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Heidi’s Favorite Sale Finds

Heidi’s Favorite Sale Finds

Heidi is sharing her 3 favorite pieces from the sale (and how to style them!)—now up to 70% OFF.✨
Venice High Low Hoodie



Whitley Legging


Slipper Slide



Goal Getter Tee




Jeni Chain Link Necklace


Aubree Hoop Earring Pack



Love Ring


Napoli Jacket



Georgia Hoodie Pullover



Sophie Crop


Waterproof Tristan Boot



Show Transcript
that's right take a breath you made  it you made it you made it you made it  
holidays are on the downswing which means  that 2021 is coming at you and it also means  
it's our end of the year clearance sale so for  three days three ways thought it would be fun  
to mix some really fun mind-blowing clearance  pieces back to some of my tried and true pieces  
that are on the floor right now so you can get  some deals and steals mixed back to some of the  
best essential wardrobe builders  as you head into that new year  
so let's start from the top i kind of can't  believe this puppy's on sale i can't believe  
we have units left so i can believe that you're  gonna snag it this is that incredible chaser  
tunic hoodie in tie dye it's kind of a blue gray  black which i love covers the tush but not super  
long so this is a really easy one to pair right  back to denim if you don't want to wear leggings  
cozy comfy runs true to size and did i mention the  price started at 78 and you guys during the sale  
that extra sale down to 47.99 i mean come on this  is a deal of all deals total steel and it's a must  
must-have now i paired it back to  these yummy gooshy varley leggings i  
am a little obsessed with these they're light  weight really move with you super comfy and yes  
also high rise so this is my lounging around  home shopping on evereve for all the deals looks  
of course pairing them back to my minnetonka  slippers because you got to and then my book club  
blue light blockers kind of obsessed with these  guys think they do all the things they're one  
of my favorites and done such an easy look for  lounging around the house during this time of year  
kind of obsessed and i mean can  you beat this deal it's incredible  
and exactly what i want to wear right  now okay another awesome look coming up  
okay look number two the deal and this one's  even better it's gonna blow you away so we're  
just gonna tell you what it is because  it's crazy this super cool super yummy  
easy as pieces to wear cardi from 525 was 98  now 23.99 not kidding you heard me right was 98  
now 23.99 i mean you guys you you gotta get it  you just gotta do it it's such a fabulous fabulous  
cardi now why i love it it's a slightly shorter  length but not short so those of you who have been  
a little bit on the fence about that length shift  that's happening in some of our tops i love this  
guy because it gives you that effective short  but not short now it looks equally cool paired  
with the graphic as it does back to a little lace  trim cami i have it on with this suburban riot tee  
that's a steal on its own when it's not even on  sale because let's give it up for motivation i'm  
gonna need it in 2021 so let's start off the year  with this goal getter mentality of course for a  
little like something something added this great  chain necklace i've got on my huggies and then my  
love ring because love we all need it and then can  we talk about jeans to give you room for snacks  
and maybe all the snacks you've had and all the  cookies and all the treats and all the things yeah  
it's the josefina from seven so much stretch  a boyfriend fit higher rise but you guys look  
i mean look at this it's a dream when it comes  to these jeans and this lighter wash is so cool  
rolled up the cuff and paired it back to  my platform p448 in white just scream start  
off the new year right and in a sweater like  this at such an incredible price you cannot go  
wrong snag it while you can i know this one's  gonna be gone in a flash okay one more look  
coming your way did i say the best for last i  might have saved the best for last i hate it  
when i do that or maybe i love it when i do that  because it gives me something to look forward to  
this varley jacket oh yeah baby this guy is on  sale was 158 down to 79.99 now what a varley  
jacket under 100 bucks 79.99 get it while you can  it's cozy it's cool and it's so darn comfortable  
i love this little zebra print on it i love that  it has big old pockets because i love a big pocket  
it's a fleece kind of sherpa-y feel runs true to  size so comfortable and if i'm gonna leave the  
house this is exactly what i am wearing now i'm  pairing it back to this fabulous peyton johnson  
sweater it's called the georgia i love it because  that's my daughter's name and it's so fun you guys  
little raglan sleeve i love the black drawstring  and it's light weight so if you're looking for an  
easy sweater to layer with i'm telling you this  is your dream ticket and if i don't choke myself  
it's got a great little hood so i love a hood  with a jacket i think it's such a fun combination  
now i'm gonna put myself in a pair of skinny jeans  they better be comfortable and this agolde sophie  
totally checks all the boxes they're fabulous  you guys because they have so much stretch  
they are not a crazy high rise  so if you are just at that point  
where we're in a high-rise jean right now it just  feels a little tight no matter how much stretch  
these guys are fab because they are truly more of  a mid they have this great raw hem so if they're a  
little long chop them off i liked them with these  boots just turned up a little bit because i like  
getting credit for that and then can we talk about  the boot so this is from j-slide it is a sneaker  
boot combination and the reason i say that is  because it's waterproof oh yeah it's waterproof  
faux fur lining platform sole double zip so  check it out so easy to get on i love turning  
that like little front cuff for it so you get  credit for that faux fur they are cozy as can  
be and they are perfect for this in between  is it raining is it snowing weather done  
here is my running around outfit nailed it and  of course i kept on that little love ring because  
it's just one of my favorites and it's so easy  to just throw on and be like my everyday jewelry  
okay gang there you go you made it through the  holidays or at least part one or two of them we  
are near the home stretch of 2020 so you might  as well get yourself some deals because there  
are deals to be had that clearance sale is going  strong loving all these fun essentials mixed back  
to these incredible value pieces we can't wait  to see you in store shop to your hearts content  
online and be safe be happy happy happy  holidays see you soon everyone take care

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