Graduation-Look Gold

Life of the Party: Graduation-Look Gold

Just wait 'til you see how Steph wows in this dress. (That she wouldn't have picked for herself.) But like all our EVEREVE stylists who have an eye for these things, Ash nailed it. It's chic, it's unique and this proud mom of a graduate is headed to Northwestern with her head held high—in a look she'll wear for all sorts of summer fun. Check it out!
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0:00it's been a long time Stephie I know it0:02has been so long oh your skin so I0:05really0:08[Music]0:10moisturized hey crew we're back we are0:13back with our favorite girl Steph and we0:14are talking all things summer0:16celebrations very specifically0:18graduation she's got a loved one that0:21they are celebrating in all the ways so0:23we're going to help her find a look that0:24she feels best in okay Steph does not do0:27shorts so she feels the most comfortable0:28in dresses but I also chose another0:30option in a white denim with a couple0:32different tops let's find out which one0:33she picks Miss life of the party is here0:36come on out show us what you picked hi0:39hi hi hi I love this I love it you look0:42fantastic okay tell everybody what you0:44have going on this June so many things0:47my oldest is graduating from0:49Northwestern0:50goats and I'm going to see Janet Jackson0:54amazing and then at the end of the month0:56uh end of June we go to Orlando for0:59dance Nation1:00# dance mom she's all the things you're1:03all the things so I got to do I got to1:05be Shiki graduation funky Janet Jackson1:10comfortable Dance Mom okay well we're1:12going to cross off that cheeky1:14graduation look right now with this1:16incredible dress from rails crew okay1:19can I start off with all the reasons why1:20I love it before you share why you love1:22it Steph has a larger bus and I think1:24what's really fun about this dress is I1:27don't know if a lot of gals who have a1:28larger chest would go with a one short1:29shoulder strap dress we would not we1:32would not but let's talk about this1:34number one get a great strapless bra but1:36number two don't be fearful of it1:38because what I love about this is it1:39keeps the eye moving with the one1:41shoulder straping I also love how this1:43dress accentuates the waist but the1:45number one reason why I absolutely love1:47this dress is all about the print it's1:49in a classic neutral colors of cream and1:51black but it constantly keeps the eye1:53moving so the chest doesn't look large1:56it just keeps your eye moving creating1:57like accentuating all the smaller points1:59in your body and then we kept the2:01accessories super minimal that easy2:03little gold strappy sandal a great2:07little woven accessory Hot accessory for2:09the summer and just some really fun gold2:11details okay why do you like it cuz2:12that's why I like it2:14Pockets Pockets our key I would never2:19because of the size of the girls pick up2:21a dress like this because I would feel2:23like it's too much um but I love that2:27the waist thing yes doesn't create like2:30a big Schoop here and then waist and2:32then my hips it just all seems to flow2:36and I'm usually leery of patterns2:38because I just get nervous of what it2:40might do so once again this is something2:42that I would have walked right on by and2:45I'm so glad we did somebody loves me and2:48picked this out so good well I think not2:50only this is so totally appropriate for2:52graduation that larger strap neutral2:54colors but if you're headed to Disney2:56and Orlando you pop this dress on easy2:59slide and you're ready for dinner flat3:01nice shoes all day all day okay Steph3:04this was easy peasy one and done you're3:06totally set to go Chic and ready for3:07graduation thank you okay thanks good to3:10see you good to see you3:14

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