Girlfriend's Guide to the Holidays: Thanksgiving Weekend

Quick Hits: Girlfriend's Guide to the Holidays: Thanksgiving Weekend

Heidi and Ash are back chatting all things Thanksgiving Weekend! Heidi's gearing up to host—twice!— and Ash is hitting the road! See what they're wearing for the big events, plus casual festivities throughout the long weekend. What are your Thanksgiving plans this year?
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0:02Thanksgiving is here it's upon us what0:04are you doing oh I am hosting twice0:07friendsgiving and family Thanksgiving of0:09course you are Y what are you wearing oh0:10let's talk about it fabulous easy dress0:13so versatile throw this guy on I'm going0:15to wear it for both and then I'm pairing0:17it back to this great knee high boot0:19which to be honest I'm probably going to0:21lose by the time that meal gets on the0:22table but it looks awfully good when I'm0:24greeting guests at the door right of0:25course okay how about you I'm just0:27attending so cozy sweater stretchy jeans0:30important and key but my travel hack0:32because I'm driving to and0:34from a yummy Spinx bottom that just0:37feels comfortable for that entire car0:38ride the best weekend looks coming up0:41okay we're doing holiday concert with0:43family oh love that so fun so I'm just0:44going to keep it really easy a fun0:46festive colored bottom Easy Moto done0:50how about you oh shopping shopping0:52shopping stretchy jeans comfy shoes0:54great sweater but the best piece little0:58puffy vest that I can throw into all my1:00shopping bags when I am hitting up every1:02for the weekend smart Happy1:06

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