Heidi's Top Sale Picks

Heidi's Top Sale Picks

Heidi is LIVE with a round up of her favorite picks from our Spring Sale (now's the time to stock up!).
Reverie Dress



Boatneck Tank


Boatneck Tank



Winona Victorian Tank



Brenna Tee


Marley Wrap
Reverie Eden Stripe Dress



Reverie Dress
Parker Short



Saturday Skirt



Izabel Studded Sandal



Show Transcript
00:07 guess what 00:08 guess what it's wednesday i'm coming to 00:11 you 00:12 a day early there's only one reason i do 00:15 that 00:16 it's because it's a spring sale well 00:19 sometimes i do it for the other sales 00:20 but this one's a spring sale and it's so 00:23 fantastic to talk all things on 00:26 sale i don't know about you but i have 00:28 been itching and waiting 00:31 and patiently thinking about all the 00:34 things i need in my closet that were not 00:37 a part of my closet last year because 00:40 let's be honest 00:42 we weren't shopping we were honkering 00:45 hunkering down 00:46 hard and then when we did shop we were 00:49 buying sweats 00:50 and sweatshirts and sweat pants and 00:52 cozies and slippers and all the things 00:54 that you never had to leave your house 00:55 in 00:56 but we're starting to leave our house 00:59 and 01:00 we're starting to realize we have 01:01 nothing to wear so gang 01:03 we are going to talk today about some of 01:04 the best 01:06 pieces you need to snag during 01:09 our spring sale this is gonna be a good 01:11 one 01:12 i am waiting for questions i can't wait 01:14 to hear what you guys are dying to buy 01:16 but i wanted to put on to start 01:20 the dress that is 01:23 gotta be the best dress we have in our 01:25 assortment it comes in a multitude of 01:27 colors i had to put it on for you 01:29 because we've had so many questions i've 01:31 been flashing it like crazy for the past 01:32 couple weeks 01:33 and everyone wants to know how does it 01:34 fit how does it fit how does it fit so 01:36 here we go 01:38 reverie dress by z supply 01:41 hands down this is your from pool to 01:44 dinner 01:45 to dog walking to hanging out with 01:48 girlfriends to playing with your kids to 01:51 working from home to doing all the 01:54 things dress it doesn't get any better 01:56 than this it's knit 01:58 it's v it's easy it's flattering here we 02:01 go okay 02:01 so i grabbed you're gonna find this 02:04 shocking i know 02:05 but i grabbed the gray because here's 02:08 the deal 02:09 i find in my closet if you could see 02:11 this side i have about 02:13 15 black dresses it is always my go-to 02:17 i debate i think oh i should buy a color 02:19 and then i end up buying the black 02:21 so here's my alternate to black the 02:24 reverie in this yummy 02:25 yummy heather gray so let's count the 02:27 reasons and talk about why we love this 02:29 guy so much okay number one 02:31 v-neck so crazy crazy flattering 02:34 on so many body types if you are curvier 02:36 on top 02:37 or more petite having that v-neck is 02:40 such 02:41 an easy way to either open you up or 02:43 help give you a little bit more 02:45 presence number two bra flattering 02:49 and bra friendly 02:52 love that there is nothing that bugs me 02:54 more 02:55 than going to put on a great dress and 02:57 having to think about my bra now there 02:59 are some dresses i will do it for 03:01 because they're so incredible but i want 03:03 this one to be one that i don't have to 03:05 think about it so it is actually a 03:06 little bit more 03:07 of a cutaway but you can still get away 03:09 with wearing your normal bra which i 03:10 love 03:12 number three side 03:15 kind of hem cut up here so if you have 03:18 shorter legs 03:20 right here gives you a little bit of 03:22 extra height if you are 03:24 tall bless ya show off those gams 03:28 number four it's not too tight guys 03:30 there's tons of room to 03:32 move and grooving this and it fits true 03:34 to size 03:35 so i'm wearing this fabulous heather 03:37 gray should we look at all the 03:38 additional colors i think we should 03:40 because they're so darn good i'm gonna 03:41 see if i can carry them all in one hand 03:44 girl this is gonna be my workout for the 03:45 day so 03:47 many yummy colors i'm going to put down 03:49 my cut jacket for just a second we'll 03:51 grab that and talk about that because 03:52 it's another piece you need for sure 03:54 here's the rundown number one this great 03:57 lemon yellow i almost put this on 03:59 and then honestly i i just right now 04:02 today 04:03 specifically today fighting this crater 04:06 that's coming up on my chin 04:07 it just i wasn't feeling it i love this 04:10 color it's so fun and has a little bit 04:11 of tie-dye on the bottom 04:13 similar idea in this yummy coral i know 04:16 this one is just 04:16 flying out the door in store so this is 04:18 one to snag 04:20 this great rose color which is it's kind 04:22 of this like mix of 04:24 a blush and a terracotta really fabulous 04:27 combination 04:28 love this guy new way to do tie dye this 04:32 spiral 04:32 if you're not feeling the solid gray 04:34 this is a great way to introduce more of 04:36 a neutral 04:37 yes there's a black so you might as well 04:39 get this one too if you're going gonna 04:41 get another color 04:42 and last but not least the stripe which 04:44 is so 04:45 darn fun you cannot go wrong with this 04:47 puppy on sale 04:50 69 for 04:52 i think the prince right and then our 04:55 solids 04:56 are 64. this is a buy more than one 04:59 situation 05:00 buy more than one you are going to 05:02 absolutely 05:04 live in it it is a fabulous obvious 05:06 dress 05:07 one of my favorites now here's the deal 05:09 you look at this dress right and you're 05:10 like it's a knit 05:11 it's really casual like can i actually 05:14 wear it anywhere other than 05:16 deck knocking around and that's why i 05:18 wanted to talk for just a half second 05:20 about the styling of it and i wanted to 05:22 jazz it up a little bit just to show you 05:23 how versatile this guy 05:25 is it takes a little bit of jewelry in 05:27 the right shoe and you're good to go 05:28 so starting from the bottom 05:32 i grabbed this fun little flat form 05:35 espadrille wedge situation 05:39 grommets which is so great wraps around 05:41 your ankle and thank you very much in a 05:43 neutral so leg lengthening 05:46 i love this shoe because i mean let's be 05:50 honest those freedom moses i'm going to 05:51 wear them like crazy but if i wanted to 05:53 turn this up just a little bit 05:55 all it takes is just a slightly elevated 05:57 sandal 05:58 next jewelry so this little seed bead 06:02 bracelet which is so fun in the gray and 06:04 in the gold and the white 06:05 easy stack to put on and then i added a 06:08 chain necklace 06:09 little delicate ring stack good to go 06:13 that's all you need to do guys and if 06:14 you wanted to take it down and just be 06:16 more casual that's where i think you 06:18 slip on 06:19 any of your little freedom moses on sale 06:22 also 06:23 have you gotten this slide yet it is 06:25 such a fabulous piece to have in your 06:27 closet 06:28 under 50 bucks on sale right now 06:30 recyclable 06:31 meaning it's recycled and when you're 06:33 done with them you literally throw them 06:35 in the recycle bin 06:36 and they will get recycled so fun also 06:39 little tip 06:40 i bought mine last year they got a lot 06:42 of love they got a little dirty 06:44 i threw them in the dishwasher they 06:46 clean them up do you ever do that with 06:47 like your kids baseball hats 06:49 that was like something my mom did 06:50 growing up with my brother and it's 06:52 something i do now and 06:54 i don't know i i think it's fine i just 06:56 go for i don't know if it washes it 06:57 washes the dishwasher away is what i say 06:59 okay so 07:00 reverie dress so easy so many colors 07:04 so many ways to do it now the next knit 07:07 dress i want to talk about 07:08 and this is the one i call the one that 07:11 got away 07:12 you might know what i'm talking about 07:13 because this is a dress we had last year 07:16 that was so darn good we never could 07:18 keep it in stock 07:20 so we brought it back in two amazing 07:23 prints 07:23 and i'm going to tell you right now if 07:25 you don't snag this pup you are going to 07:27 be sad 07:27 sad sad all right here we go comes in 07:30 camel and tie-dye this is the weekender 07:34 dress 07:34 from sundry only at evereave why do we 07:38 love it well 07:39 if you are loving the rev you just have 07:40 like that ease and that movement right 07:42 nothing around your waist just a 07:44 straight old cut 07:45 the weekender is such a fun dress 07:47 because it gives you a waste so remember 07:48 that saturday skirt 07:50 you know the one i'm talking about that 07:51 little knit skirt that's so easy if 07:53 you're not a shorts person 07:55 just one fabulous one to throw on always 07:57 makes you feel like kind of sporty and 07:59 fun 08:00 we took that skirt we put a tank on it 08:03 and done why i think it's fantastic is 08:06 that waist detail allows for a little 08:08 bit of blousing 08:10 drawstring super easy and this guy does 08:13 have eraser back but it's a little bit 08:15 of a wide eraser back 08:16 so i find multiple bras that i have 08:20 work with this in terms of like either a 08:22 sports bra or an easy little bralette or 08:24 my 08:24 like tried and true racerback that i 08:27 wear so comfy so easy this is also a fun 08:30 one just to throw on over a swimsuit if 08:31 you're going to the beach 08:33 i wear this with walks with my 08:34 girlfriends you guys those days are 08:35 coming 08:36 can you hardly stand it so this is a 08:39 really good one and 08:40 absolutely another staple the other 08:42 thing i love about this it's got a 08:43 little bit more weight to it 08:45 than the reverie so if you're looking 08:46 for something that just has a little bit 08:48 more oomph 08:49 lots of spring in the fabric tons of 08:51 stretch and really flattering 08:53 this is absolutely my favorite this one 08:56 runs true to size so 08:59 darn good okay the third knit dress that 09:03 we have to talk about 09:05 and i'm going to give you a little sneak 09:06 preview on this one just because we've 09:08 heard 09:08 so many questions about the fit of it we 09:11 are going to do a reels for you where 09:13 you can see it on a bunch of different 09:14 body types and understand how 09:16 miraculous and flattering this puppy is 09:18 but this 09:19 is our michael stars little scrunch 09:22 dress 09:22 you know this one gang this is an 09:25 updated version 09:26 why do we love it black and coral let's 09:30 look at the coral just gonna think it's 09:31 easier to look at the detail right so 09:33 ribbed fabrication all 09:36 of that ruching on the side what that 09:39 does for you 09:40 allows you to create the waist wherever 09:42 you need it to 09:43 so five ten five two 09:47 curvy rectangle busty 09:51 petite it really works for so many 09:53 different body types i also love the 09:55 neckline on this 09:57 it's the same neckline as that michael 09:59 starr's boatneck tank that we all 10:01 love and adore so open enough that you 10:03 don't feel all choked up 10:05 still a little sexy but you can throw it 10:07 on with a pair of kicks 10:08 run around absolutely this is one of 10:11 those dresses you're going to wear a 10:12 million 10:13 ways and one of my ultimate ultimate 10:16 favorites right 10:17 so so good so black and coral can't go 10:20 wrong there 10:21 so fun and thinking of like how you 10:23 would wear it this is where 10:25 a great little cut denim jacket comes in 10:27 so this 10:28 is the amelia denim jacket you guys know 10:31 this one this is a jacket with 10:32 all that crazy stretch in it right 10:36 so so easy true to size under a hundred 10:38 dollars 10:39 if you have not updated your denim 10:41 jacket wardrobe i 10:43 encourage you to grab this one just 10:45 because it is 10:46 kind of that goldilocks denim jacket not 10:48 too long not too short 10:49 has stretch a little bit of destruction 10:51 for edge so it's not too 10:52 clean and pristine but not so much 10:55 destruction that it feels 10:56 really really really hyper casual now 10:59 you can see here 11:00 got my little dressed up um sandals on 11:03 i've got my jewelry i'm feeling good to 11:05 go if i wanted to make it more casual 11:07 i would probably grab a pair of kicks 11:09 again would work with any of our other 11:11 dresses 11:12 so easy so as we're thinking about all 11:14 that footwear that you need 11:16 that can really mix and match so many 11:19 ways to go 11:19 so yeah we're going to talk about these 11:22 in just a second 11:24 okay last little like fun dresses i 11:27 grabbed a couple 11:28 of easy knit dresses that are just kind 11:31 of ones you want to have in your closet 11:33 maybe a little bit unexpected if you are 11:36 managing to get away 11:38 this season these are fun ones to throw 11:40 in your bag 11:41 again i think that versatility is so 11:44 great 11:44 all right so and you got the coral and 11:48 now you think you need the black you do 11:50 you just you do so you're going to be so 11:52 happy 11:53 in both colors i promise you'll wear the 11:55 coral for like 11:56 springy days and you'll wear the black 11:58 when you want to have a little voom you 12:00 can't go wrong okay so 12:02 two really easy little knit dresses you 12:03 can throw on one from sanctuary this is 12:05 that so twisted tea dress now why i love 12:08 this guy 12:08 is the sleeve i know some of us are just 12:11 wishing for a little bit more arm 12:13 coverage and a knit dress 12:14 but still want the ease of the reverie 12:16 so it doesn't feel clingy or tight 12:18 this is your answer i love this 12:20 horizontal do not be scared of it 12:23 color blocking that is kind of not into 12:26 a tie-dye but not such an all-over print 12:29 really really pretty because it gets 12:30 darker as it goes down really slimming 12:33 really flattering crew neckline and that 12:35 short sleeve is so so fun and it's in 12:37 the lightest of light weight now 12:39 back to the little shoes i'm wearing 12:41 would be so darn cute and then i've got 12:42 a couple other options behind me 12:44 and another option so those of you that 12:47 are looking for a 12:48 longer length dress we've got this super 12:50 fun 12:51 knit from peyton jensen now this is for 12:53 sure 12:54 maxi length why do we love this guy 12:57 darker ground which you think is 12:58 terrific 12:59 you've got that really nice rounded hem 13:02 v-neck 13:03 and a sleeve so both of these offer such 13:06 great arm coverage so if you just want 13:08 something a little bit more i think this 13:09 is for you 13:10 i can totally see this with this little 13:13 shoe 13:14 or even a wedge to dress it up a little 13:16 bit i think would be so fun 13:18 hearing a top knot or like pop on your 13:20 straw hat you're so good to go now let's 13:22 talk about shoes 13:24 loving the shoe i have on right now 13:26 right so fun 13:28 i think there is like a grommet stud 13:31 kind of moment happening 13:33 in sandals and we know that everybody 13:35 needs a slide 13:36 gotta get a slide this season but i 13:38 think there's some fun variations on 13:39 that if you want to elevate it just a 13:40 little bit so i grabbed two of my 13:42 favorites one from sam edelman one from 13:46 dolce vita so you've heard me sing the 13:48 praises of this little puppy right 13:50 so this is one comes in both black and 13:52 in nude 13:53 crazy leg lengthening in the nude a 13:55 little bit edgy and fun 13:57 in the black this is a great little 13:59 sandal if you want that slide but you 14:01 want something to feel a little bit more 14:02 secure 14:03 on your foot if just having one strap or 14:06 a more bare strap doesn't feel like 14:08 enough this is a really 14:09 great shoe to have and again it kind of 14:12 elevates so if you're looking for 14:13 something a little bit less than what 14:14 i'm wearing now 14:15 this is a fabulous one or i say go a 14:18 little rock and roll and have some fun 14:21 with this sam edelman it's a two strap 14:23 has this great little stud 14:25 on it you can see it is truly flat but 14:27 there's some nice 14:28 stretch in the straps so it's super 14:30 comfortable and sam edelman makes a 14:32 really 14:33 easy sandal to wear now the question we 14:36 get all the time 14:37 if you have kind of studs and grommets 14:39 on your shoes and they're silver can you 14:41 wear gold jewelry absolutely 14:42 mix your metals there's no rules about 14:45 that 14:46 really easy to do that and it absolutely 14:49 works so don't feel like you have to be 14:50 loyal to the metal 14:52 in your jewelry with your shoes you can 14:54 like pair back and forth as much as you 14:56 want 14:58 okay we talked into dresses talked about 15:01 a great denim jacket you need 15:03 now let's break it down for some 15:05 separates that are absolutely going to 15:06 need to be in your wardrobe now we've 15:08 been talking cut-offs 15:10 if you didn't catch my stories last week 15:13 i tried on three count of three actually 15:15 four 15:16 really different cutoffs that were 15:18 obviously loving 15:19 the cut jane a fabulous bermuda from a 15:22 goldie 15:23 from ag and two different lengths in the 15:26 eagle d 15:27 parker now the parker is hands down our 15:30 best 15:31 selling short ever 15:34 you heard me right ever in all the 15:37 history of every 15:38 we have not sold more of any other short 15:41 but the parker and there is a darn good 15:43 reason for that 15:44 the leg opening this is the reason 15:47 this short is so fantastic it does not 15:50 squeeze your thighs like a sausage 15:52 there's nothing more annoying than that 15:54 than a pair of 15:56 two tight in the legs cut offs and they 15:58 have perfected 15:59 the fit of this cutoff to be wider now 16:03 so many questions about length now 16:05 here's the beauty of this there's a 16:07 short version and now there's a longer 16:08 version 16:09 not quite a bermuda length but something 16:12 in between so if you're just looking for 16:13 a little bit more coverage that longer 16:15 parker is a fabulous option and we have 16:17 them in blue 16:18 and in white washes so okay this is hold 16:21 that's the cut all right here we go 16:23 that's the cut too 16:24 here we go all right so the shorter 16:27 versus the longer this is the shorter 16:29 length 16:31 check it out on my story so you can see 16:32 where it hits this 16:34 is the longer length so you guys you're 16:36 getting actually a couple of inches 16:38 longer in that longer length but that's 16:40 still cool 16:41 vintage wash and then of course the 16:44 white 16:45 in the longer length now the question on 16:47 this always 16:48 what size here's what i think is true 16:50 about the parker 16:52 if i want it to be more fitted 16:55 kind of more um shaped to my body 16:59 in the parker i wear my true size if i 17:02 want it to be more relaxed 17:04 and casual and beachy i go up a size 17:08 that's kind of my rule in the white i go 17:10 up a size 17:11 regardless that's just my rule for white 17:14 always 17:16 save yourself do just do it so much 17:18 better 17:19 so really really fun you guys if you are 17:22 not you think you're not a shorts person 17:25 this is a short that will change your 17:26 mind i assure you 17:28 but there is another style that has come 17:31 in 17:32 from cut that is so fantastic and i love 17:35 this guy 17:36 not only because of the way it fits but 17:37 also because of the price point so this 17:39 is the jane right new new 17:42 style from cut now if you are a gidget 17:44 lover and you loved that short because i 17:46 was a little bit longer than the parker 17:49 i was a huge gidget fan i'm really 17:52 digging the jane because i think it is 17:54 just a touch 17:55 it feels a touch longer than the parker 17:59 it's got that fantastic cut fit so i 18:02 like that it gives me a little bit of 18:03 extra 18:03 kind of room in the seat and in the hip 18:06 really comfortable 18:08 rise and waistband and comes in this 18:10 great kind of medium blue 18:12 as well as white now cut what do we say 18:15 about cut denim 18:16 right go down a size what do i say about 18:19 cut cutoffs 18:20 wear your normal size so this is the one 18:23 time and cut in bottoms that i suggest 18:25 you do not 18:26 go down wear what you would normally 18:29 wear in any other brand and you will 18:30 find these are fantastic they're so good 18:33 right guys just love them 18:36 okay so everybody needs a cutoff what if 18:39 you just need something that's not 18:40 denim i mean let's be honest there are 18:42 them hot days out there 18:44 they're coming they're hot they're hot 18:45 they're hot and putting on a pair of 18:46 cutouts 18:47 on a crazy hot day just sometimes 18:49 doesn't sound good so 18:51 i've got your answer two different 18:53 options the first is this trailblazer 18:56 short 18:57 say that three times fast trail blazer 18:59 short from 19:00 sanctuary why this short is fantastic 19:03 number one it's a 19:04 pull on silhouette now you have been 19:07 loving our sanctuary shorts for years 19:09 this is their newest silhouette 19:11 and one that i think is absolutely 19:13 fantastic it has some of the same 19:14 features you've always loved 19:16 tab on the side so if you want more 19:18 length roll that puppy down 19:19 otherwise keep it rolled up pull on 19:22 waistband 19:23 with that great like easy slip on slip 19:26 off i call this kind of a lesser 19:28 bracelet almost more of a smocked 19:30 waistband so it 19:31 looks sophisticated and cool it doesn't 19:33 look like your toddler shorts 19:35 also the back side so this is where 19:37 sanctuary pays so much attention to 19:38 detail 19:39 pockets with a flap so it gives you some 19:42 great little shape there it doesn't give 19:44 you that flat 19:44 diaper bottom that sometimes shorts can 19:46 do comes in this fantastic camo as well 19:50 as just a solid green a really 19:52 great alternative or addition to your 19:55 cut off short wardrobe and one that i'm 19:57 going to be living in 19:58 all summer i just know it all right 20:02 let's get real some of you out there are 20:04 telling me that you're not short wearers 20:06 is it true raise your hand let's be 20:08 honest this is a time to get vulnerable 20:11 you're not loving shorts okay i hear you 20:14 i hear you we've got your answer 20:18 the saturday skirt okay gang 20:21 this is the fantastic gotta have it 20:25 i don't wear shorts or i just get too 20:27 hot or i need something easy or help me 20:30 look put together 20:31 on all the baseball games and all the 20:34 sidelines and all the walks and all the 20:36 talks 20:36 and all the backyard barbecues and the 20:38 things that are gonna happen this summer 20:40 this is what you need you're gonna live 20:42 in it it's gonna be a swimsuit cover-up 20:45 it's gonna be all the things so here's 20:46 the deal black 20:49 great little tie-dye print that's also 20:51 really dark and yummy 20:53 that fabulous sundry fabrication only at 20:56 every drawstring waist baseball ham so 21:00 gives your legs a chance to get shown 21:03 off a little bit 21:03 not too short not too long it's going to 21:06 hit you above 21:07 the knee summer staple 21:10 i buy a new one every summer because i 21:13 love it that much 21:14 i am hard to get into a pair of shorts 21:16 it is not my favorite thing 21:18 this puppy i wear constantly 21:22 it's a must-have guys and we always 21:24 always sell out of this so i 21:26 encourage you to get your hands on it 21:27 before they go away again so good and i 21:30 love that we have a solid black this 21:31 year isn't that just so 21:33 easy and fun i mean just throw this 21:34 puppy on with a graphic or a tank or 21:37 kind of whatever you need and you're 21:38 gonna live in it 21:40 all right speaking of tanks there are 21:43 some fun little pieces that i think 21:45 you need to pop in that closet that are 21:48 so easy to wear okay so i 21:49 wanted to talk about two just tried and 21:52 true 21:52 basics that are great to stock up on 21:56 are easy to wear with any of our shorts 21:59 great with that little saturday skirt 22:01 the first have we talked about this one 22:04 yet 22:05 every time how much we love it yep you 22:08 know where this is the michael stars 22:09 boat neck 22:10 check out all the fun colors this guy 22:12 comes in 22:13 this is your life saver wear it all the 22:16 time 22:17 tank for summer not too long not too 22:20 short not too tight not too loose 22:21 open neckline but not so open that you 22:24 feel like you're falling out of it not 22:25 so 22:26 closed up that you feel choked in ribbed 22:28 material so skims the body 22:31 if you don't believe me check it out 22:33 online this is probably one of our most 22:35 reviewed and loved items on our entire 22:39 website i think it has over like 85 5 22:42 star reviews 22:42 i mean it doesn't get any better than 22:44 this so it's just a stock up get your 22:46 funny lime yellow get your gray green 22:49 and then of course you're white and 22:50 you're black and you're going to live in 22:51 it all season how cute is this back to 22:54 your saturday skirt 22:55 or your sanctuary shorts and you're done 22:57 then if you're looking for kind of a 22:58 cool girl 23:00 just like want something easy and you're 23:02 looking for something to wear back to 23:04 your cutoffs 23:05 that is where this little michael stars 23:07 tea comes in 23:08 ash wore this in one of her lives not 23:10 that long ago 23:12 i like this because it is not a super 23:14 long tee but it's also not 23:16 super short it has a more fluid arm 23:18 which is great if you're looking for a 23:20 little bit more coverage 23:22 similar weight to the boat neck so it's 23:24 got a little bit more kind of heft to it 23:26 but not 23:27 hot and i think because of this great 23:30 shape it's 23:31 really easy just to do a little half 23:33 tuck now you've got it in this great i 23:35 want to actually give you the name of 23:36 this color because it's so pretty 23:38 this is in the bone color and then it 23:40 also comes in black 23:42 guys just think about this back too a 23:43 little cut off 23:45 and then your slides or a sneaker and 23:47 you're so 23:48 good to go it's a kind of a must and 23:51 again this is just one of those t-shirts 23:52 that's so flattering on everyone you 23:54 just gotta have it 23:56 now layer i mean we talked about this 23:59 fabulous 24:00 jacket right from cut but if you're 24:03 looking for something that has a little 24:04 bit more 24:04 zazza zoo to it that's where i think the 24:07 wrap really 24:08 comes into play so i grabbed three of my 24:10 favorites 24:11 because i think they go back so 24:12 beautifully to the boat neck 24:15 and then your cutoffs and you're good to 24:17 go so there's a couple different ways i 24:18 think to do 24:19 wraps right now the first such a pretty 24:22 version 24:22 i love this guy a little bit more 24:25 delicate 24:26 the colors are so darn pretty 24:29 and if you wanted to go a little bit 24:30 more bold thank you courtney one of our 24:33 stylists for putting this together i 24:34 thought this was such a pretty 24:35 fun combination pop that brighter mirko 24:38 stars tank underneath it 24:40 if you wanted to go more neutral that's 24:43 where you can just put the white on 24:44 under 24:44 either way i think it's so fun and then 24:46 paired back to a little cutoff would be 24:48 so 24:49 great if you're looking for something 24:52 that's more on the neutral family ground 24:54 it in black i think this goes to evening 24:56 so well right so cute pop this over your 24:58 black michael stars 25:00 tank or your white and with the little 25:03 shoes i have on 25:04 and good to go now here is a stylus tip 25:07 that i learned from our every crew a 25:09 long time ago 25:10 and it has always been one of my 25:12 favorite tips for those of you who do 25:13 not 25:14 love shorts wearing a longer wrap is an 25:18 easy way to embrace a short because it 25:21 covers up a little bit more of your legs 25:23 so this guy 25:24 with your tank paired back 25:28 to your short 25:31 and guys check out the proportions do 25:33 you see how from behind 25:34 that just gives you a little bit more 25:36 coverage on those legs it's an 25:38 easy fabulous way to embrace a cutoff or 25:41 a short 25:42 and not feel quite so exposed this is 25:45 one of those little secrets that's going 25:47 to make a short lover out of 25:49 you yet i just know it 25:53 okay last few pieces that you need to 25:56 stock up on during this incredible sale 25:58 so we talked about this fun little 26:00 kind of stud moment that's happening in 26:03 shoes 26:04 slides freedom moses you cannot go wrong 26:06 they're such fabulous pieces 26:08 and then the white sneaker because it's 26:10 just gonna get you all the places we've 26:12 talked about this a bunch 26:14 there's so many fun versions from p448 26:17 i'm gonna grab two of my favorites one 26:19 from p448 and 26:20 one from gola so this guy 26:24 a little bit more of a platform i like 26:26 that because it gives me height 26:27 it's good gives you a little bit of 26:29 length too in the legs and then this 26:31 great little gola 26:33 with how fun is this little hit of 26:36 animal 26:36 and then that terra cotta in the back 26:37 there's a question what was that last 26:39 wrap called i will tell you 26:41 where did it go 26:44 this guy is the marley wrap so that fun 26:46 little kind of terra cotta print that 26:47 was the marley okay 26:49 so easy little sneaker to wear you throw 26:52 this on with that saturday skirt with 26:53 your cutoffs 26:55 easy piece that you're going to wear 26:57 just a ton i think guys if you're not 26:59 feeling like wearing a sandal every 27:01 single day 27:02 this white sneaker is an easy way to 27:04 elevate just 27:05 about any look especially and including 27:09 denim so you know that 27:12 you might have skipped denim last year 27:14 you just skipped it like we just 27:16 passed on over it don't bother with it 27:18 not even thinking about 27:20 it so now's your time to update your 27:22 denim wardrobe there's 27:23 two things i want you to think about 27:26 first 27:26 and foremost is a straight leg 27:29 you need one you gotta get one on your 27:32 bod 27:33 gotta try it gotta try it so so 27:36 fantastic you know which one i'm gonna 27:39 pull right i'm gonna pull the a goldie 27:41 riley because this is what i think is 27:44 like the gene that will get you back 27:45 into jeans 27:47 so fun so flattering and now 27:50 so many different washes so you've got 27:52 this great little double destruction 27:54 you've got this brand new as she was 27:56 wearing this in her live on monday it 27:58 looked so fabulous on her 28:00 new kind of single hole me you got this 28:03 clean wash which i wore 28:05 in my live last week and i'm obsessed 28:07 with 28:08 so fun so and you guys these are always 28:11 a button fly so 28:12 really really easy they just feel 28:15 vintage and cool 28:16 i just absolutely love them so such a 28:19 fun one if you have not gotten yourself 28:21 into a straight leg yet i encourage you 28:23 encourage you encourage you 28:25 try these on so yummy now one thing that 28:28 ash mentioned the new cell that she 28:29 tried on 28:30 she went up a size and that rigid denim 28:34 it's honestly i don't think it's worth 28:37 the squeeze 28:38 to try to get your tush into your normal 28:40 size go up 28:41 they are going to relax some mold a 28:43 little bit to your body 28:45 but don't force your body into a size 28:48 that doesn't feel good that high rise is 28:50 meant to really flatter and shape your 28:51 waist so let it be where your waist 28:53 is it's gonna look so much better okay 28:56 then 28:56 last but not least white denim 28:59 yep we're gonna talk white denim we're 29:02 gonna do it 29:03 so many versions and that's why i love 29:04 it okay so from the beginning this is a 29:07 brand new style from 29:08 seven with this raw hem this is a wide 29:11 leg 29:12 so cool and chic if you're looking for a 29:14 white denim that doesn't feel so preppy 29:16 and clean 29:17 this is an awesome awesome way to do it 29:20 i've worn this guy from cut this is the 29:23 connie ankle skinny you know this fit 29:25 this is one of our 29:26 best selling fits i found 29:29 in white this is where i wore my true 29:31 size i did not go down a size 29:33 and cut in white and i encourage you to 29:36 do the same 29:37 i just think it's a little bit smoother 29:39 on your legs 29:40 and on your tush nothing bugs me more in 29:42 white than when you seal the lumps and 29:43 bumps 29:44 this guy really skims over your body but 29:47 only if you really wear like 29:49 your normal size and don't go down like 29:51 you normally would 29:53 two other fun silhouettes good american 29:56 this is the good curve also has a raw 30:00 hem on this one so this is 30:01 lovely if you just need to chop it off 30:04 should hit you above your ankle 30:05 and then last but not least i actually 30:07 popped this guy on this morning 30:09 this is the riley from a goldie in white 30:12 so really fun piece again hits you at 30:14 the ankle 30:16 i also found in this one that i went up 30:18 a size 30:19 as you just need to in white denim to 30:21 keep your sanity 30:23 and to make it flattering 30:26 okay guys did we do it that was 30:30 30 minutes of power shopping no doubt 30:34 about it 30:35 get yourself a great knit dress a fun 30:37 little layer whatever form it takes 30:39 you need a cut off you just do so buckle 30:42 down and grab one 30:44 easy shorts fabulous saturday skirt 30:47 are perfect layering pieces so be it 30:50 that great tee or the boat neck tank 30:52 a wrap because i mean that warm weather 30:54 is coming and then don't forget 30:57 all your fun accessories a slide a 31:00 little stud sandal 31:01 and that great white sneaker and then 31:04 what i like to call the icing so i 31:06 grabbed this one but i also wanted you 31:08 to see 31:09 i mean look at all these you guys look 31:11 at all the fun little goodies 31:12 little arm candy we get to have right 31:15 it's so fun 31:16 okay let's get shopping so fun have 31:20 a great time be it online or in store we 31:23 can't wait to take care of you i hope 31:25 everybody finds 31:26 exactly what they need to get that 31:28 closet refreshed after we neglected it 31:31 for an entire year we will see you soon 31:34 take care everyone 31:35 happy shopping

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