Fresh Picks: Spring Tops

Fresh Picks: Spring Tops

A new top is the easiest way to update your spring wardrobe—and Mel is here styling 3 of our favorites.
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hi it's mal chief of stores forever eve
and i am back in our oakbrook store
doing a little try on for you today
we're going to talk about shirting woven
shirts what an easy transition into the
spring season and we have fantastic ones
at every right now so let me start with
the top this is the kayla this is by
citizens of humanity kayla comes in this
beautiful white you can also do it in
um navy sorry navy black and then this
little pinstripe right here great
options um this is super easy to do a
full tuck like i've done today
it's actually a little bit oversized so
you can wear it out with your denim and
your sneakers
super super easy
but just a really nice polished look i
love what they did with the sleeves and
the buttons it kind of has a built-in
three-quarter sleeve to it i didn't roll
it's cuffed it comes in like this so
it's really easy throw it on ready to
wear that's the kayla
i have this paired back to our best pant
this is by every it's a great white lit
wide leg trouser we brought it in in the
fall this is in a linen so it's a great
transitional piece for spring and for
summer comes in this safari color just a
really pretty neutral
or you can get it in the black
it has updated pockets here in the back
i'll show you in here so you can see
that linen fabrication
great pockets you could definitely belt
this as well and then just throw in some
great accessories
um i'm going to start actually with the
shoe these are gorgeous
great little heel by schutz this is the
amelie and i'll show it to you up close
and personal so you can see it it really
i mean it's just beautiful back with
this safari color beautiful khaki a
little bit of fringe so it's nice and
playful stacked heel so it's you know me
i love a comfortable heel so it's super
easy to wear
and that's just some simple gold
accessories just a little
double strand necklace this one's really
pretty and kind of a floral strand i
have my little
initial m necklace on so that's separate
and then this little phoebe
is a new earring hammered gold just a
little drop here super super fun so
there's look number one let me get on
the next shirt okay so now showing
shirting back to just super casual cut
off jeans i love that combination
especially going into summer summer
nights is what it makes me think of
this top is by cloth and stone
the color is called sun kiss coral and
i'm just not sure it shows up well on
camera but it's really a
blush pink
super super light pink color
easy to wear i just have it cuffed twice
it's a full sleeve top
i love cloth and stone because it washes
up so beautifully you can throw this in
the washer and dryer you will be fine
this is gauze so it's super easy no
wrinkling and then back to our parker
short so i'm sure you've heard of our
parker short by a goldie if you haven't
you have to get a pair
this is the long parker short so i love
that because i like a little bit longer
for me
but it does have a little cuff to it
so that's a new style for us this season
the wash i think is called heat wave
great medium wash a little bit of
from the raw hem on the cuff but other
than that super super easy to wear a
little bit of accessories here this is
the new amy it's a double strand
just kind of slide on and off
a little bracelet this is mary pearl
isn't she fun just little pearls back to
gold again
easy easy on and off so i've just done a
little stack
added our little heart necklace it's
super pretty
easy easy and gold just back to my
initial necklace
so just some simple basic accessories
for this look and then
this great new sandal by dolce vita this
is the cc so she comes in black and
brown but this great cc sandal
kind of the look and feel of a burke
incredibly incredibly comfortable okay
let me get a look number three last
woven to talk about pretty little
statement woven with jeans this is by
ever eve way to go designers this is
beautiful this is the new sophia poplin
top and look at this great
blousey sleeve
so fun i've actually been waiting for
this to come in so this is coming home
with me today
little eyelet buttons all the way down
super fun you kind of play with where
you want that neckline to be
this is white and black if that's hard
to see on camera but just a simple white
and black stripe
i've just done an easy little front tuck
but you can kind of see she's got great
volume you could also do a nice full
tuck with this blouse as well
i've just taken this back to some great
citizens jeans
this is the sophie crop and if you are
looking for a straight leg
that still kind of nips in a little at
the calf this would be perfect for you
again i'm 5'7 for reference i'm in a 31
um and this is
really kind of fun because it kicks out
right there at the back of the heel and
then accessorized with these fun shoes i
grabbed one so you could really see this
the nilton wedge by dolce vita it's so
fun it's kind of this cafe latte
leather color so the leather color is a
little bit different and then braided
over here
great little wedge so it's super easy to
and i just think that's so fun back to
this poplin you know little stripe
super simple accessory this is the new
hannah little drop
it's a little pearl on a super simple
gold hoop
really nice and easy and delicate all
right shirting i hope this takes you
into spring

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