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Heidi's 3 Favorite Jumpsuits

Heidi's 3 Favorite Jumpsuits

Catch Heidi styling her 3 favorite jumpsuits of the season.
Scoopneck Jumpsuit



Arrow Delicate Necklace



Livie Bold Sequin Bracelets



Two Band Slide



Boss Mode Jacket



Ludlow Surplice Jumpsuit



Emmie Ring Stack



Riley Suede Pump



Mayslie Jumpsuit



Sofia Pendant Necklace



Lorina Sparkle Ring



Olivia Chain Bracelet



Zina Sneaker



Show Transcript
00:07 it's back deal of the day and this is such a fun one we're going to do a whole jumpsuit 00:13 story but of course we need to start with this amazing gotta have it jumpsuit i am 00:19 telling you this is your spring and summer workhorse why do we love this michael stars 00:26 easy waist jumpsuit that just for one day from 108 down to 79. oh yeah 108 down to 79. 00:34 let's count the reasons we love love love it number one it is knit and as easy as can be so 00:41 much stretch so much movement lots of room for all the things spaghetti straps that are adjustable 00:48 so make it work with you a really nice width gang i love this you can wear your normal bra with it 00:54 or just pop on a strapless or a little bralette or even heck throw it over your swimsuit if you 00:58 are going to the beach i love the easy waist so this great little banded waist that lets 01:06 you kind of play with it and blouse out that top leaving room for you know all the things you need 01:13 and then a wide leg crop bottom so this looks great with flats it looks great with a sneaker 01:17 it looks great with the wedge dress it up dress it down so easy now i paired it for a vacation i am 01:23 dreaming will someday come right so popped on my little freedom moses i love this print it's so fun 01:30 under 50 bucks recyclable yes love those this great little i don't know i call it my 01:36 vacay bracelet i love the colors in this it just feels tropical and fun and then this little arrow 01:42 necklace which i love this plate it just feels easy and something i can throw on and not think 01:46 about twice there you go 108 79 michael stars jumpsuit i've got two more fun jumpsuits up my 01:53 sleeve for other occasions that might be heading your way hold tight okay gang we have heard you 02:00 loud and clear there is work to be done and there are places to be and you need to get dressed for 02:08 it so answering that call for some slightly more elevated pieces that can get you where 02:15 you need to go and yes you are not seeing double i am actually wearing heels on both feet and not 02:24 just to like try it and reject it but actually to wear them and i gotta tell you i mean it it's 02:29 kind of fun i don't know it's putting me in the mood so here's the deal with this jumpsuit gang 02:35 peyton jensen and the reason i grabbed it and the reason i love it is because it is so 02:41 unbelievably versatile and so comfortable and so flattering it is the trifecta of perfection when 02:48 it comes to a jumpsuit so starting from the top sleeveless so super easy to layer under a jacket 02:54 surplice top so curvy on top you've got a nice more open neckline it has a snap 03:01 thank you for that so that little kind of modesty piece you don't have to worry about 03:05 opening it all up for the world elastic waistband so much like that michael stars we were talking 03:11 about in our last slide this one is so great because it really helps you kind of adjust 03:17 and then pockets and then here's something i'm loving about this little let's see if i 03:21 can balance any heels i've been bouncing with my sneakers for in slippers for quite a while 03:26 little ruching on the side of the ankle which just gives you a little bit of play so if you've 03:32 got long legs you can pull it up a little bit if you're more petite legs like me you can kind of 03:36 keep it down but it's going to hold at your ankle really flattering lines now i jazzed up this puppy 03:43 with this awesome bb dakota jacket i love this vegan jacket that little puff sleeves i think is 03:48 a fun feminine compliment to the vegan and this snake print a little bit shorter length so it 03:55 gives you an awesome waist and then i went some more delicate jewelry so i kept on that great 04:01 arrow necklace and then just added this fun little teeny petite ring stack just to kind of finish it 04:08 off but keep it clean and easy now i am ready to take on the world in this look how about you guys 04:16 and yes if you're not ready for heels yet this would look equally cute with a wedge or a flat or 04:21 if you want to go sporty i would even pair it with a sneaker so fun okay one more look this one's a 04:28 good one it's a little bit of a dare but it's a good dare for a reason okay here we go are you 04:33 ready are you ready to feel like a million bucks because if you are i am telling you right now this 04:42 jumpsuit is for you i've put it on my body and it's never coming off and i mean that 04:47 because on days that we've all been having for the past year you just need a piece that is going to 04:55 fit you like a glove make you feel strong make you feel powerful and make you feel beautiful and this 05:01 jumpsuit does it guys i am telling you the reason i dig it so stretchy so check out this i mean so 05:09 stretchy right and wouldn't you expect this to be kind of rigid and stiff and it's not it's got 05:13 so much movement in it i love that about it it's by paige they know how to fit a woman's body did 05:19 you know that they are the first premium denim line founded by a woman the first one out there 05:24 there are more now but they're the first ones to do it so i love that about that line little jogger 05:29 bottom so it gives it a little bit of a sporty feel but not so much this really rich color a 05:36 little bit of volume on the sleeve but not so much that i don't think it's overtly crazy feminine 05:42 try like tying this little waistband in a knot i like that it makes it not so sweet but it 05:47 does give you some really nice shape and button front and guys look at how much stretch there 05:54 is in this puppy and that's why i love it for a button front now i pop the color because you know 05:58 that's what i do pop my collar but it really makes me feel so put together and so chic and 06:04 i just was thinking i could wear this all day sitting on my zoom calls i could wear this to 06:09 kids stuff i could wear this out to dinner i could switch my shoe and i put it on with that 06:15 little dolce vita sneaker just for fun that'd be great with a heel it'd be great with a wedge 06:20 it is one of those pieces you're going to have in your closet you're going to be so 06:24 grateful you do because you're going to reach for it again and again and again 06:28 now how did i accessorize it you've got this great new jewelry line Sahira that i'm just 06:34 obsessed with and this is exactly what i want from a stacked necklace all the look none of 06:39 the fuss so these pieces come together you've got this great chain as well as the medallion 06:44 the quality is so beautiful the gold is so rich i love it with this open neckline i think it adds 06:51 a little bit of style now i do have another piece from them in my pocket i felt like it was too much 06:56 to do the necklace and the bracelet but i wanted you to see this great little chain link bracelet 07:03 such a fun piece and i think this is one of those pieces you're just going to wear over and over 07:07 and then i added this great little gold ring as well so i am seeing you in this because 07:14 it's going to be worn a million times i'm telling you it's one of my faves 07:18 so so many jumpsuit options we've got our deal of the day michael stars it is a dreaming of vacay 07:24 living in all spring and summer look we've got our amazing peyton jensen that is going to bring you 07:28 to all the places because i know you need it and don't forget that once i knit too so it's so easy 07:33 stretchy and then we've got this incredible paige Mayslie jumpsuit that i am absolutely in love with 07:40 cannot go wrong so fun hope this gave you some good ideas on jumpsuits take a dare do a leap 07:47 try something new this is the way to do it spring is coming even though it doesn't look good outside 07:53 but i promise it's on its way thanks everyone hope you have a great weekend see you soon Up next

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