thrilled for that31:08although you may not be so thrilled after hearing me Creek around like a frog the past 25 minutes gang this is31:14such a fun season we're here for you we're going to answer the questions we're going to Barrel you through but31:19most importantly we hope you have so much fun perusing through that November catalog and seeing all the fun new31:26things we have to offer TI is the season we're here for it thanks so much for joining and we will see you soon take31:40care

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